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By Kat - 3 Reviews

I awoke to a strange clanking sound. I opened my eyes, blinking out black spots. My head throbbed, my heart pounding, ringing in my ears. I tried to move my hands, but something held me back. I looked down, sweat covering my frail body. There were leather straps restraining my hands down. I was unable to move anything but my head. My middle, legs, and chest were also strapped down. My head collapsed back with the effort to keep it up. I was laying on a hard concrete table, like an old torture table.

I started to panick. I wasn’t in control. I had no way to get out. I was captured. The clanking sound vibrated again. I looked around, my head swerving in the direction of the noise. It was a scalpel. There was a person in a white lab coat with his back toward me, cleaning the metal knives. They were going to cut me open.

I felt a sharp prick in my arms, and identified it immediately. It was a needle. I looked up, and saw my friend’s face staring back, his cold, dark eyes searching mine. He was half conscious. I had to remember that there was someone controlling him, it wasn’t really him that had decided to do this. I knew that I had just a few more seconds left. My cold hand found his arm.

“Thank...” I started weakly. “,”

His eyes grew bigger. His muscles twitched and shivered under his white lab coat; he was starting to take control of his own body. This was not what the person behind all of this had expected. But the shivering stopped. I felt a pain in my chest, piercing my inners, making my vision go black. The first incision had begun. My head throbbed. They had cut open my scalp.

Suddenly a large lump formed in my throat. It stuck, and wouldn’t swallow down. My heart dropped , my heart beating harshly against its cage of ribs. My stomach hurt and boiled with the effort to stay upright. I felt warm liquids slowly oozing their way up my throat, burning, seething.

My teeth clenched, my fists balled up, knuckles turning white. I felt my blood drain from my face, imagining my pale skin I shivered. My feet tingled, needles puncturing them endlessly.My knees shook.I felt my head being strapped down so I couldn't move it. The table´s cold texture shocked my warm, pasty skin. Sweat ran down my forehead, making me shiver. My heart slowly, slowly, thudded. Ringing swelled through my head. The shock ended. My hands became cold, my feet losing feeling, the piercing needles crawling up to my waist. The needles reached my chest, but there was nothing left to rupture.

Author Notes: A story I wrote for an assignment a few years back. It was under the prompt "tortured." Please review! -Kate

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3 Feb, 2017
Horror, Tragedy
Sad, Scary

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Tortured Reviews

3 reviews have given an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 Stars
BookishForever23 gave a rating of 5

I love this story! I love our detailed descriptions! I felt I was there watching all of this happening. I was a little weirded out, i'm scared of blood etc.. but this was really good!

Good job!

13 Feb, 2017 0
Kat - 13 Feb, 2017
Aw, thanks!
Apemann gave a rating of 1

Another disjointed, mishmash of a story. Your poor spelling and inappropriate use of certain words ruin much of your work and this is a prime example. This is just not a very good piece of writing.

11 Feb, 2017 0
Kat - 13 Feb, 2017
I wish you would stop right now. I love that you're taking the time to read my writing, but giving me this hard of a time is really ticking me off (excuse my language). Please, next time you review, tell me exactly what I did wrong, and I can fix it. If I spelled something wrong, tell me. If I had a grammar error, please do tell me. I don't mind constructive criticism. But what you're doing isn't helping as much as you might think it is.
Thank you.
Apemann - 16 Feb, 2017
What you ask for I have done -many times - in other reviews and in private messages. Your attitude and refusal to take good, helpful and constructive advice is what is spoiling much of your work. You don't seem to want to hear what is wrong with your work, only how good it is... My honesty upsets you because I don't give false, undeserved praise. I make no apology for doing so.
Nesh gave a rating of 5

I like that you choose variety of superficial topics. Kudos!

6 Feb, 2017 0
Kat - 6 Feb, 2017
Thank you!

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