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Three Christianity’s Wake Up Call
Three  Christianity’s Wake Up Call

Three Christianity’s Wake Up Call


Judge Not And Ye Shall Not Be Judged – Part Three

Christianity’s Wake Up Call

I perceive the Notre Dame fire as Christianity’s wake up call. The cathedral’s solid outer stone structure, damaged but not beyond repair, conveys the message that basically there is nothing wrong with the Jesus tale. The belief that Jesus is a historical figure who once walked in our midst has dented the story, but its true meaning can easily be restored. God and the Angels created it so that when the right time had come, ever more of us would be waking up from their spiritual slumbers. This would enable us to recognise that the Jesus story is but a legend that like a picture book describes the initiations every human being in the course of their earthly education is taking part in. Up to the point of our awakening we have no idea of why things are happening to us.

To me, the collapsing of the cathedral’s wooden spire is a symbol of the way the Christian belief structure has been obstructing the spiritual progress of its followers. Having been built of the wrong material, it was impossible for this tower to reach up to the Heavens. That’s why no help could come from Jesus to stop humankind’s tendencies of warmongering and troublemaking. The roof of the building burning like a tinderbox and caving in completely represents a belief structure that, built the same way as the spire, was never intended to protect Christianity against such influences. The scandals that are emerging these days in connection with Christianity are further proof that the belief that every word of the Jesus story is literally true is an erroneous one. The facts that for some time have been bubbling to the surface of our world’s consciousness are clear evidence that from the highest to the lowest of their own ranks and files, especially in Catholic churches, the belief in Jesus did not have the power to stop people from expressing the lower evil aspect of their nature.

Bearing in mind that the Jesus story is but a legend, it does not come as a surprise that he could not provide the spiritual protection against these things. The surface words of the tale, for as long as their higher esoteric truth is unknown and acted upon, cannot create an effective inner barrier in anyone’s consciousness against the onslaught of the drives and urges of their lower animal nature. Learning about the Universal laws and how they affect all lifeforms throughout the whole of Creation leads to the natural end of giving in to its temptations. They are most certainly not from the devil but the lower less evolved part of our own being. For as long as we still believe that every word of the Christian teachings is literally true and therefore are unaware of the existence of God’s laws, the right way of living and behaving, i.e. in harmony with these laws, is very difficult.

God and the Angels gave us the legend of the Lord Buddha. Through it they are telling us that the right way of conducting our lives is by responding to whatever comes our way with good, kind and loving thoughts, words and actions that are in harmony with the Universal laws, as in that case no negative Karma is created. The literalism of the Christian teachings with its in that case false beliefs provide us with no natural barrier against acting on the drives and urges of our lower nature. The result is thoughtless and cruel ways of hurting and wounding those around us and in particular younger and weaker ones who are at our mercy and in need of our protection. When our higher consciousness has woken from its slumbering state, it understands the truth when it comes our way and that it is necessary to act upon it. That is the best shields anyone could have against behaving in aggressive and hurtful ways.

This is the finest example I can think of when knowledge truly makes us powerful. The awareness of God’s Universal laws empowers us to send nothing but the right kind of thoughts, words and actions into our world. As a result, when in the fullness of time the last one of our karmic debts has been redeemed, nothing but more of what we once sent into our world can return to us. That’s the only way of guarding ourselves against ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes’, as Shakespeare put it. When we are no longer creating these traps for ourselves, they can no longer return and hit us. This is how the Universal Forces eventually supply every one of us with the immensely valuable gift of awareness free of charge.

Up to that point of our development, temptations to indulge in evil thoughts, words and deeds that have their origin in the cruel streak of our lower nature from time to time will enter our earthly mind. When we give in to them and, as a result of our ignorance, respond to them with: ‘Why shouldn’t I do this? Nobody can see me?’ we could be no more wrong. We may well be under the impression that the temptations to behave in wicked and cruel ways are brought upon us by the devil, a force outside ourselves against which there is no protection. Wrong again! In truth, they are the result of deeply ingrained thought and behaviour patterns of our lower unevolved nature which we brought with us from previous lifetimes into the present one. That’s how, for a long time without knowing what we are doing, we are creating negative Karma that can do nothing but return to us in due course. Awareness changes all this. With its help we can turn any event into something positive and constructive.

Every one of our thoughts, words and actions at any given moment is a seed of what we are going to harvest in future lifetimes. I am convinced that awareness of our higher God or Christ nature is the key to ending every last bit of suffering that still exists in our world, because this part can then step in and help our lower earthly self to overcome and leave behind the drives and urges that for long enough have been holding up our spiritual development. Knowing why we are in this life and the wise higher purpose of our existence makes it easier to stop them from gaining the upper hand, the way they used to do in the past.

This is how in the fullness of time, the wisdom and love of the Great Father/Mother of all life provides every one of its children of the Earth with the knowledge of the Universal laws. As you will be able to see for yourselves by now, knowledge of the TRUTH is the most effective coat of armour against nasty and unpleasant things that exists in the whole of Creation.

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20 May, 2019
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