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The Time Is Now
The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now


In spite of what’s presently happening in our world
Or maybe because of it,
These are times for celebration, relaxation and inspiration,
For new beginnings and finding better ways of being.
Time for fresh creation and affirmations,
For experiencing beauty and love
In higher and more meaningful ways.

Time for living and forgiving,
For healing ourselves, each other and our world.
For listening to intuition and inspiration,
So that healing may flow through us,
Showing us ways of conducting our lives
More wholly and meaningfully.
For reaching out to each other in friendship
Learning to love wisely,
Totally and unconditionally.
Finding fulfilment by doing
Things for our planet and healing it,
Instead of merely taking from it.

Time for striving to fulfil our own Highest potential,
As well as that of all humankind and the Earth.
Every one of us doing their share of making
God’s greatest dreams and ambitions
For us and our world come true,
With our help.
Time for living in peace and kinship
With all sentient beings in this world
And our other world.

Time for freedom from all oppression,
Especially of the spiritual kind.
Shedding false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions,
Which far too long stopped us from recognising our true nature
And acting in keeping with it.
Time for walking our talk,
Living our ideals and following our
Highest aspirations by refusing to give in
To the desires of our lower earthly nature,
Resisting selfishness and greed and
Setting an example others may wish to follow.

Time for sowing fresh seeds,
In our own hearts and minds and those of others.
Mustering the courage to be heard
With the voice of our true selves,
So that we may fully become once more
That which we always have been,
Since long before all life on this planet began:
Children of God, whose real nature is love.

And that’s why I’m telling you:
‘The time is now!’

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius
Updated November 2020

* * *

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About This Story
7 Nov, 2020
Read Time
1 min
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