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The Tyrant King's Reincarnation In The Modern World (Prologue)
The Tyrant King's Reincarnation In The Modern World (Prologue)

The Tyrant King's Reincarnation In The Modern World (Prologue)

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“Why the hell am I doing this?” Allen thought to himself as he fired a blast of blue flame towards the ice giant trying to kill the panicking civilians on the street. The cheers of the people echoed throughout the kingdom as they saw their king fighting for them.

“I hate these people.” years of hatred from the people flashed in Allen’s mind. “They hated me, called me a tyrant, and mocked me as I took over the crown for my father.” Allen frowned as he quickly flew over and saved a boy about to be crushed by the ice giant’s fist.

He handed the child back to his mother who was crying in tears as she thanked Allen. “I loathed these people. If they only knew I had their best interests at heart!” Allen thought back to the first time there was an attempt on his life.

“Urien tried to kill me. My closest friend and advisor saw me unfit for ruling Baroth, so he tried to assassinate me.” The scene when Urien tried to stab him while he was sleeping played over and over again in his mind.

He punched a hole through the ice giant’s heart as he remembered Urien’s final words during his execution “I’m sorry Allen… but your leadership will drive Baroth to the ground! I was only doing what had to be done.” He remembered the weight of the blade as he brought it down on Urien's neck.

“I tried okay! I did my best…. I only knew how to rule with an iron fist!” Allen shouted as he stood over the ice giant’s dead body. His eyes burned with fiery rage as he saw more elemental giants breaking through Baroth’s walls.

He swiftly flew over to each giant and blew open their chests with a single punch. Allen excelled in both fighting and magic, these elemental giants were nothing more than a training exercise for him, atleast that’s what he thought

The bodies of the elemental giants started to merge together. “What are they trying to do?” Allen looked at the elemental giants in confusion. They formed a massive golem with the combined powers of all the elementals he destroyed.

As Allen was about to blow a hole through the golem's body, he was suddenly blinded by a ray of light. “Ack! Crap, my eyes!” The golem’s fist collided with Allen’s body as he was sent flying into the castle wall.

He felt pain all over his body, he slowly opened his eyes to see the entirety of Baroth ravaged by fire, ice, earth and all the other elements. He could hear the cries of the people as they burnt to ashes. Allen immediately stood up and quickly flew over to the massive golem and unleashed his strongest spell.

“Divine Judgement!” Allen screamed as a giant ray of light blasted through the golem’s chest. “You got me worked up, congratulations!” The golem's body collapsed in the middle of the ravanged kingdom.

“I have no kingdom anymore..... I'm free from what these people think of me.” Allen grinned at the thought. He looked from right to left and saw nothing but a ruined kingdom with no survivors. He glanced back at the body of the golem laying silently on the ground.

He thought that he had defeated the golem. Until he started hearing a strange drilling noise. Allen noticed that it was coming from the golem's body!

He couldn’t believe it when he saw that the golem is starting to get back up “Impossible! With Divine Judgement it should be dead by n-” In a blink of an eye the golem was a few feet away from him. Allen fell to the ground in complete surrender.

The golem raised its fists above Allen, and as he was about to be pummeled to death, Allen smiled as tears ran down his face. The tyrant king of Baroth muttered his final words "I want to live differently in my next life..."

Nothing remained of Allen, everything that was the king, was sent to oblivion.

Until he opened his eyes once more.


Author Notes: I'm trying out a new writing style for this one! I hope you enjoy :)

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1 Aug, 2020
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