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The Truth : Nothing But The Truth
The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

The Truth : Nothing But The Truth


Jon Rappaport : A Voice Of Truth

Ebola: Shattering The Lies And The Fakery

Posted on the 12th January 2022 by Jon Rappoport. Not surprisingly, once again the virus is the cover story. For the whole of this article please follow the link below:

Another one of Jon’s efforts of bringing truth to our world. He does this with the help of writings that are always of outstanding quality and based on a meticulously researched background of wherever he turns in his search of truth. My built-in lie-detector, the wise one or living God within me, does by no means agree with everything about which Jon writes. In many cases my inner guidance reacts with a loud and clear ‘No!’ to his findings. To this article, however, it straight away responded with a firm ‘Yes, this is true!’ It wants me to share it with as many as possible in our world. It’s essential reading for anyone who is seriously interested in discovering the truth about the Ebola outbreak and how the pharma industry’s propaganda machinery for a long time has been dealing with the issue of viruses.

As this article is of particular interest to my readers in the African countries, I am glad to share it on Facebook in the hope of reaching as many people as possible there.

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13 Jan, 2022
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