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Time For Taking Off Our Masks
Time For Taking Off Our Masks

Time For Taking Off Our Masks


The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

Amazing Grace – Part Twenty-Eight

My inner guidance continues: ‘Every one of you eventually reaches the evolutionary point when it dawns on you that each earthly lifetime consists of simultaneously playing several roles. What you are constantly occupied with is very similar to play-acting in a school on the earthly plane. This is what all of you have always been doing on the great stage of earthly life. Alas, it takes many lifetimes before you become aware of it. Some in your midst believe that your earthly existence is but an illusion. Earthly life is a place of learning, a school. Taking part in it is real enough for as long as you still need to learn the many lessons this school alone can teach you.

‘However, the true nature of this school and the value of all its lessons can only be recognised and fully appreciated when you have returned to humankind’s true home, our realm. For many lifetimes you do this every so often, but only temporarily. Eventually, this school cannot teach someone any more. Your spirit/soul is then released into exploring the greater freedom of our world. Until your development has reached this point, each time you have recovered sufficiently from the stresses and strains of your earthly existence with us, there comes the moment when the wise ones in charge of you, invite you to look at the many different roles you have been playing, including the most recent one, in the Akashic Records.

‘You are happy to agree because this enables you to judge your own performances. Nobody judges you, except you yourself. Nobody forces you to return to the earthly plane; it’s your decision alone. Knowing that every one of you is a young God in the making and if you ever wish to reach the end of the initial part of your apprenticeship, it’s essential that you finding out what your weaknesses and strengths are, so you can work with them, increasing your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses. And that enables the wise ones in charge of you to design a wise and sensible plan how this can best be attended to in your next earthly lifetime. Only if you like their plan, you agree and you usually do.

‘At the end of everyone’s earthly education, only that which is good, right and beautiful remains. Everything else has gone. The only purpose it ever served was equipping you for the roles you once played. The main part of your equipment for each earthly interlude was the mask and costume you needed for playing each role. It took many earthly lifetimes before it at last dawned on you who and what you really are; that every human being is an eternal and immortal spirit/soul and a beloved child of the Great Father/Mother of all life; and that this also applies to you. Your mask and costumes were required for taking part in this, that and the other of the earthly school of life’s lessons. As all of them have been sufficiently absorbed, you no longer need anything connected with them.

‘You no longer need anyone to tell you that on the inner plane of your being you have never been either man nor woman, as well as a brother or sister of all your siblings in the great family of humankind. You can see for yourself that on the inner level of life all is one and there is no separation between anything. And because every human spirit/soul once started their evolutionary journey as a tiny spark of the Great Divine Light, every one of you like God is androgynous, man and woman, male and female, God and Goddess all in one. Forgiving yourself for taking such a long time to understand God’s true nature and your own, comes to you quite naturally. You know why Shakespeare in ‘As You Like It’ wrote:

This wide and Universal theatre
Presents more woeful pageants than the scene, wherein we play.
All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one person, in their time, plays many parts.

‘To help you gain a better understanding of the purpose and meaning of your earthly existence and the complexities that have always been hiding behind its surface, throughout the ages the Great Mother’s love and wisdom have been presenting the truth about why you need to take part in earthly life. In spite of Her temporary withdrawal from the earthly scene, in the course of approx. six thousand years of patriarchy and all-male God-heads, the Mother’s wisdom never ceased flowing into your world and many different channels. Shakespeare was but one of them.

‘Lack of understanding has always been humankind’s main obstacle on the evolutionary journey, individually and collectively. As soon as you sufficiently comprehend life in general and your own existence within it, you realise that there is no need to forget anything, but that for you the time for forgiving has come. And so you first forgive yourself for every bit of suffering you, in your ignorance, once handed out to anyone. As by then you already have a long evolutionary journey behind you and you have taken part in every one of the earthly school of life’s lessons, there must have been many. To ensure that each one really had been understood, you sometimes found yourself at the giving end of suffering while in other lifetimes you were on the receiving end.

‘When you have reached this developmental point, you realise that ultimately no human spirit/soul has ever been guilty of anything, in the course of their many earthly lifetimes. That’s because each one of you, whilst taking part in life on the grand stage of Mother Earth, in some of your lifetimes merely ever played the part of pupil or student, while in others you appeared as teacher and wise one. That’s all!

‘As soon as Mother Earth’s transition from a mostly material planet into a purely spiritual one is complete, the new golden age of plenty will be with you. This will be the case when your world’s outer plane has become like its inner counterpart. Because everybody will take only that which they need and leave the rest for everybody else, there will no longer be shortages of any kind. Hunger and starvation, sickness and even death, as human beings once knew it, will have been overcome. Honesty and truth, loving kindness and supporting each other will have replaced the masculine lust for warmongering and empire building. The yokes of exploiting and taking advantage of people’s weaknesses, the main one having been fear, will by then have been overcome and forgotten. Peace, balance and harmony will exist in both parts of your world, on its inner plane as much as on the outer.’

* * *

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8 Jun, 2021
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