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The Tale Of The Butterfly
The Tale Of The Butterfly

The Tale Of The Butterfly


Once upon a time, by the side of a dusty road in India sat an old beggar who was selling cocoons. He noticed that a young boy had been watching him for many days. Finally, he beckoned the boy and asked him: ‘Have you any idea of what beauty lies within my cocoons?’ When the boy shook his head, the old man continued: ‘Every one of them is the home of a beautiful butterfly. I will give you one, so you can watch how it happens. But you must be very careful and not handle the cocoon until the butterfly emerges.’

Enchanted with his gift, the boy hurried home to await the emergence of the butterfly. He laid the cocoon on the floor and while watching it became aware of a curious thing. The butterfly seemed to be beating its wings against the hard outer shell of its chrysalis. ‘The poor little thing will surely perish before it can break free from its prison,’ thought the boy. ‘I have to help it!’

And so he pried the cocoon open. Out flopped a soggy brown and ugly thing that quickly died. After a while, the boy met the beggar again and told him what had happened. ‘Ah yes,’ the old man said: ‘It is necessary for the creature to beat its growing wings against the walls of its cocoon, until they have grown strong enough to support it when it finally emerges as a butterfly. Through its struggling alone can the creature’s wings become durable enough to carry and support it. It dies when this is denied because its only chance of developing the necessary strength was taken from it.’

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. The life cycle of each one of them represents a microcosm of the macrocosm of humankind’s individual and collective evolutionary process. May the walls of everyone’s cocoon be just thick enough – and no more – to support us in our struggle of breaking free from the mental prison of the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions about our true nature that have kept us imprisoned on in earthly life for such a long time. May ever more of us at long last discover their spiritual wings. On them let’s take flight and constantly grow in wisdom and understanding of our true nature and, everybody else’s. May sharing this with as many as possible, help the whole of humankind to evolve into the beautiful community it has always been destined to be.

* * *

The tale of the butterfly is the best description that has ever come my way of the evolutionary journey in which every human being is required to attend the earthly school of life’s lessons. Naturally, this takes up a great many lifetimes. During stage one our spirit/soul’s earthly personality devours the experiences made possible by the ability of spreading fear wherever we go. Fear acts like juicy green leaves that life presents to us during everybody’s caterpillar developmental phase. We love devouring this food and believing that no-one can see what we are doing and therefore can get away with just about anything, one lifetime after another we eagerly pile more karmic debts into our spiritual ledger.

Unbeknown to the caterpillar, its presence enriches life on the earthly plane in quite another way. This takes us forwards and upwards on everybody’s evolutionary spiral to stage two of the chrysalis. The lifetimes we are eventually forced to spend redeeming our karmic debts, this time round we find ourselves on the receiving end of the suffering we once so enjoyed handing out to all and sundry. This is the chrysalis our spirit/soul has been weaving for itself with the help of many earthly personalities who enjoyed spreading fear. We are forced to stay within it until the law of cause and effect or Karma has returned every last shred of the karmic debts that were accumulated has been made good. And that can only be done by ourselves. Nobody can do this on anyone else’s behalf. We have to spend as many lifetimes as it takes until the contents of our spiritual chrysalis has been dissolved.

The justice of our true eternal parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ, is perfect. To ensure that every one of Its beloved children of the Earth becomes sufficiently familiar with the nature of suffering, it has to be experienced by every one of us from two sides. That’s why first this is done from the giving end and much later from the receiving one, when our earthly personality’s indwelling spirit/soul has matured sufficiently to cope with whatever comes its way. For everybody’s evolutionary development both sides of this coin are equally essential. And that’s because in truth every human being is no less than a young God in the making, even though for many lifetimes we are unaware that this is so.

Let’s no take a look at our world’s present troublemakers and scaremongers. They are appearing in the role of ugly caterpillars and that’s because each one of them spiritually – independent of what age their physical body has reached – a young and inexperienced spirit/soul. The ruthless and merciless behaviour of these people are the background of and the reason why the ‘pandemic’ as well as outbreaks of war, for example in the Ukraine as well as other parts of our world, are necessary. In the hope of helping our present caterpillars’ spirit/souls grow strong enough to wake up from their present slumbering state, let’s keep on sending these spiritual youngsters in our midst, as often as possible, nothing but kind, loving and forgiving thoughts. They really do not know what they are doing to themselves and what, in the fullness of time, the Universal law of Karma is bound to return to them.

Maybe we can at least alleviate what’s going to happen to them somewhat. After all, they are our younger siblings in the great family of humankind and it behoves us well to try and do what we can to help them, as much as possible. Maybe our thoughts will assist bringing about an earlier end to what’s been troubling our world for such a long time. Who knows, possibly it even creates positive entries in our own spiritual ledger, helping to restore its balance. Maybe through sharing the advanced spiritual knowledge that’s coming our way through writings like this one, it might be possible that peace comes to our world more easily, because ever more people are finding a better understanding of the wise higher purpose that every human being’s earthly existence has.

The following is the essence of a White Eagle teaching that appeared in the Lodge’s calendar August 2016: ‘Through the limitations and suffering the earthly self of every human spirit/soul has to endure, in the course of many lifetimes, it eventually emerges on ever higher and eventually highest levels of life. The development is not unlike a caterpillar who first has to move through a chrysalis phase. But the further each one of you reaches on their evolutionary journey, slowly and steadily you transform your whole being. Gradually, you change into a beautiful winged creature who loves nothing better than dancing in the warmth and light of the spiritual reality of your true eternal parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ.’

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius
Updated May 2022

* * *

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10 May, 2022
Read Time
6 mins
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