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To the One I Love
To the One I Love

To the One I Love


To The One I Love

A Greeting From The World Of Spirit

Sometimes I’ll come when you’re asleep
As an unexpected visitor.
Don’t leave me outside in the street
By locking your inner door.

I’ll enter quietly, softly sit
And gaze upon you before me in the dark.
Then, when I have gazed their fill,
I’ll kiss you and depart.

Don’t think of me as dead or asleep,
For I am neither.
In fact, I’m more alive now than anyone
In your world can ever hope to be.

I have merely moved to another dimension of it.
When I left my physical body behind,
I entered into the greater freedom
And beauty of the spirit realm.

You’ve no idea how enjoyable it is to
No longer being chained to earthly life.
But you’ll soon enough find out for yourself,
When your time for joining me has come
And I shall be greeting you with wide open arms.

Nikola Vaptsarov
Edited by Aquarius

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides from the StarLink January 2012: ‘Many in your world to this day believe that life stops when you leave your physical body behind. Yet, in truth life is eternal and there is no death. All lifeforms are constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral. And that means that your loved ones are neither dead nor sleeping. They have merely moved to another dimension of life on its inner level, where all is one and there is no separation between anything. They most certainly have not gone from you.

‘You can contact your loved ones any time through the power of the love in your heart and in your thoughts and meditations. At the same time this helps the development of your awareness of eternal life. The Great Father/Mother of all life is your Creator and true parent. God is love and the law of life is love and the Creator loves each and every one of its creations totally and unconditionally. God is spirit and so is the essence of your loved ones and also of you. That level of consciousness knows no death and this is where your loved ones are now, alive and well in God’s eternal love. In our world, the realm of spirit, no-one ever leaves anybody and in spirit your loved ones will always be with you.

‘Knowing all this, do not begrudge them leaving you. Having experienced it many times ourselves, when we were still taking part in earthly lessons, we can tell you first hand what a blessed relief it is not having to care for a physical body any more that’s constantly in need of attention. Cleaning and clothing, feeding, exercising and resting this vehicle for getting around in earthly life takes up inordinate amounts of time. On top of all that your outer shell is easily hurt and wounded, it can become ill in many different ways, grows old and begins to deteriorate and decay, the way everything in earthly life eventually has to do. Once you have left it behind, there is none of that for you any more. You are free, not only of taking part in physical life but also of the yoke of time, which does not exist in our world. You too have left your physical body behind many times before. It’s just that you have no conscious awareness of it for as long as you dwell on the physical plane.’

* * *

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11 Aug, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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