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To the Silence of the Gods
To the Silence of the Gods

To the Silence of the Gods

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Where are you?

I cannot see you nor can I hear you.

I feel only a silence when I close my eyes and fold my hands to you.

There is no voice, no form, there is no god, and there is no need to conform.

I left the temple and broke my chain; I threw my ring and walked in the rain.

The rain washed away the sandal from my forehead and the idea of god from my mind.

I grew up reading of the mind, of Freud and his thoughts.

I went on investigating from blogs to books of all sorts.

I discovered later that it was in a state of no mind and no thoughts.

That peace prevails.

It becomes bolder as our mind becomes more silent, our thoughts become clear,

And we can see through to the floor, like gazing through still water.

We understand that our being is walking a tightrope,

Over the water and we look forward for hope,

We learn that by only walking moment to moment,

A step at a time; can we have the balance, to see ourselves reach the future ahead.

I learnt that the silence that follows once our eyes are closed,

Is the silence that we were always looking for,

It needs no name, no form,

No need to conform or follow any norms.

I learnt that this was what the Buddha asks us to seek,

Gain strength from this silence, and not be weak.

Author Notes: If you have read the story completely, please do voice your opinion here.
Good or bad, not an issue, but let it be an honest one.

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23 May, 2016
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1 min
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