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The truth
The truth

The truth

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You look at him, and all you see is his smiles, and laughter. Because that’s all you choose to see.

But what if you looked closer? What would you see then?

You would see all the pain he is in. You would see the sadness and distress in his eyes. You would see the anxiety in the way he moves, and darts his eyes all around. You would see the scars,and cuts that he covers up with long sleeves. You would see he cries himself to sleep every night. You would see that while he says he is fine, on the inside he is screaming he is not ok.

You would see the truth.

You would see how he feels as though he is not good enough. You would see how much he is actually suffering. You would see how the smiles and laughs are a mask to fool you.

You would see how after every meal, he forces himself to throw up, because he thinks he is too big. You would see the pain clouding his eyes. You would realize that he wants someone he can trust for once.

If you would just open your eyes a little wider, you would be able to see all this. You would be able to see the pain that everyone keeps hidden.

You know the kid that smiles the most, and laughs the hardest, feels the most pain. The kid who acts tough, and like nothing bothers them, just wants someone to be there for them, and takes everything you say to heart. You would see the kid who always wears long sleeves, even in the middle of summer, is covered in cuts. The kid that is super shy, and flinches everytime someone comes close to them, is being abused. The kid that wears the baggy clothes, feels ashamed of their body, and wants to hide it from everyone You would see that people wear these masks to protect themselves.

So open your eyes. You never know, you could be that person that saves that person from their suffering.

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6 Oct, 2020
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