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To Ex's
To Ex's

To Ex's

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Hi, yes, I am an author not a Luthor. (I’ll stop with the jokes now) This is to aLlL sAdlY my MajOR ex’s.

-Me wondering why I put my ex’s in groups-

Any who, I wouldn’t say the outcomes of some of the relationships were the best after I or they ended it with me. But some of them came out amazingly .,.

I’m best friends with a few of them, we just pretend like we never happened and I’m actually happy with that. (Even though its Hella awkward ;w;)

The others on the other hand umMMm I would say I have some people who more than likely despise me. CoUgH (the ex’s) But I try not to talk to them, and I would just avoid them if possible.

Your maybe wondering, “well Stormie dear are you over any of them?”

My answer to that question is this simple simple paragraph:

Actually, I have no idea, sometimes I cry at night wondering why I'm so bad at this shit. Some of them cheated, some did not. Did I cheat? For the love of God, no. They thought so, and they still think so to this day. I don't care if they still think that, but they still won't let go of what they think is true. So who the hell did I talk to, if it's a man or a woman who seems interested in me, They'd say I'm a player. The only words I would say to them would be: “Sticks and stones can break my bones. But words won't hurt me. But wrong. They cut deeper than anything I use or use to cut me. But hey, you're hurt. But stop acting like you don't care when you see me like this. Don't fill your heart with hate so that you think it's the only way to get over me. People don't get a new person in a day or a week. Or get with your ex's best friend or cousin. The only reason I avoid you is so they don't Look into my fucking eyes and see that I cry for you every day So to answer your question, Mr. Giraffe, Teddy Bear, Mr. Dramtic and, Drakey.

Do I miss you? Of course. Am I over you? No. Why? ‘cause I still love you.

Author Notes: They don't know I'm doing ANY of this soooooo. .,. Let me know if I should tell them :>
So sorry that I'm posting VERY late anndddd I changed my name ;w; if you haven't noticed. Anyway bye guys thanks for all the support and views I've been getting! U3U
bye loves


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26 Aug, 2020
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