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Time For New Beginnings
Time For New Beginnings

Time For New Beginnings


A Message Of Hope From God And The Angels

Springtime 2021 – Part Two

On 20th March 2021 at 8.17 am Greenwich Meantime the Sun moved into Aries, the point of all beginnings. The energies of this sign represent the uprushing fountain of life that brings about the renewal of everything in the natural part of your world. No-one can stop or even interfere with the beneficial rejuvenating influence of these energies. Added to this are the Aquarian age’s Zeitgeist of rebellion and revolution, ready and waiting to sweep away all false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices of past times and ages.

This creates the necessary space in your minds for the truth with its ever improving understanding of the processes of life that have always affected you and your world. The deeper your world moves into the Aquarian age, the stronger these energies will be influencing everything that’s taking part in it. And that’s why no-one will ever be able to stop the triumphant forwards and upwards march of honesty and truth on the evolutionary spiral of life.

The astrological symbol of Aries is the ram. Aries it’s the zodiac’s sign of the pioneer and wayfinder of the zodiac, who fearlessly knocks its head against anything that gets in the way of its progress. What might these energies have in store for you and your world? Whatever you do, ask for our help and then place it into our hands, so we can show you intuitively how to proceed. When asked by anyone, we are always glad to guide, protect against wrong moves and show the best way of going about things. Hand in hand with us and your love for humankind and your world, you are invincible. Your world needs every one of you!

‘There’s a spirit that guides me, a light that shines for me . . .’ The spirit of my own higher God or Christ nature is pure love and the Great Mother’s light of wisdom and truth is what guides me and intuitively shows me the way. ‘My life’s worth living, I don’t need to see the end. . .’ This is because I know that I am eternal being who is merely on a temporary stop-over in earthly life. My life will never end. I am safe and forever will be. And because I have gifts to give and more than enough love to share, my life most certainly is worth the living. I don’t need to see the end, because there never will be one. At the end of each lifetime, I merely a quiet slip away on the hand of one of the Angels of Death, who takes my spirit/soul into another dimension of life, the spirit realm. For ever and ever I shall be alive and well cared for by God and the Angels.

‘That’s why each time with a happy heart I move into the greater freedom of this realm. It is my true eternal home where, without needing a physical body, I can once again enjoy myself like a fish in the water and a bird in the air. It’s good to know that the knowledge that I found along the long and thorny road of my most recent lifetime is my spiritual property. Forever it will be mine. Using my gifts and talents, I have always tried to share the knowledge that came my way. I look forward to leaving it behind on the earthly plane, when my time for moving on has come. God and the Angels will see to it that they will continue to bring new hope, faith and trust to all who are in need of it. I will always be safe and so will everybody else. Thanks and praise be for that!’

We want you to know that this applies to every one of you and that there is no need to be afraid of anything. We shall never leave you. Even if we wanted to, which we most certainly do not, it would be impossible because we are as much part of you, as you are of us. Regardless of what anyone ever tried to tell you, that never changed and never will. Know that every one of you is gifted in some special way that enables them to play a certain part in the gigantic leap of consciousness your world is presently undergoing. Hand in hand with us, as many of you as possible are required to take part in transforming it from a predominantly materialistically inclined place into a constantly increasing spiritual one. Some gifts have taken many lifetimes of development and are waiting to fully unfold during this one, so please don’t neglect yours.

Even though it's summer by now, it's never too late for new beginnings!

With love - Aquarius

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16 Jul, 2021
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