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They Will Rise From Their Graves
They Will Rise From Their Graves

They Will Rise From Their Graves


They Will Rise From Their Graves

Many to this day think that physical immortality is possible. In my view, this is an erroneous belief that was caused by taking literally and therefore misunderstanding the esoteric meaning of Bible teachings like St. John 5:25-29: ‘Truly, truly I say to you: ‘The time is coming, and it is now already here, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and those who hear it will live. For as the Father has life in Himself, so he has given to the Son also to have life in himself. And he has given him authority to execute judgement too, for he is the Son of man. Do not wonder at this, for the time is coming when all those who are in their graves will hear his voice. And they will come out. Those who have done good works, to the resurrection of life and those who have done evil works, to the resurrection of judgement.’

The way I see it, the dead in the above quote are all human souls who are at present resting and recuperating in the world of spirit, our true home. And, as promised by the Bible, the time now has come when those who have already woken up to their true nature and are therefore preparing themselves on the Earth plane, when they do return into the world of light, will be able to hear the voice of the true Son of God, the Universal Christ, and understand its instructions. Because of this they will continue to move forward on their evolutionary pathway together with the Earth.

During the Age of Pisces, one of the Water signs, the Earth has been a water planet. The Air signs are responsible for the development of the intellectual processes of our race. Aquarius is one of the Air signs and now that we are moving forward into the Age of Aquarius, Mother Earth is transforming herself into an Air planet, in preparation for the age of the spirit and attunement to the Universal mind of the Highest. As time goes by, it will be interesting to observe how the new physical bodies that will be provided for those who come forth will no longer consist mostly of water, as ours still do at present, but of air.

And what is going to happen to those who as yet have got no further on their evolutionary pathway than partaking in the lessons of creating Hell on Earth for someone or maybe many? If that is their intended role for this lifetime, who would we be to argue with the wisdom of the Divine for providing them with the lessons they require? Rest assured that all is by no means lost for such souls. Instead of being cast into hellfire and eternal damnation or being destroyed, in due course they will reincarnate onto a planet that still has lower and denser vibrations than the Earth. There they will find many opportunities for making the progress on the evolutionary spiral of life that is every soul’s birthright.

Although the earthly self of such souls is as yet unaware of this, their spirit has by no means forgotten that they too are children of God, the same as everybody else. As the human spirit is masculine and its soul, its soft and sensitive feeling side, is feminine, each one of us is indeed a Son and a Daughter of God and also of man – the small earthly self. As the Bible points out, the same life that is in the Father is also in each one of His Sons, i.e. in you and me. Alas, during the time of the patriarchy we were not allowed to know that by rights this should say: the same life that is in the Father/Mother is also in their sons and daughters.

Be that as it may, the Father/Mother has also given each one of us the right to carry out judgement, namely to judge ourselves. And the time is now rapidly approaching when all those who are in their graves, i.e. the world of spirit, will hear the Universal Christ’s voice and come forth again from there in full consciousness of God’s true nature and their own. If they so wish, sufficiently evolved souls will go forward into further lifetimes on Mother Earth, to play an active role in her resurrection that is already taking place, helping her to evolve ever more into a planet of healing and peace.

Meanwhile, the energies of our younger siblings in the family of humankind, who to this day insist on doing evil works, will grow less and less compatible with our planet’s and our own. This will continue until at the right moment the spiritual eyes of the young ones will open, too. Having safely returned to the world of spirit, in many different ways, they will be able to see for themselves that they are unready for moving forwards on the Earth with their more advanced sisters and brothers. The wise ones in charge of them will explain to them that they have no choice other than continuing their education on a younger, less highly evolved planet in other parts of the Universe who is ready for this task. There they will be spending many future lifetimes.

Awakened ones do well to remind themselves frequently that because the spirit is eternal and cannot be destroyed or even damaged, and that spiritually no experience will ever be wasted. Let us not forget that less experienced souls have as much right to be here to attend to their lessons, the same as you and I have done and will continue to do, for as long as they are required. In the extensive course of the personal and collective evolution of our world and all others every soul is eternally cared for. The true needs of each and every one of us are unfailingly and unstintingly met by the Universe, who at any given moment lovingly provides each one of us with the right lessons.

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17 Aug, 2018
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