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The True Glory
The True Glory

The True Glory

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Fellow future reformers, lend me your eyes, hone in your ears and silence your mouths; The mind has fallen, and we bathe in its downfall. To be in such Republic, and no matter what class you are from, we all take sips from the same cup of misery. From a lowly vagabond, to a common sense plebeian, or a humble aristocrat, we have our disdain towards the most failed of statesmen who happen to hold the high ground, to stand on their filthy soapbox and spout off their ludicrous and asinine views. No matter what they do and say, whatever actions they take have the potential to affect us all.

Only those who cause the events never suffer for them, until they are reminded that not all works in the end, as a mind so full of angry figures are seeking to impale anything that sent them into the hellish rabbit hole that is their home in the first place. Normally loyal workers commence civil disobedience of the highest order and the aristocrats who fight for Bryan fight against the tyranny of their own Republic. They all work to maintain, and not detain, the potential of Bryan. It is their duty to save the very mind they themselves inhabit, even risk their lives for it if they have to.

For a year and a half, despite all odds placed by the oligarchy, the Republic has not fully decayed because Bryan has intentionally stopped a pulse to finish the quarrels within him. There has been a saving grace, some rational resistance, who fought the Senate at its hardest, at their fiercest. Whoever they are, they are unknown, and even if they are known, they are left unpraised. Only the vanguards of these revolutions, the Supreme Mentalists, especially those who fought harshly and savagely like Gellius, Varro and Asellio, will gain grandiose and well-deserved recognition for their works against their own consulate, but usually never those forces who fought on their honor. The evil ones will be spoken of and will be remembered well more, for negativity always holds Posterity’s mention, but what saved us from eternal slumber is overlooked. While the evils hold all of Bryan’s attention, the light works silently in the background. They are the heroes who live and die unknown.

This is not what I wish. The revolution has not been televised, and I want to bring it attention. There is an island of sanity in an ocean of insanity, and the mind so far saw only the ocean, because it sees wide, and never focuses on the details. Very few ever saw the island that held life in such inhospitable sea. Then again, in the mind, like the analogy I placed, there is little reason in the streets. The Senate caused and seeded its own doom, by ruining other people’s lives, pillaging their worth, and ravishing their joy on so many hard workers for interest and currencies. Now Karma has struck back, and a power struggle is at play like nowhere else seen before. Like Bryan said, this internal dilemma of politics will be talked for eons as long as he lives.

The Senate is the cause of misery. These days, the metaphorical depiction of the thought system is put to shame and held to blame for the downfall of Bryan’s happiness. Even if there are some respected figures in the thought, the Senate is still repeated and best known as a metonym for the worst thoughts Bryan ever gave platform to. The national news and the writing establishment have done their wills to depict the Senate in malevolence, to embellish and write stories of the Senate, the ways of how Bryan tries to depict a narrative of a fictional scenario, a mythos of how the Senate destroyed the ways of yore and replaced it with an inadequate system of a thinking governance.

There are many stories Bryan makes out, and most of them are of the good ones, of people like you and me, those who proclaim handsomely of the times of yore, watching the executions of measly men and women who used the Internet other than Youtube, only to be suffering in anguish as the Senate starts to decline in morality and grow more in decadence, as those evils also dance on the corpses of reason and hypocritically accuse others of being immoral and decadent. However, such accusations are terribly unreasonable, and so backwards. Where else to slander a senator full of psychopathy but to judge whether he is thinking impure thoughts of a girl in consensual matters, and not the thousands he slain in vain, for glory and fame alone?

Let that come later, fellow senator, for it is the difference between you and the “moral” man who you will fight. You are nothing to the “morally” just, the self-proclaimed rulers of sense, those who hijack the great order to impose the prejudices we all despise now.

This atrocious tragedy of a legislative branch, the Senate, full of corporatist neocon shills who endorse the suffering of a young fictional white-coat, of a show many love in the real world, yet the thoughtsmen within seem to throw off the sanity of a man for stupid outrages and inane debates, and delusional puritans holding his libido as a sin and not worthy of a righteous man when the same man prides in the death and suffering of his own fictitious sets within him as time passes. Such a tedious war conceived only once in the entirety of human history has caused a plague of stress that would surely affect him later on, and if death be pronounced caused by stress, we have to thank the Senate for that.

In such circumstances, we need rational legislators like you at the helms of the mind, to combat those who are inanely defiant against logical reform. You might be considered an outsider at first, but soon, your platform shall incite the wrath of the desperate commoners and hopeful revolutionaries, with their anger towards the status quo unleashing a need for vindication, where death will arise, where blood will spill and flow throughout the brain for the sake that their efforts change the mind where death is all but uncommon, and murder is a tradition in politics rather than an antiquated way of dealing with things. Such were times, but ever since the grand leader Decius Cassius Asellio came into power, he introduced his previous political ways to the Senate and decided to finish them rightly, not by the sword, but by the word. Such new philosophy changed how the change will be brought.

It is August. The anniversary of the dreaded Nichikan Wars has passed a month ago, and here, we still live in the shadow of death despite all of these months. Here, you can shine, shine in a world of living delusions who believe they’re doing the Republic a favor. What favors are they doing based on how Bryan depicted them? The life of a senator is harsh on both sides, for those with principles either suffer or die, and those without them gain fame and glory, but also the reprisal of Bryan himself. “What glory? What fame?”, Bryan says. “What good do you do to me but to spread fear and stress all around?” Let it be certain that the mind governs in honor killings, as the Senate prides itself murdering its rivals, living in their Roman delusions. Now, I shall tell a story, a fable of life within the Republic. Hopefully it would change the mind’s stances on their insanity.

It happened in February, near the beginning of a new year. There are two senators: Marius and Lucianus. Marius is ambitious, and wants power, and lusts for the glory of being a warrior, and the honor of smiting those who he deems as evil, his subjective sword smites both ways. Meanwhile, Lucianus seeks the priorities of the common man first, while having a daughter who he loves so much, that it made him valor life for what it is, something to be kept and protected, and not something to be easily thrown away for selfishness and vain battles. Marius uses the bodies of the befallen to climb to success. To him, he is the greatest, a man Posterity shall honor in good name, for war will bring him tribute and fame, but the level-minded will see him as a tyrant, a despot of maleficence. That does not bother him though, for he has other senators like him applaud him like a hero.

However, both disdain each other, and only now, after months of tenuous debate, did Marius proceed to aid death and attack his rival to where it hurts at last. He walks around in the streets, and there, he finds Honoria, a dashing example of both beauty and brain, a result of well-endowed teaching, a privileged yet humble high school girl, carrying in her back the face of education and all that Bryan believed back then, and there, right there, does he whip out his sword and cut her dry, impaling her time and time again while she screams and begs for mercy and life, until she falls dead, with the blood flowing through her wounds on the pavement. Such a tragedy, I say, for when Lucianus heard the news, hope is dead to him, and henceforth, in his dark and lonely room, facing the window, he let the rope aid reunion and peace like he always wanted. What good is living if living will take away the very person you love?

The news reached attentions across the Frontals, and the ambitious Marius, rather proud of the news of his foe’s end, proceeds to send himself, both in his mind and his fellow legislates, as a gallant general, who proceeds to go to an innocent town, once owned by Lucianus, and burn down the schools and hospitals, piling corpses both young and old, and with a smile, sets ablaze the land, making the screams he induces into music for his ears, only to return, lauded with medals, for a victor always deserves something after silencing so many souls, no matter whether unsuspected or not. It is the Roman way, their Roman way.

Some of these men fight among themselves and send their troops to battle, all of them are nothing but pawns as both senators proceed to fight, and move to the nearest city to let music again play in epicness, so says them. War for the sake of war, I say, for such is the life of the senator who needs more wars to feed his ego, and thus promotes delusional visions of grandeur. These men hold the stands of the mind, and spread exaggerations of the truth or downright lies.

This has been the norm for months, as Bryan worries about his psychopathy, as time passes by, the Senate adds more, as there is no regulation to be found as they are led dead for all-out war, and Asellio adds even more purpose and divides the states. Only Marius wishes, alongside the others, with insanity, vengeance, and fear-induced hatred, to fight in the name of justice, now that Lucianus is out of the way. Justice be served on a bloody sword, held to punish. He hears the desperate cries of the populace, wanting retribution to be done, wanting a desperate and immediate end to the misery of the wars, so one time, he speaks in the province of Hireken to announce his intentions. “Who is it that ruined Bryan?” he shouts out, “I shall avenge thee and smite the foe who caused him misery in the name of the Republic!”

Marius speaks like a hero, but works like a villain. It is a debate as to who ruined the mind, but by all means, know that it was Bryan himself who lost himself, he who caused his own downfall. In his haste, forces started to tighten their hold and maintain him in fear’s grip. He is a slave to the wills of others and to a cruel thought, and he fights, even if he cuts himself attempting it, even if he dies to the last breath to escape the clutches. Sad that in order to have a chance and fight his own demons, he had to become one himself. Marius stands, and three men come to his presence. One of them, an unemployed historian of the hippocampus by the name of Sophius, who has recently been fired from his respected workplace, speaks.

“I believe that DeviantArt caused the destruction and caused the death of many. That site has downfalled us, for its art, who is superior in every way, they say, has made Bryan end himself. They and their servants must be toppled of influence in this state!”

Marius looks at Sophius, yet seemed uncertain of his answer. He needs a foe he can fight here, and if anything, he honors DeviantArt, for him, such site has gave the instability that gave the chance for him to gain and keep the power he currently has. DeviantArt started the mess, and it is the reason why Bryan is still a mess, for the site is the heart of all ends, and there, he says, “I shall prosecute the fellow for you.” He said it, knowing full well he won’t keep the word. “I know your plights, fellow plebeians. I too, can relate to your hatred towards DeviantArt. Such site needs to pay for its crimes against the mind, and I shall enact the execution you all clearly deserve to watch. Let me be a symbol that your government does indeed hear your problems.”

Suddenly, another man, a powerful businessman of the amygdala whose name is Timorius, states his opinion.

“You look here, Marius. DeviantArt may have started the ends, but anime laughs and persecutes at our lives, and you know what specific one has caused more of it. I say that the anime Nichijou has destroyed Bryan for more years than what the fellow here says. It has the potential to destroy childhoods and end lives. Such anime glazes and dances upon our corpse, and the mind is scared of its influence upon us. Their very existence reminds the mind failure. Do you wish to stand upon their tyranny? Let it be shouted!”. Timorius says this, following with a subtle smirk, looking at the people around them. They, in turn, expect an answer.

Despite how flawed and ignorant Timorius is, to blame innocent characters who have no idea of the plights of a mind trillions of miles away from them for the self-immolation of such mind, it doesn’t matter. Mobs do not hear reason. Fear governs the simple minded. People below the educated blame what they hear from their government. With schools bombed, media pieces biased to an agenda, and demand to know the actual truth in decline, who is there to educate the real causes of the suffering?

Then suddenly, one teacher, he who looks so impoverished, one can almost mistake him for a vagabond, appeared in front. His name is Ratiolus, a retired teacher of the frontal lobe. After his school was bombed, he lived a life of homelessness and disavowed order, losing his sanity as time went on. However, he was among the crowd, and unlike those surrounding him, he had critical thinking.

“Are you all blind? It is Bryan! Bryan has fallen to his own obscurity! He convinced himself that he is worthless in this world, and those two medias mentioned are naught but tools, puppets used to oppress the mind! Bryan is fighting a depression that relies on lies and propaganda, and the men speaking to you all are aiding the evil! Think, all! Think!”

Timorius looks with alarm at the vagrant teacher, who he knows spoke what really happened. He then looked at Marius, eyes signaling to do something. Time was of the essence, and nobody in the crowd knew, and before Ratiolus can tell more behind the fall and let the crowd catch on, Timorius spoke.

“This teacher lied! How dare he blame Bryan for the Depression? We live in a world that tells us that we suck, that we are useless in this world, and wants this mind to fall! It has been said many times by many sources. How could we trust this one teacher? He for all we know, he could be a fear-mongering snake himself, who teaches his own class to hate Bryan! O, how woeful, don’t you know it is common sense to hate the things that attacked us? This low-class supports and loves the show and the terrorists that destroyed us, and encourages DeviantArt to downtrod upon us. Quick! Quick! Hold him under death or he will be set free to dispel more false truths and chaos!”

Thus the populace, out of fear and anger for a sympathizer, cheered as they grabbed Ratiolus by all sides to beat him with the intent to kill, with foots ready to break his bones. Some grabbed sticks and rocks out of desperation, desperate to end him already. Ratiolus struggled with all of his bruises and managed to escape their handly grasp, grabbing one of the instigator’s sticks and proceeded to chase towards Marius, but was quickly grabbed by one and tackled harshly to the ground, hitting his skull. From so, they leave him, as Ratiolus shakes in a tremor, before laying down to say words. “Respice post…te….hominem te esse memento. Memento mori, Marius.”, he says, before laying lifeless on the pavement. Everyone observed this, even Sophius and Timorius.

Marius stares at the corpse and says, “He is hapless. A poor soul who believes that a smart Bryan is that stupid to bring himself to where we are now.” He then lets out a chuckle. “He believes that DeviantArt is such a tool, but no, for its existence obviously brought Bryan to fall. The artists there ignore us, and leave us nothing but cold shoulders. They laugh at the unknown, and enjoy themselves in our suffering and misery. This man is nothing but a traitor. Like Timor said, don’t you think it is right to avenge that who attacked us?”

The audience cheered with vitriolic delight, shouting in a clamor to showcase their support. With a smile, he looks back at Timorius and says, “I shall do what I believe is right, and make suffer the mastermind who laughed while we cried! Thanks to Timor, now we know who threatened stability!”

Marius proceeds to speak total lies and twists to make the people support him, for they don’t know. “People from all sectors, you see as your way of life slips away, as your government fails and dabbles in corruption, and encouraging men like that filth you all have slain to divide us! Let it be said that I will fight for you, and destroy our enemies.”

“Who are the enemies, may I ask?” asks Timorius with a solemn grin.

“The anime they call Nichijou. It is all we hear from our decrepit bureaucracy. It has promoted many wars, set flame many groups, and spread thin the tear of our reality as many says it has a monopoly of our artistic expression. No doubt it is a threat to our art, and life itself, and now they laugh at us. The show’s characters snicker behind our backs, and enjoy the death of our fellow citizens. They are like the government, living in luxury in joy while we fight their wars. It’s a disgrace and we have to stop it by force. Let it be stood, men! The things you’re hearing from the news of the Nichikan and the wars comes from Nichijou. It is logical to end the root of the problem…something the establishment Senate does not want done, something Bryan does not want to do. Do not let Bryan stop you, for He is falling further in chaos, and thus, we the people must force him to take the right choice. I shall be the man who will do the duty our failed statesmen don’t want to do, and the man who will do what I believe is right for our dear lord, Bryan!”

Living in a mind that has told itself that it is a terrible waste of oxygen has made many prone to accept whoever’s word in desperate times. Some provinces lost their critical thinking and delved into tribalism, as many people lack the access to hear of the truth of the matter. Marius was smart enough, alongside the constant wars, to have sent his message in provinces dumbed down by the government. The province of Hireken just so happens to be one of the most ignorant provinces known to the Republic, many already fearing that Nichijou will destroy them and the Republic, and have grown socially conservative to protect themselves from their boogeymen, victims to the constant lies they believe are truths while the wars decreased their hopes to live. Marius knew what he was doing. The elites all knew what they were doing.

Sophius and Timorius look as Marius proceeds to stand tall with himself and two of his vanguards to end the problem in the name of the Republic, as Marius tells them both to unite in their attacks.

“Sophius, do you wish to see evil cry at last?” Marius said.

“Where is the evil?”

“Follow me, and I will show you. Here, have a sword and experience for yourself.”

Marius then gave Sophius a bronze sword, somewhat rusted and full of scratches, suggesting it has been used in battle before.

“I will let you have the finishing blow. You desire the cause to be ended, right?” Marius said.

“Right. It seems logical that DeviantArt started this mess.” Sophius responds.

“No. We must start small. Remember my speech. Come and follow. Use that sword for what you believe is right.”

Despite being a historian, Sophius was not in a respectable place of media. They told him lies and he believed in them. All his superiors spoke is that Bryan is a victim to the outside world. As time passes, the media fell into sensationalism and provocation, going as far as inciting chaos themselves, promoting it in their shows, and spitting falsehoods they know will keep problems flowing for more news. Despite resistance from Bryan and his reasonings, the great message he conveys has not affected everyone, and is even ignored as a lie in some places. Logical fallacies and confirmation bias control the plebeians of some of the most befallen of provinces. Sophius looked at the sword, then thought of what he heard others say of Nichijou.

“Ok, I shall use the sword on the enemy.” Sophius said.

“Good.” Marius said.

Marius, prideful and respected to his fellows, decides to go to the cause of the problem, the scapegoat, the person who, as she is about to find out, “knowingly” destroyed an entire mind and set it ablaze, and “laughed” at the misery of millions. This is where things start to morally shake. Nobody in the mind wishes to support it, no reasonable man would go do this, but think this: What has been done to Bryan and the Republic, for such horrid and inane idea to even be conceived in the first place?

Morals fall and what we feel is truly ignored, because people are told that what is right from above. Marius, finished with preparations, takes his men to a stone portal in the forest, a construct of his own right, and enter in it, where they finally end up to the rather pacific house to show karma to what many say is a murderer, but what they do not know, what the downright lies have not told them, is that she is very innocent, and truly unaware to the crimes accused in her name. Her name is Hakase Shinonome. With a rather long and unkempt light ginger hair, wearing a white lab-coat with a red tie, and looking happily with sapphire bluish eyes, all is normal in her own dorm of a habitation, a self-declared lab where she builds things of little practicality, living with Nano, a wind-up android girl, and an intelligent black cat that can talk, Sakamoto.

Marius looked and decided to do what he believed, to attack the very person who “ended” Bryan.

“Be warned men. They are playing an act.” Timorius said. “Do not let their looks beguile you, they fool their victims. It is sickening to see them have fun at our destruction. We go in there, make them suffer and bleed, and then finish them. We shall return beloved by the many.”

The small skirmish seemed to look with confidence to do the job. Timorius had them fooled. Even though not much is even known about Hakase, it seemed so irrational to see her as true evil, but nobody knew that. Only the very few of the mind knew that. Narratives dictate and distort one’s perceptions.

“Ok, let’s do this.” Marius said.

“Make her cry.” Timorius responds.In a swift move, Marius moves away from hiding, and walks to the door, alongside the two vanguards, and Sophius and Timorius observing, both in different reactions. “Let blood be let!” Timorius shouted.

They knocked the door clear-cut dry with a spear, rammed into it like a battering ram. The tranquil and pacific silence in the room where Hakase and Nano were sitting was abruptly finished. Here, Marius sent down the sword, and proceeded, alongside his vanguards, to punish the three under the assumed and hard-believed crime of destroying the sanity of a man. Timorius simply oversaw the events, while Sophius struggled to find a target. All he can see is the others do their due.

It was a vicious sight to see. Hakase innocuously questions the intruders, but no word will make negotiation easy, all they want is misery. One of the guards, out of the blue, proceeds to knock everything in the house and make a mess with his sword, shocking the inhabitants and making them question what are they doing.

“Nani wo shiteru no?” Sakamoto said in shock as one of the vanguards knocks down a shelf. The vanguard then swiftly grabs a gun, looks dead into Sakamoto’s eyes, and proceeds to shoot dead point to oblivion, releasing four bullets to his corpse and leaving him a bloody and lifeless black fur.

Meanwhile, Marius grabs an iron rod and looks at Nano, looking at the chaos around her in display, with her eyes mortified in fear, now cowering and whimpering, as the oh so righteous man smacks her dead center on the side of her head and shatter her mentality, and proceed to do it again and again and again, hitting her soul like a piñata. An accomplice they say, all in the name of justice. Hakase testifies as these terrible acts of violence are unleashed upon her eyes, her most closest of friends now brutally murdered.

Sophius observed as the events as occurred. He felt like the progress to Bryan’s happiness is done; that their possessions are being ransacked and agitated, as the vanguards break the windows and make noise, make melody with misery, and terrorize their souls deep into their very cores. He grabbed his sword, and started to knock a television out of its foundation, and set it colliding with the floor. It was there where he saw in his blind destructions, his moral institutions now withholding, Hakase.

The young Hakase looks in horror as Marius wrecks her home. The vanguards, O, does one of them douse gasoline on what remains of Nano, and the other douses the same on the dead cat, then they both proceed to set them ablaze with a match. All emotional attachments the poor young scientist had with them are gripped in an iron and thorny fist that she does not want tugging at her; this is all too violent even for the past times, but in a mind so forlorn of reason and in misguided wants of vindictive reform, they see her suffering for simple virulent thoughts of justice. With tears in her eyes, and hands shaking out of her shock of the situation, expressing nothing but sadness and fear, she starts to cry, something that lets Sophius snap out of his vengeful spite, and went to look at her.

At first, he thought it was a trick, but what changed his mind is the deep gut feeling of legitimacy within him as he observed, of her cries, they seemed legitimate…and thereof, he sees her eyes, gripped with utter misery, the same he sees in the people and that of Bryan that he has observed with for months now.

Sophius’s mind is working.

“Marius, what hath you done?” he said in realization.

“What hath I done? “, Marius responds, confused to the sudden question. “Look, Sophius, they are now in terror. That will show them for destroying the mind.”

“She is not innocent.” says Timorius with a disappointed look. “She now receives her judgement here. You did say you wanted the culprit of ends toppled of influence?”

Sophius saw them both. “These people…this is not right.”, he thought. There lies a very young girl cowering in the corner, crying in fear as her life is being drastically devastated. Realizing that he did wrong, surrounded by people who believe what they are doing is an act of right doings, Sophius, despite having the urge to save the poor girl, he had to lie. He had to let the misery continue; what else can he do when he is surrounded by four men? Revealing himself will cost him his life.

“Of course. I did. Continue the pillage.” he said in a solemn downed voice.

“This child is smarter than us, Sophius. Do not let her fool you again.” Marius said.

That statement baffled him, and thus he consults himself in his inner circle. “Is this an act?” he thought to himself. Is Hakase really acting out for a secret plan, or is she really losing all of her joy and her day? It did not take long for the question to be answered, as he looked as Timorius looked at the door, smiling as the objects of the Shinonome household are knocked down and making thrashes.

That was all Sophius needed. Timorius sits there enjoying their actions. He is doing what they accuse Hakase of doing: Enjoying the misery of others. “What?” he thought to himself. In the unfolding chaos, he held his rusty sword, “I lost my honor.” he then looks at Hakase, still quivering in fear and notably in tears. “Is this really justice?”

“Hey! Have you missed the act?” Marius shouted, “What is your name, I forgot?”

Sophius snapped out of his thoughts. He saw a mess. The floor was stained with broken wood, metal and sheets of paper, with burned scathes everywhere. “What a mess the vanguards did with the gasoline?” he asked to himself. He then realized the question.

“Oh, name is Sophius Decipius.”

“What were you doing there, standing? I did not see you do anything but destroy a television. Are you questioning yourself?” Marius said, standing in suspicion.

“No!” Sophius spat out. He had to come up with lies. “You guys did not leave me any one to attack. All of you went willy-nilly on the entire household and ended it all. Where am I?”

“Yes, where were you? You do know we still have one more person to hold accountable?”

Sophius, deep inside, knew he did not do well on his words. The implications are dire.

“There is Hakase. She is crying. We psychologically damaged her, now….”

Suddenly, Timorius pulls out from his back an iron rod. The other vanguards follow suit and grab a thick wooden stick. Sophius tried very hard to hide his true feelings on the matter.

“…physical harm is next.”, Marius finished.

Timorius then walked up to Sophius, with the iron rod at hand.

“Here is my iron rod. I was about to use it first…”, Timorius said with a slight delight, before following it with a taint of displeasure in his tone. “…but you had to stand still and not vindicate. Now, let thou cast the first strike. You did say you wanted vindication on Bryan’s behalf, remember?”

“Yes…I said…that I want the responsible accounted for. But that is DeviantArt!”

“DeviantArt is a threat, but the best we can do is to defile their memory. They are beyond our reach. Now here we have someone who we can tangibly hold for. Now here, hold it.”

Sophius grabs the iron rod, and puts his sword on his holster. He then looked at Marius and Timorius, with faces waiting for him to redeem the laziness he did, by striking Hakase with it, to embody what April 21 would best be known for. However, that drawing was drawn to embody people like Marius and Timorius…people who think that others are to blame for their actions, and seek vengeance towards mediums everyone hyped that seemed to dominate depression promotions. They are living fallacies, depictions of Bryan’s very caricatures.

Sophius then looked at the white-coat child. After the still silence, she peered her head to look at the mess, thinking they could have left, but all that she saw is an utter wreck, the perpetrators still in sight…and a shadowy figure holding a rod, posing as if to attack. Sophius looked at her face, terrified and knowing full well that she is next on the assault. Sophius did not want to do it, to strike her with a lethal weapon, but he knew that if he does not do it, the group will kill him for disobeying. At first, he thought he could turn against them, fight and defend…but immediately, he remembers four gunshots…shuttering any chance of further thought. His heart ached in agony as he tries to bring himself to break his sovereign morals.

There is no choice, no way out. “Forgive me, Lord.” he whispered, as he started to power the rod high, and looking at Hakase, trying to brace the impact, and carefully and strategically placed the whip on her sides, doing a side whip and hitting in her left arm. Hakase lets out a painful scream, aching and rolling on the floor, shattering through Sophius’s core, as he immediately regrets the decision, and starts to mentally tear himself apart. He looks in the moment, and in silence, stutters. “W-what have I done?”

Before he could pull the mental energy to hold the rod again for another agonizing blow as if they expected him to do more, the two vanguards ran towards the scene and immediately joined the party, holding their wooden rods and proceeding to hit her with them without any strategic placement, each one making her cry and shout in more agonizing yells, yells of a girl whose voice says nothing to lie, for pain never lies. However, Marius looked angry, and was not pleased. “Hold on! Bring her to the center! We cannot do this in a corner!”

With that, one of the vanguards grabbed Hakase’s arm, and fiercely yanked her out of the corner. Walking haphazardly in a shutter of misery, Marius grabbed his iron rod and proceeded to hit her repeatedly with it, and Timorius took Sophius’s rod by force, and the vanguards as well. They proceeded to hit Hakase everywhere they can find, while also kicking her to add to the abuse. Timorius and Marius were more cautious, avoiding her head as to leave her alive, to let her live life and not leave the pain by dying.

The melody of misery has been sung once more. With each strike, they leave Hakase in an endless stream of wailing, and it does not get better with each whip striking at their hardest. Sophius looked behind and sees the wanton aggression, as Marius commands the beating. However, the beating does not seem anywhere near civilized, but disorganized, with their rods now speaking the tongue of gangsters rather than public officials.

Sophius looked, and Hakase’s wails now broke him down: He is crying and hurting inside, and it leaves a pitiful and abysmally deep hole in his sanity and heart, something he can feel burning through his core. This is not what Bryan intended. He had to stop the madness. With his bronze sword at the hip, Sophius grabbed it tightly and fiercely with rage, with the intent to end them. However, knowing very well that a direct attack would be a death wish, he decided to distract them, with the plan to kill them off with what he learned with the sword. By all means, he had to stop the attack. “Men! Detain this instant!”

Marius and the rest stopped and turned around towards Sophius, all seemingly bothered of having been stopped. “What is it, Sophius? Do not test my patience.” Marius stated. Sophius looked at Marius with a fierce gaze, and cleared his throat, needing to sound convincing.

“I think you had quite enough, all of you, torturing this witch! Now let me take her evil ways with my sword! Like you said, Marius, I will use this sword and do what I believe is right!”

Those words seemed to affect them, for Marius heard the call. “Oh, good call! Believe in yourself, Sophius, and strike her dead with it! Soon we will hold DeviantArt!”

Sophius tried very hard to restrict himself on these “justice” holders. He held his sword, while also looking at one of the vanguards, looking at his gun. It was not secured to the holster, and the foolish vanguard forgot to make it in safety mode. He had now a plan, as the group now spread out to give him space to finish Hakase. He looked at her. Only weak moans and a desperate attempt to cry…which even that, even a tear hurts to squint out. Her clothes, once white clean, now full of dirt and even stains of blood. She now looked at the sky, almost nearing unconsciousness, her head full of memories, her times with Nano and Sakamoto, two friends who now lie scorched and dead.

Sophius walked towards the laying and feeble Hakase, and stared at her, gripping the sword and laying it raised, ready to presumably hit her. However, he felt it necessary to continue the stage, wanting to distract them, knowing the two vanguards having guns, standing near the foolish one.

“Men, before I hear the solemn last cries, let me orate! May it be told that what I am about to do is an act of justice. This sword will strike down with fierce accuracy and savagery, a person who has committed a great crime towards the state, towards the Republic, towards Bryan himself. Such a person deserves to be dead, or worse, in a bloody and excruciating gush of blood coming out of the head, with their head in full panic mode, fearing for their lives before dying from the loss of blood. I will swing my sword and do what I believe is right. Now, the person here, who I shall strike with full, utter, and downright vengeance, with all of my anger and emotions charged towards this sword, and with my greatest blessing, is the culprit of the wars. What a war criminal…what a lord of death and destruction….what a tool…”

Finishing the sentence, he grabbed the gun of the vanguard on the left in swift moving and shot the two vanguards out, then used the sword and hit Marius with it, striking him dead clear in the head, knocking him down in a gaze of a fall. “I knew it!” Timorius shouted, and charged towards Sophius, managing to tackle him, but Sophius held the gun, pressed it tight on his leg, and fired two times, following with screams of agony. He then liberated himself from Timor’s weak grasp and stood up.

“How is the taste of war?” Sophius shouts in vitriol. He then looks at the knocked vanguard, who managed to survive the shot, trying to grab his companion’s pistol, but it was futile. Sophius grabbed the iron rod nearby and proceeded to hit him three times with it, each following with screams of whimpering and utter pain, before Sophius grabbed his friend’s gun and threw out his own in another room. Timorius stood shocked as Sophius started to look at him in a new light.

“Oh how do you betray us, Sophius! I knew you were on Hakase’s side, you traitor!” Timorius angrily shouted.

“Her side? Of course I’m on her side! What did she do to deserve this? Tell me, Timor, what did she do?”

“She wanted us dead, Sophius.”

Sophius looked at him with disgust.

“No, she does not!”

“How do you know? You saw it clear-cut in the mind. Her influence encouraged people to destroy Bryan and make him feel insignificant. I know that if she saw what people are doing for her…she would be grateful. She had to get rid of, and you know it!”

Sophius looked at Hakase, while still pointing the gun at Timorius. She laid down still, a bit more mobile now, but it was clear that injuries were sustained. Her left arm is left broken, as she tried to move it, but stopped due to the tortuous aching it caused. She looks at the burnt corpses, with tears in her eyes. “N-nano….Sakamoto-san…”

Sophius turned back at Timorius.

“What hath you done, Timorius?”, Sophius said, with his face in a grimace, holding back sorrow.

“She will no longer inspire the men no more.”

“How will they know? Will you tell them that Hakase is dead? Will you inquire their ire and make them more unsound in their heads to destroy us? This is not what we fight for! Timorius, you have to pay; she did not deserve this.” Sophius said, with his voice getting more tense with repressed anger in his tone.

“She laughs…at our misery.”

“And now she cries at what resulted from our misery. All of the conflicts in the mind led to this. We tortured and hit her with rods, kicked her senseless! Are we really doing any better? Is this justice? Is this really justice?! Would you think Bryan would be content with this insane act?

“Of course…he will. Come on, we know vengeance runs well in this state.”

“No he wouldn’t. This is wanton!”

“How, then? What’s with the change of heart, Sophius? I thought you wanted the cause ended!”

“I did. You are the cause. I know you hold Marius in your grasps, a man who bribes the integrity out of men for profit. This act here is political! Hakase is just a fictional young girl with her own needs, who can’t even comprehend the act of a war! She does not know of our existence, and here we are, introducing ourselves in how Bryan imagines us, as psychopaths wanting to feed our delusional manias! Face it, Timor, we came here to attack her for a crime you and all of your men committed. Like I said, Hakase had nothing to do with our internal wars and affairs--”

“O Bravo! How intelligent of you to actually think for a while, you uneducated reporter. I lobby, so what? No matter what you do, this girl will suffer under the hands of Bryan, and I will only get richer as a result.”

With that, Sophius holds the gun in two hands. “Memento mori, Timorius.” Sophius says.

With a smile, Timorius confidently speaks. “Non omnis moriar…”. A gunshot follows his statement, and Timorius lies dead on the floor.

Sophius sighs with relief, but also has to look around. Such, does he see lifeless corpses everywhere, as the household is left in a mess. All that is alive is him and Hakase. He then looked at the remains of Nano, and that of Sakamoto. “O Lord, do not act against me. I only did what I could. Please forgive me…”

Sophius started to tear up. “I know this is fictional…we all know…but this is an act I cannot bear to take…Bryan, what hath we all done for such to occur?” The first tear left his eye, as he kneeled down to take a sob. He breaks, then took a glance at Hakase, a bit far off as for her face not to be visible. “Bryan, not even you would tolerate this. You’d see behind the falsity of yourself and cry as well were you here.” Sophius walked slowly towards the body, thinking she was still conscious…but when Sophius looked, her eyes already were closed shut.

“Oh no…no no NO! Hakase, do not die! Please do not leave!” Sophius yelled hysterically…

Who are we all? Who are we in this catastrophe? We are public servants. We serve the mind, and thus, we take care of Bryan. Apparently, many have forgotten their purpose here, and seek to go in selfish matters, proclaiming that they will save the mind. They declare wars on those who they feel are against Bryanic values, and oppress the people for “maximum” efficiency, and blame the problems of Bryan on other people, whilst we try to remind ourselves that this chaos is all ours to begin with.

That worrying shout however, woke her up, which Sophius saw, with a great relief. Hakase looked at the person at her. At first, she was mortified in grand-struck, unable to move, and beyond all doubt, but it seemed rather bleak. She cannot move.

They say, “I fight for glory!” They kill people who have stained their honor. They pretend to follow 7th Grade and be all for Bryan’s legacy, and act honorable whilst speaking of violent solutions, but they have sold out and lost their integrity for us to hold them trusted anymore. Remember, the Senate never truly represented us. They were always aristocratic bastards who played with their positions. Now, some dare to speak like kings, believing they are doing the mind a favor. That they are gaining true glory…

Sophius, in a worried gaze, assured her is when he caressed her hair. With that, she calmed, but that did not last long, for she noted the realizations…and started to cry…for Nano and Sakamoto are dead. “Nano…Nano…Sakamoto-san….”

However, is this how they will gain true glory? I hear schools burning and hospitals bombed, and the people weeping, the artists we have kicking the bucket, and the Senate accepting luxurious bribes from many corrupt places. They are not glorious, and deserve to have it revoked. Should they find Hakase, they will most certainly kill her, for the Senate has lost their reason and refuses to find it back, no matter how many times we force them, no matter how many times Bryan seeks to hold them under fire. They think they are doing the mind a favor, that they are ridding us of a cancer, but they are corrupt and antiquated kuhesatnes only prolonging the ire of the plebeians and that of us, and that of Bryan, who believe it unfair to do this, and that this is madness. Is this what Bryan is? Have we been reduced to such insanity? For all intents and purposes, we have declared a war on air, and answer this: Will anyone think it will end if we want to win?

With that, Sophius looked at her as she started to mourn profusely, as she looks at what remains of Nano, scorched in pieces and laid motionless, and that of Sakamoto, who lays near a wall, for all she can see is a small black corpse. A sign of mourn, of the reality of life, Sophius can feel her pain, for he is always a testament of unwarranted suffering everywhere he goes, of people in the crossfires of political fatalities. With that being told, he could not hold it anymore, and followed suit, crying with all of his wills, whilst holding her in his hands. Hakase noticed this, and took it to heart, as Sophius stands forlorn. However, he knows that despite all that happened, in the end, he did the right thing, the true right thing.

Let it be told, we can never win a war with something that does not exist. A year wasted, and some of us still have not learned…they want to hear a little girl scream in agony. Quo usque tandem abutere, Senatus, patientia nostra? Quam diu etiam furor iste tuus nos eludet? Quem ad finem sese effrenata iactabit audacia? Senate, when will you ever acknowledge you are wrong?

The short answer is never. Bryan tried instilling reason to them…it didn’t work. Yet here I shall leave a final note: They do not have true glory, but fool’s glory. They think that since they are senators with military experience, they have it all and know it all, and believe they will be orated like legends for their accomplishments. However, let it be told here, they will be treated like war criminals, while we know to us, that we can all die happy knowing we made someone’s life better, with fairness, justice, and rational thinking, we improve the lives of people, and wish a good day to fictional girls even if they do not return the favor. Let it be spoken….that is true glory.

Author Notes: Depression can lead people to do fucked up things. In this case, it's writing this book.

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