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The Unsolved Case of Charles Bravo
The Unsolved Case of Charles Bravo

The Unsolved Case of Charles Bravo

Kat_DickensKat Dickens
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Charles Bravo died in 1876, due to a poison that someone had slipped into a glass of water on his nightstand. The poison was antimony, which kills so slowly that he would have to know what was happening. (it also kills painfully) So Charles would have had time to reveal who poisoned him, but he didn't for whatever reason. This caused many people to believe it was a suicide not a homicide.

However today we know that the calm attitude Charles had about it was caused by the poison itself, as it is one of the effects it has on the human body. And because of that, it changes it from suicide to murder.

There are many suspects as to who did it. One was his doctor, who had not only given Charle's wife, Florence, an abortion but also was her lover.

There also was a widowed released from service.

And there was even the wife herself, as she would have had the perfect opportunity to slip the poison into the glass of water. And it was also reported that Charles had wanted kids but due to Florence's fragile heath she was afraid that having a baby would kill her.

However, will most likely never know who killed Charles Bravo.

(There is not much information on this case due to the fact that during the time it happened it was ruled a suicide. This was due to the unknown fact that the poison acts as a calming agent to its victim.)

Author Notes: Please rate and tell me what you think, and who you think did it. I will be writing about another true cold case soon.

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Kat Dickens
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2 Sep, 2020
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