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Trans-Dissident: "Follow The Science"
Trans-Dissident: "Follow The Science"

Trans-Dissident: "Follow The Science"

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I’m starting out with a quote about the abstract of truth.

“Abraham Lincolm once asked an audience how many legs a dog has if you count the tail as a leg. When they answered ‘five,’ Lincoln told them that the answer was four. The fact that you called the tail a leg did not make it a leg.”

  • Thomas Sowell; Stanford University's Hoover Institution Senior of American Economics, History and Social Theories

So why is it when basic facts are put down, it’s considered false, especially if it’s based on biology- the study of life?
Males have testicals and a penis, XY chromosomes, continue growing until fully developed around the age of 21.
Females have a vagina, XX chromosomes, and continue growing until fully developing around 18.

And there are even more distinctions between the two. Though, in light of the “science” by Trans/LGBT-ideology, male and female don’t correlate with man/men and woman/women because gender and sex are different.

That’s false though.

Male is man/boy, female is woman/girl. How? Because by their logic, sex and gender being different, there wouldn’t be clear distinctions between the two, but there is (as already claimed in the world of scientific language).

Physiological/Psychological Differences: (in a general sense)


  • Develop left side of brain faster than women for visual-spatial-logical skills,

  • Tend to be better at math

  • Stronger at problem solving

  • Better at withstanding stress


  • Develop right side of brain faster than men for talking, vocabulary and pronunciation

  • Better at reading, writing and memory

  • More empathetic

  • More likely to socialize

Physical Differences: (in a general sense)


  • Tend to gain fat around the stomach

  • Men are on average about 10% larger than women with fat, muscle and bone

  • More prone to illness

  • Fertility rate stays consistent usually into their 70s

  • Hands are usually squarer (width : length), ring finger long as index finger


  • Usually gain fat around thighs and buttock

  • About 1 in 20 women are as strong as an average male

  • Live longer than men

  • Fertility rate declines around the age of 35

  • Hands are usually rectangular (width : length), ring finger shorter than index finger

Seperate gender and sex all you want, there is still a clear distinction between the two and it corresponds to each other being men/boys are males and women/girls are females.
(To add note of the men/boys and women/girls, being the difference within themselves is just the description of the individual based on age being prior or during adulthood)

Are there men/boys who act feminine? Yes. Are their women/girls who act masculine? Yes. But just because someone acts a certain way doesn’t mean they aren’t a man/boy or woman/girl to which they may be. That would just be cultural ideals put in place which will change throughout the course of humankind. What about people born intersex? You’ll see in the next section.

“You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

  • Barack Obama; 44th President of The United States of America

Just because you say or think something, doesn’t make it fact.

“Wait Aaron. Aren’t you saying or thinking something? So why should this be factual?”

Well, there has to be a fundamental truth or logical reasoning surrounding it for it to become fact or at least debatable. If everything was deemed to be “un-factual” because it was said or thought, then nothing would exist in any way, shape or form. This is why a transgender woman is still a man and a transgender man is still a woman. If a trans person was transitioned or said to be man or woman, then why would the prefix “trans” have to be a part of it? What happened to the fundamental truth of trans-ideology being that a person is a man or woman if they claim to be?

DNA creates who you are. Biology makes you. I’m not sure why “gender identity” is apparently the determination of sex and is the only way according to trans-ideology.
Here’s the problem.
The arguement before was that gender is a social construct when sex is biological. Now it’s gender is biological and sex is a social construct. And not just that, but to say sex is a social construct means that male and female aren’t the only two sexes in existance which doesn’t make sense because there are only two chromosomes that work for humans which is X and Y only creating two options which is male and female.

Even with the “Gingerbread Person”, a tool used to “help” kids and people define who they are, apparently that is “too male” for a few activists. So aren’t they just abiding by the idea of "social construct" to which there would be a “look” of male and female?

In a real-case scenario, those who transition - go through the sex change operation - they are just abiding by the idea that certain things and ideals belong to certain people. Trans-women, man to woman, would chemically castrate themselves to appear female or a trans-man, woman to man, would chemically castrate themselves to appear male. They then do agree there are differences between men/males and women/females - which I might add that there is a large presence of regret after with that life and body-altering decision.

They can’t even follow their own “science” and I'm glad some members of the LGBT-community, let alone transgenders, are calling out the hypocrisy and lies of the logic and sometimes propagandic views that are promoted.

“Things reflect reality. Words reflect illusions and sometimes delusions.”

  • Ahsan Deliri; Twitter user

Great quote by just an average citizen who posted this on Twitter (surprisingly something philosophically logical was said on Twitter).

In all, you are what you are. And to piggy-back off of Deliri’s quote;
Reality doesn’t affect reality. Illusions and delusions affect reality.

As I said before, there has to be a fundamental truth, to which in the case of men/boys/males being different from women/girls/females, we have found that to be true - part of reality. Now we have to deal with illusions and delusions.

(perspectives of how I’d apply it to this situation)
Illusion would be thinking that a woman is a man, but then learn that the woman is a woman.
Delusion would be thinking that if someone says they are a woman they are a woman, but in fact they are a man.

I'm not saying that I'm indefinitely correct. Maybe I'm wrong on some topics. Maybe all. After all, I'm only human, but at this moment though I have yet to be judged otherwise or proven wrong based on the information that has been presented by myself.

There is division between reality and science to fantasy and ideology and that is what is seperating the general public and the trans-community.

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10 Apr, 2022
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