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The Symbolism Of The Cross
The Symbolism Of The Cross

The Symbolism Of The Cross


The cross is one of the most ancient symbols known to humankind. It was not invented by Christianity, but merely adopted from much more ancient religions and cultures that preceded it. The cross’s vertical bar stands for the God’s Will, as it reaches down from Heaven to Earth. The horizontal one is the symbol of humankind’s will for as long as it crosses the Will of God and struggles against it. When the two bars at last have been taken apart and are lying peacefully side by side and working harmoniously together, there is no more cross and there is PEACE!

In its original sense it never stood for death and crucifixion, but for the goodness and blessings of Earth life. It is intended to convey the idea that the human spirit with the assistance of its Highest Self is capable of overcoming and rising above everything that happens on the physical plane. The cross contains the message that until all human spirits and souls in their earthly existence, have imbibed their lessons in the course of many lifetimes. Until they have become sufficiently evolved, they have to remain firmly fixed to the cross of consciousness of earthly life.

There is no point in fighting against any of this because the material and spiritual education that our planet alone can provide is essential for our individual and collective evolutionary development. That’s why it is compulsory and unavoidable for all of us. The best we can do is go with the flow and submit ourselves willingly to whatever presents itself to us. This brings us much more easily into harmony with the energies of the Highest Forces than anything else. We have been granted the gift of another lifetime so that we may serve them and learn how to co-operate with them.

In due course this gradually brings us back into the conscious loving union with God and the Universe we are all on the Earth to seek. Any knowledge we discover along the way is meant to be shared with our earthly siblings. With our loving support they too will eventually be able to grasp the special meaning of the evolutionary phase we and our whole world are presently moving through. For those who are ready to receive the seeds we are sowing they will fall on fertile ground and germinate. By helping to see their problems in a different light we can assist their ascent above the physical plane. It would be unreasonable to expect an immediate ending of someone’s suffering straight away, but through a fresh understanding it can at least be alleviated. An increasing awareness of what this life is all about and what is at stake can and indeed frequently does bring a spontaneous measure of relief, comfort and healing.

Misunderstood for a very long time, the legend of the Master Jesus has tried to bring us new hope by showing us how, like the Master, every human spirit and soul will eventually be capable of withdrawing from the suffering of its physical body. We all have the power within to lift ourselves on the wings of our Highest, God or Spiritual Self, above all earthly difficulties. The underlying esoteric meaning of the events of Easter always have been a hidden allegory to reveal to us how each one of us will eventually reach the evolutionary point of viewing our present existence from an ever higher perspective.

This empowers us to watch all its proceedings in the right light and with the necessary detachment. Each one of us is required to walk in the Master’s footsteps and deal with things the way he did. In my view, this is only possible when one perceives the troubles of our present existence in the above described manner. Instead of allowing ourselves being tortured and crucified by the trials and tribulations of this plane, we then become capable of dealing with them ever more objectively and dispassionately. The more one recognises them as personal and collective evolutionary lessons and passing phases of our earthly existence, the more this comes about quite naturally.

It seems to me that many of the happenings in our world, which all too easily can be perceived as people’s pure and utter selfishness, are but outer manifestations of the inner yearning of the soul of our whole world to find healing and peace. Deeply embedded in every individual soul and also in the collective is the sacred knowledge of humankind’s homecoming into its true nature and the togetherness and oneness with God and all life. Bearing this in mind, are all the struggles we presently observe around us in truth pleas that the home coming process into our true nature should be speeded up by those in charge of us on the highest levels of life?

During this difficult evolutionary phase it is hardly surprising that times are frequently difficult for all of us and that the mettle of so many is being tested and tried, almost to breaking point. So, with feet planted firmly on the ground, hearts and minds steadily focused on the highest level of life, in our role as aspiring light workers let’s keep our eyes firmly fixed on the spiritual background of this life, so it can reveal to us ever more of the truth about the higher and highest purpose and meaning not only of our present existence, but of the way all life truly functions.

Astrology can help us gain a better understanding of the many obstacles all of us are presently encountering on our journey back home into the full conscious awareness of our true nature. Never forget that Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, in that order. Saturn here acts as the gatekeeper for the Aquarian age. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that so many of us are struggling and that on many different levels of our being. In the course of teaching us self-discipline, Saturn tests and tries us to the utmost of our endurance. Until self-mastery has been achieved none of us will be released into the greater spiritual freedom of the Aquarian age.

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12 Dec, 2019
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