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The Two Streams Of Consciousness
The Two Streams Of Consciousness

The Two Streams Of Consciousness


To Jab Or Not To Jab – Part Four

The great river of life consists of a positive and constructive current and a negative and destructive one and every single thought of ours draws from or feeds into either one or the other. The white healing magic of the Great Light that illuminates and brings forth all life is part of the positive stream, while to the forces of darkness, destruction and also black magic belong to the negative stream. This force too serves a wise purpose and is a necessary part of God’s energies. It is not inherently evil – nothing in God’s Creation is. It exists because everything in the whole of Creation has to balance. The dark, negative – which in this context is to be understood as passive – and destructive forces are the natural balance to the positive, outgoing and creative forces of light.

The outcome of anyone’s efforts can only be evil when individuals and organisations on the Earth plane employ the dark forces in selfish pursuit of personal gains and power. The great wisdom of the Universal laws ensures that anything achieved in our world that is based on negative and destructive motivations, in the fullness of time will rebound with ever greater strength on the karmic debts we incurred as young and inexperienced souls who still required the lessons of evil. During that part of our development we have no choice but calling upon and utilising the dark forces. During the later stages of our development when we are ready for the lessons of good, our misdeeds return to us. They do this not as some kind of punishment but so that we through our own experiences eventually find out how the suffering we once inflicted upon others feels.

Trying to fight evil with more of the same is pointless. Two wrongs never did make one right, and one plus one can only make two, never zero. It stands to reason that the only way to get to the zero of neutralising situations like these is by taking away from the power of the one. Adding one evil to another just increases the strength of the force of the energies that have been generated at any given time. Yet, all negative situations in our world can benefit when we lift them into the light of the Highest. Requesting that the will of the Highest should be done, it is good and right for us to ask God and the Angels that the conflicts of our world and the energies created by them to be absorbed into Its radiance and to be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energies that flow back into all life.

In times of mass hysteria caused by health scares, unscrupulous industries like the pharmaceutical one all too willingly receive the kind of support from the mass media they may not have dared to hope for in their wildest dreams. This undoubtedly was the case during the swine flu panic of recent years, when both agencies together shamelessly took advantage of a public round the globe that was growing ever more fearful. It seems that in the year 2011 and again in 2020 this phantom is trying to rear its ugly head again. Unaware of their accountability for the monster they were creating and are still doing their best to unleash, fresh fuel has been added to a fire that was already blazing so furiously that the danger of it getting completely out of control was great.

Had those taking part been aware of their responsibilities and the consequences that their actions were bound to produce, would they have seen the light and mended their ways? One cannot help wondering! However, as every soul at some stage of its development has to take part in the experiences of the dark as well as the light forces, at the giving and also the receiving end, there is no need to sit in judgement over anyone. Instead, let’s count our blessings that we are already working with the positive and constructive stream of life.

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8 Feb, 2020
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3 mins
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