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I was in no mood to focus. So I doodled some more and wrote in my green notebook:

Random things to think about:

  • If poison expires is it more poisonous or no longer poisonous?

  • Why are blueberries blue?

  • Which letter is silent in “Scent”, the “S” or the “C”?

  • In order to sleep, we have to pretend to sleep first.

  • Why is something sent by a car called a shipment, when something sent by a ship is called cargo?

  • Why is it called quicksand even though it drowns you slowly?

  • Do twins ever realize one of them was unplanned?

  • Maybe oxygen is killing you slowly and it just takes 75-100 years to fully work?

  • Every time you clean something, you have to make something else dirty.

  • The word “swims” upside-down is “swims”

  • Replacing “W” with “T” in: “What, Where and When”, gives you the answer to each of them. (What? - That, Where? - There, When? - Then.)

  • Why do we say “sleep like a baby” even though a baby wakes up every few hours?

  • It is impossible to think of a color that doesn't exist.

  • You pass the anniversary of your death every year.

Ryan snorted over my shoulder. I kicked him under the table and he let out a growl. I rolled my eyes and returned to my notebook.

Ryan and I are sitting in English class. A flustered substitute tried to take control of the class, but of course, failing.

Sadly, our English teacher was not fooled. She gave the sub a sheet with the seating chart and a picture of each of us so we couldn't sit somewhere else and pretend to be someone else.

So here I am, sitting next to Ryan Jenkins. I call him Jenkins the Jerk. Now, that's catchy.

I chanted Jerkins the Jerk in my head like a mantra.

I actually mumbled it out loud, but thankfully Ryan didn't catch it.

When will this end?!

A loud annoying BOOOOOOOOOOOOP stopped me. As I checked my schedule, I almost died on the spot.


My dreading stopped as quickly as it came. The notes. My pen pal must have written back, right?

I grabbed my math notebook and whatnot and then jogged to the math classroom.

He or she did write back.

Author Notes: Sorry that I made you lose your brain cells. Anyway please place a review and thanks for reading!!! :D Again, credits to Feminist123 for the weird thoughts! Thx a lot, Feminist123

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1 Mar, 2019
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