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The Wesak Moon 2021
The Wesak Moon 2021

The Wesak Moon 2021


The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

Amazing Grace – Part Eleven

Today is Tuesday, 27th April 2021 and at 03.31 a.m. Greenwich Meantime the full Moon in Taurus, also known as the Wesak Moon took place. The Buddha legend tells us that this is the time when for forty days and nights a man once sat underneath a Banyan tree meditating why there is so much suffering in our world. This sentence is filled with symbolisms. The Banyan tree is the first one that represents humankind’s earthly existence. The second one is forty days and nights. Spiritually, this number represents an unlimited period of time, in keeping with God’s will and wishes.

The number 4 = ruled by Uranus, the planet of rebellion and revolution. Together with Saturn, the zodiac’s stern and undeviating schoolmaster, Uranus rules the sign Aquarius and its natural domain of the eleventh house. In both of them, individually and collectively, humankind’s highest hopes, dreams and aspirations can find fulfilment. They represent the voice and will of the Highest Forces of life whom, for simplicity’s sake, I like to call God. 0 stands for the circle of Eternity. For forth days and nights the aspiring Buddha meditated. The 4 and 0 joining forces show that, to achieve Buddhahood, every human being needs to take part in the earthly school of life’s lessons for a predestined time, the length of which is unknown to the participants. This is in keeping with the will and wishes of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ.

The number forty also appears in the Jesus legend where it has the same meaning, even though that tale was given by God and the Angels to our world approx. five hundred years after the Buddha story. After having spent forty days and nights in the desert, Jesus meets the devil. Jesus is the symbol of every human being’s higher God or Christ nature. And the desert represents humankind’s earthly existence without knowing who and what we truly are. For a predestined time that’s only known to God and the Angels and for a wise higher reason, every one of us is ignorant of their true nature, our world’s spiritual background and that this is humankind’s true home.

The devil represents the initial stage of every human being’s earthly education which is about familiarising us with the crude and unevolved lower animal nature with its strange desires and wishes. Everybody needs to experience them, first at the giving end and later, when we have matured sufficiently, at the receiving end. Jesus is the higher God or Christ aspect who responds to the devil’s demands in keeping with this.

In the whole of Creation everything consists of energies that are either working for or against each other. Astrology is an excellent tool for showing which ones are at work and when the time is right for something to happen. We have been told that they can only do so in God’s time, not ours. But why should this be so? It’s because the energies have to be right before something can come about. Numerology allows us to fine-tune into which energies are influencing us and our world at any given time, and when something is likely to happen.

But let’s return to the Buddha legend for a moment. It tells us that a man who was born with the name of Siddhattha Gotama or Siddhārtha Gautama or Buddha Shakyamuni, eventually became known as the Buddha. He is said to have lived as a spiritual teacher and religious leader in the region of Nepal in India during the fifth to fourth century B.C. in the age of Aries. This age lasted from about 2,500 B.C. to 300 A.D. Aries is the point of all new beginnings, irrespective of the fact that the ages of humankind, because of the precession of the equinoxes, are moving in backwards order instead of forwards, as they do normally do in the zodiac. Read more about this in ‘The Great Plan Of Life Unfolds’ link at the end of this chapter.

And as the Sun in the sky above our world rises in the East and sets in the West, God and the Angels towards the end of the Arian age presented our world with the gift of the Buddha legend. That’s how, the foresight the wisdom and love of the Highest Forces of life, with the help of this tale introduced a knowledge of the greatest radiance. In the fullness of time, it would enable ever more of us to discover that the whole of Creation, therefore also everything that exists in our world, is subject to the Universal law of cause and effect or Karma. Like all truly great things, this law is simplicity itself. It merely decrees that everything has to return to its source.

God and the Angels knew that the awareness of this law would become most helpful when, in God’s time, not ours, humankind at last had entered the Aquarian age, the age of truth. Ever more of God’s sacred wisdom and truth would then be revealed, not through old and long outdated teachings and scriptures, but it would come to all who were ready to receive them directly from the wise ones on the highest levels of life. Steadily increasing numbers would then be finding out the truth about the wise higher purpose that humankind’s earthly existence always has served.

The knowledge of the Buddha legend were the first rays of spiritual understanding’s light that appeared in the Eastern part of our world well before the beginning of the Piscean age, from approx. 300 B.C. to 1900 A.D. was a period when lying and cheating, deception of the self and others ruled supreme on the earthly plane. That’s when God and the Angels inspired the scribes of the Roman empire, whose worldly power was seriously waning, to invent the Jesus legend. And that was just one of our world’s political authorities, who were successfully hiding their true intentions of warmongering and empire building behind façades of strange fear-inducing tales that had been given a religious colouring.

Carefully cobbled together for the purpose of scaring the living daylights out of people, these stories provided political authorities with wonderful instrument for brainwashing ever more people into believing that every word of their tales is literally true. Clever politicians that the Romans were, it did not take them long to recognise that the Jesus legend was particularly useful for their purpose of gaining much greater influence over our world’s masses than before, just in a different way. Little did they know that the Divine evolutionary plan for our planet all along had decreed that the radiance of God’s spiritual wisdom, knowledge and truth would be setting in the Western world, as soon as it had reached the Aquarian age. Ever more people would then be able to recognise that the life story of the Master Jesus was never meant to be understood literally, that higher esoteric meaning has always been hiding behind its surface words. and that the God-man himself represents the higher God or Christ nature of every human being.

Because the Buddha legend is not centred on some kind of a God figure, it enjoyed the good fortune of being considered a philosophy and not a religion by our world’s troublemakers and warmongers and therefore not worthy of their attention. That’s how the Buddha legend was spared the fate of inflicting ever more suffering onto humankind, the way the old religions did and the pharma industry, walking in its footsteps, to this day are doing.

From the beginning, the Buddhist teachings did their best to tell us that every human being is the creator of their own suffering but that, through the right kind of thoughts, words and actions, everybody has the power of bringing about not only the end of their own suffering but also make a valuable contribution towards ending that of our whole world. This is how Buddhism not only maintained its peace bringing position in our world but steadily increased it. Through recognising that we ourselves are God and responsible for the state of our world, at any given moment, everybody can empower themselves to evolve into a master of their own destiny. Understanding is the only way it can come about and that’s also how, with the passing of time, our whole world will eventually free itself from all kinds of suffering.

The time around the Full Moon, in every sign, not merely when the Sun is moving through Taurus, is always a period when it’s possible to gain a better understanding of things that could have been puzzling us for a long time. It doesn’t have to be anything as majestic as the Buddha’s enlightenment, but the Full Moon every month can provide us with answers to questions that could have been niggling us for quite some time. This can be felt with greater strength than usual during the Sun’s transit through the fixed Earth sign Taurus. And that’s because it’s polar opposite and sleeping partner is the fixed Water sign Scorpio that provides earthlings with a secretive nature and the ability of feeling deeply. Individually and collectively, Scorpio is about the subconscious part of our being, the soul. And that’s the place where our own memories of all lifetimes, including the present one, as well as all those of the whole of humankind up to the present moment are stored. I wonder what kind of enlightenments this Full Moon might have in store for us and our world.

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27 Apr, 2021
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