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Thought Can Do Anything
Thought Can Do Anything

Thought Can Do Anything


White Eagle On The Power Of Thought – Part Three

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘The Lightbringer – Inner Development and Outward Change’: ‘We cannot too strongly emphasise the power of thought. You believe that thinking is something private and that no-one can read human thoughts, but in truth there is no covering for them. They are perceived loud and clear by those in charge of you in the spirit world and as many of you yet have to learn, thinking has a dynamic power. Your thoughts have the power to either help your world to enlightenment or to hold back its progress.

‘Your world’s scientists are only on the outermost fringe of comprehending the power of thought and that it can do anything in your world. But many of you are by now aware that thought can create good health and heal, as well as pain and disease. A great mass of people can seriously be in danger of disrupting and destroying humankind’s mental and physical soul life. Thoughts of anger, fear and hate form the root of all suffering and of wars. At the same time they can also bring forth beauty and harmony, goodwill and siblinghood, and anything else you and your world are longing for. Each one of you carries the power within of focussing only on that which is good, beautiful and right in your world, so that it can become a reality in earthly life. Positive thinking * can help you to do your share of creating ever more of this on the Earth plane.

‘We would like you to know that we need you as much as you need us. And we beg of you who are reading these lines to do your best to counteract the negative and destructive thinking tendencies of your world wherever possible. Best of all this is done by trusting God’s great plan and the basic goodness of the life that has been given to you. Use every spare moment to focus on the new golden age of plenty that is approaching quite rapidly. In your imagination see this new world emerging. Based on the Aquarian energies and principles of love, siblinghood and friendship with all lifeforms, its people are helping and supporting each other, refusing to take advantage of, dominate and exploit those around them.

‘Everybody is aware that each one of you is gifted in some unique way and was created for a specific task. As a result, there will be no need for jealousy and sibling rivalry, but full trust in the wisdom and love of your Creator, the great genius designer for the whole of Creation. You will be enjoying the warm and loving family relationships you may always have dreamed of in earthly life, but because of the clashing interests of its members this somehow seemed impossible. Supportive instead of exploitative, each giving of their best and thus fulfilling their highest potential, for the benefit of all. That is the kind of existence that is waiting for the whole human family.

‘Never forget that what you think you become and in case you are wondering how your world deteriorated into its present state, we shall try to explain. The Universal law of cause and effect works in human minds and souls the same as everywhere else in the whole of Creation. The effects of this law create the conditions of life and bring to individual souls, as well as groups and whole nations, the lessons they require at any given time. Every thought any one of you sends into the Universe causes a vibration that makes an impression on the higher ethers of life. They are registered there and attract to you waves of corresponding forces that create certain conditions in your life.

‘The corollary of this is that those who are working in good and positive ways, pursuing the path of wise thinking and unselfish service to others, the Universal forces have no problems with bringing you the things you are hoping and praying for. Yet, it is not only a matter of thinking what you want. That is only a small component of the picture. The most important part is wishing to work with God and the Angels to create peace and harmony, beauty and good health, wholeness, i.e. holiness and happiness, not only for yourself but for the whole of your world. If this is your only motif, you are at one with God’s creative love and that provides your thoughts and prayers with power and life.

‘The Universe has a positive and a negative thought stream. You are dynamic and magnetic beings and like attracts like. The vibration of each thought you send out decides which stream it is drawn into. Thoughts of a similar nature group together, which constantly increases their strength, and that’s how in the end they return to their senders. The law of attraction ensures that any good, uplifting and constructive thoughts that go forth from earthly life they align themselves to other great thought streams that are positive and good and part of the God’s Great White Light. Thoughts of anger, hatred and cruelty swell the streams of darkness and negative thinking.

‘Have you any idea how much cruelty and suffering in your world is created by thoughtlessness? This is balanced by thoughtfulness that aims to bring nothing but love and joy, hope and courage into your world. Every single thought of this nature feeds into the great stream of White Light. God’s evolutionary plan for the human race’s development decreed that this stream’s growth should be essential for humankind’s progress on the evolutionary spiral of life. When a certain point had been reached there would be steadily increasing numbers of those who have matured sufficiently and are ready to add the creative power of their thoughts to the strength of the White Light. That’s exactly what has been happening for some time by now and you have every reason to trust God’s plans for you and your world and the goodness of the life that has been given to you.

‘This is what we in our world have always been on with those on your side of the veil of consciousness. And that’s why we said earlier that we need you as much as you need us. So from now on, whenever destructive thoughts comes into your mind, do yourself the favour of uplifting and transmuting them into positive and constructive ones. The accumulation of destructive thoughts in the whole of humankind’s mental body, with the passing of time, has created ideas for ever more destructive weapons and effective ways of destroying and killing each other. This is how on one side God’s creative power is used for good while an array of dark and destructive thoughts is the opposite end of this spectrum. The latter find their way into the minds of strong intellects who have the ability to think of ever more advanced methods of destruction and ways of stimulating and calling upon the destructive urges of the lower nature of young and inexperienced souls.

‘We, your friends and helpers in the world of light, all along have been working exceedingly hard to bring harmony and balance to human life. And each one of you can do their share of supporting our efforts by disciplining yourself and focussing your attention on that which is good and right, beautiful and harmonious in your world. This steadily increases the creative power of your good thoughts, for they are God-thoughts. This kind of thinking creates perfect form and the more you strive to apply to everything you encounter, the more easily your whole world evolves into a more beautiful and peaceful place.

‘We appreciate that it is not always possible to turn your thoughts away from wars, terrorism and all other unpleasant things that to this day are happening in your world. But when you quietly say to yourself: ‘This too rests safely in the hands of God and the Angels,’ and then concentrate on the good outcome of such events, you are making a valuable contribution towards bringing it about. Should someone ask you: ‘How can you do this when there are so many disagreeable conditions to contend with in earthly life?’, help them to find a better understanding of the spiritual background of life and how the Universal laws have always been at work throughout the whole of Creation, including your world.

‘Sow the odd seed here and there and then do your best to practise self-control and uplift and transmute negative and destructive thoughts into positive and constructive ones. We hear you say you cannot help your thoughts rushing in, that they come before you realise it and how disturbing and distracting this is. By constantly working on it, you will eventually learn to control the flow of your thoughts. Naturally, it is not going to happen instantly by telling yourself: ‘From now on I will have no more unwanted thoughts.’ It’s not as easy as that, the whole process could take a long time. You may have to continue working with it for several lifetimes before you gain the necessary poise of spirit that can only be found by the earthly mind fully surrendering itself to the Divine spirit of your own Christ nature.’

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21 Nov, 2020
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