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The Wolf and The Rabbit
The Wolf and The Rabbit

The Wolf and The Rabbit

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On a big full moon night with stars so bright, a wolf and a rabbit crossed paths next to the dead oak tree. The two were strangers and never saw each other before and greeted one another.
“Hello Mr. Wolf” said the rabbit.
“Good midnight to you, Ms. Rabbit,” the wolf responded.
On their separate ways when walking past each other, the wolf decided to ask a question that sparked his mind.
“What are you doing out here so late?”
The rabbit turned around to face the wolf, “I’m out to find some food for my family. The clover supply is low and dandelions are not as bountiful as before.”
The wolf now in full curiosity, “Why don’t you go during the day when dangerous creatures aren’t out?”
The rabbit chuckled with a smirk now twisting the wolf’s mind, “I am a dangerous creature.”
The wolf turned his head in confusion, “a rabbit be dangerous? That doesn’t seem right.”
“Ah, so because I’m a rabbit, I can’t be dangerous?” she asked.
“Exactly,” said the wolf, “it doesn’t seem to be in the blood of a rabbit.”
So the rabbit responded back with, “what if I said it is in my blood? Then what would you say?”
“I still wouldn’t believe you rabbit,” the wolf said, “rabbits don’t scare because they are scared.”

The moon moved an inch in the sky as the stars circled the night. The old oak tree moaned and groaned as a little gust of wind came. The field is so vast and bright that nothing can walk without being in sight. The wolf when talking to the rabbit was so intrigued by the rabbit’s unusual answers that he stuck around for a little longer to listen to some more answers from her.
Starting to get cocky with his dominance, “you must have small little claws that just so happen to be flat, don’t ya’?” The wolf laughed and smirked.
“Of course I don't,” said the rabbit.
Ms. Rabbit stretched her front legs out and tightened her muscles to reveal hawk-like talons underneath from her furry paw and jumped onto the dead oak tree and shredded into its trunk. The wolf got startled at the sight of it, but held his ground inside his body with some uncertainty roaming in his mind. Ms. Rabbit jumped back in front of the wolf, retracted her claws and asked the wolf, “now do you think I’m scary?”
Mr. Wolf with some hesitation and a blank stare came back in full force as his logic of nature kicked in, “No. You’re just a rabbit and I’m a wolf.”
Ms. Rabbit just stared at him, “hmm.”

The wolf comes back with another question. “does this intimidate you?”
The wolf opened his mouth to reveal sharp, white teeth and began to snarl.
Ms. Rabbit responded with a simple remark, “no”.
Mr. Wolf stopped and scrunched his eyes together in disbelief, “not even a little bit?”
“Not a single little nerve in my body was in fright Mr. Wolf.”
“How can that be,” asked the wolf, “you’re a rabbit and I’m a can it be?”
Ms. Rabbit replied, “because I’m the one you should be afraid of when it comes to teeth.”
“HA” the wolf cried, “your teeth?” the wolf rolled his head in a circle, “your teeth are flat and small.”
In the midst of the wolf’s laughter, Ms. Rabbit opened her mouth and let out an aggressive growl with her small sharp, white, crooked teeth showing. Mr. Wolf let out a small yip after seeing them and jumped back. Ms. Rabbit closed her mouth and sat there like everything was normal. The wolf in shambles for words, “y-you...have s-scary teeth” he says with eyes wide and a smaller voice. The wolf though regained posture in superiority on the food chain when he comments, “you only have teeth and claws that are scary,”

The moon is still full and big with gentle breezes, the wolf is determined to be “higher-up”.
“Ms. Rabbit.”
“Have you ever caught an animal before? Surely, you can’t be scary and dangerous unless you have killed another.”
Ms. Rabbit responds as if asked a simple question, “I have. But only when I need to feed my young if clover and dandelion supply is low like now.”
The Wolf asked her, “Come back at this tree in 5 minutes. We’ll hunt so I can prove myself right.”
Ms. Rabbit went along with it, “okay,” she said in a long tone.

The time has passed and the wolf has arrived back at the dead oak tree. He set down a duck that he had killed from a pond nearby. Waiting patiently for Ms. Rabbit, he thinks to himself, “she bailed out. I knew she was lying.”
As he finished that thought, Ms. Rabbit came out of the dark woods and made small hops to the wolf. She was carrying a fawn’s tiny leg.
The wolf responded in question, “what is that?”
Ms. Rabbit spat the leg out and said in disgust, “a spotted-fawn’s leg.”
Mr. Wolf commented, “you must have just dragged it out because there is no way you took down a deer. Besides, you spat it out in disgust and there is not one drop of blood on your fur, so you must have found a dead fawn and dragged it out just to try to trick me into thinking you're dangerous.”
“Whatever you think,” Ms. Rabbit said, “It’s your mind.”

The wolf then stood up and stretched tall on all fours and said in confidence with one single statement., “It must be true that you’re not dangerous, because you’re small and tiny in the land.”
“Yes I am small,” said the rabbit.
The wolf stood proud above the rabbit with a smile and recognition of winning.
Ms. Rabbit commented, “for the moment.”
Ms. Rabbit started making fast jerking movements as if having a seizure. The wolf is now backing away as his smiling face turns to fear. Ms. Rabbit hunching back, arching her spine up in the air like a cat, growing taller and bigger. Ears become larger, eyes are menacing as short slender legs become the size of tree branches, letting out growls and roars scaring sleeping birds out of trees with loud huffs of breath. Mr. Wolf dashes behind the dead oak tree and peeks around watching Ms. Rabbit grow bigger and bigger into the size of a bear. The wolf turned away, not looking at Ms. Rabbit and cried, “No, stop, please stop!”
The growling and roaring stopped and a little calm voice filled the silence, “now do you think I’m dangerous Mr. Wolf?”

The wolf peeked around the corner with one eye. He saw Ms. Rabbit sitting there like nothing out of the ordinary happened. Ms. Rabbit back into rabbit formation, Mr. Wolf looked around at the night scenery and asked her, “was that really you?”
“Yes,” said Ms. Rabbit.
Mr. Wolf asked in shock, “How can you change like that?”
Ms. Rabbit replied in a sincere comment looking away from the wolf staring into the woods, “It’s the hunger that drives me to do such things.”
The wolf asked, “How do you control it?”
Ms. Rabbit slowly turned towards Mr. Wolf and said in a hush tone, “I’m looking at it right now.”

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12 Jan, 2021
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6 mins
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