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The Value Of A Smile
The Value Of A Smile

The Value Of A Smile


The ability to smile is one of the finest and greatest gifts God has bestowed upon humankind. A smile is one of life’s most profound paradoxes. In spite of being very valuable it costs nothing. Precious beyond compare, like all the best things in life, there is no charge for it. Although it has no intrinsic value, it cannot be bought, begged, stolen or borrowed. It is a gift of love that can only be given away, enriching the giver and as much as the receiver.

A smile is a vital part of life’s magic that sometimes acts like a light that someone suddenly switches on in a darkened room. It can make the plainest face beautiful and even though it takes but a moment, its memory may linger forever in someone’s heart and soul. It can create happiness wherever it is placed, in the home and between friends, as well as in business. It is a signal of goodwill between all people, nature’s best antidote to trouble that gives rest to the weary and brings a ray of sunshine to those who are discouraged and sad. No-one needs a smile as much as those who feel as if they had nothing to smile about. So, next time you meet someone who seems to have forgotten how to smile, supply them with the gift of one of yours and see what happens.

The law of the Universe is love and God communicates with us through people. A smile that comes from the heart is part of the universal language of love that requires no interpreter because everybody understands it. Such a smile comes from the God aspect of our nature and communicates easily with the Divine aspect in others. It opens our hearts and souls to each other and conveys the message: ‘I love you, you are my sibling, and you can trust me.’

Sometimes smiling takes courage, because it makes us vulnerable and we open ourselves to the risk of rejection. But in my mind it’s always worthwhile trying and each time someone returns our smile, the souls of both participants in this exchange open and they are looking at each other with and through the eyes of God. In moments like that we recognise in others the great love of our Divine Father/Mother, who cares for us especially when we have to endure pain and confusion, by sending someone along whose smile reassures us and shows us that we and our life rests safely in God’s loving hands. Each time someone smiles a small piece of Heaven is brought onto the Earth plane that can be shared by all who know how to respond to it. That’s how smiling allows us to take part in the goodness of the heavenly realms of life.

This is dedicated to my friend Eva, who returned to the world of light some years ago. Yet, I have not forgotten her smile when she was still with us. At eighty-eight and wheelchair bound, she had the most infectious and glorious smile. It was sheer magic to watch her face light up in one of them. It made her look astonishingly young and it was easy to observe how her soul’s secret beauty was radiating into our world, like a bright golden Star that lit up and warmed everything it touched. Seeing is believing and it was Eva who provided me with living proof of the fact that human souls and spirits indeed are ageless and eternally young.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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12 Oct, 2019
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2 mins
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