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Trans-Dissident: Social-Interaction
Trans-Dissident: Social-Interaction

Trans-Dissident: Social-Interaction

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To kick things off, I want to say that I don’t care if someone is part of the trans-community. I’ll give the same respect as I do for everyone else if it is earned and/or given. I may not agree with the ideology as a majority, but I still respect those who are trans as people.

Now it’s time to get to the topic of the writing.

I used to have an open mind when it came to Trans-ideology - even when I disagreed with it. I’ve read articles, followed through on social media feeds, researched scientific and school studies/papers- multiple sources of trans beliefs and lifestyles. I even work with those who are part of the trans-community. I am not necessarily “okay” with the ideology, but I am tolerable of it and the people within.

Then it changed one day (perhaps in the making of months).

There is a youtuber named Samantha (Sam) Lux. She (who used to be a “he”) is a trans-woman and commentates over media output that relates to the trans-community or just the idea of men and women whether politics, religion and social norms. I’ve watched Sam’s videos for about two-three years in total. I’ve never really looked into trans-ideology before and decided to take a dabble into it. See what it offers, what it teaches, what it executes. That is how I was introduced to Sam.

As I brought up before I read articles, seen social media feeds, researched scientific and school studies- all that jazz, but to hear it from a person who is a part of the trans-community, someone whom you get to know pretty well through the years, is just better in my opinion. So I watched and listened with an open mind and evaluated what she said along with comparing her reasonings to others.

I’ve noticed that in her videos on the thumbnail and the title that she has the word “Transphobe” and “Transphobic” in a lot of them. I’m talking about maybe 75-85% of the videos, especially as of lately. I happened to check if Samantha uploaded anything new and she did, but I did a little scanning since it’s been a few weeks since I last checked in.

I noticed a theme within the titles and videos.

Sam talked about Dave Chappel and his comedy special from Netflix and she labeled not just Dave, but the audience that likes him, who are fans, as transphobic. This has now stemmed to Matt Walsh’s book “Johnny The Walrus'’ and him being on Dr. Phil talks about the use of preferred pronouns with two members of the trans-community where Sam calls him, Matt, transphobic. It also reaches into what the left calls, “Don’t Say Gay” Bill even though it’s actually a parental rights bill called ‘HB 241’ where sex and gender are not to be discussed from grades K-3 in an innapropriate manner which Sam agrees with partially, but still insists that those who support the bill are transphobic and homophobic.

And it didn’t stop there.

One more event that sparked within the idea of trans-ideology/rights is Lia Thomas. The trans-woman swimmer who crushed the female competition taking first in the NCAA swim championship that stirred controversy if sports should stay seperated by biological sex. Sam insisted that those who spoke out against Lia are transphobic.

I was a little late to the party for the video “"Don't Say Gay" Bill WILL Hurt Transgender + LGBT Youth”, but still commented as for my concern about Sam’s attitude and presentation of information.

  • I will rundown my post as a whole so you get all the context since it does branch out with other commenters which I might add is important for what I’m writing

  • Here is the link so you know I’m not spewing bullshit

This doesn't relate to the video directly, but I've noticed a theme in your, Sam's, videos.
Why is Sam labeling almost anyone who doesn't agree with the trans-ideology as transphobic? That’s just a strawman argument- if it's at all an argument and not just an insult.
Isn't a purpose of the trans-ideology supposed to teach people to be tolerant of those who are trans and to be understanding? Certainly it is, but I guess if you're under the umbrella of "protection" and "privilege" you can just say whatever you want and not get backlash.

Seriously, think it through before putting a label on someone. Just because someone doesn't agree with something doesn't make them phobic of it. Perhaps they have a logical reason for not agreeing, but if you don't want to accept there [their] reasoning and make baseless attacks against someone go right ahead. Make yourself look immature.

I don't agree with trans-ideology, so do I become a transphobe? By what I'm watching and seeing from your channel seems to me that I would be by your perception.

I understand there are people out there who truly are transphobic, but why lump everyone who disagrees in the same category. That is called weak thinking when we should be critically thinking.

I don't agree with your stance on trans-woman athletes in female sports, so can I say you're anti-female, you hate biological females in sports?

I used to watch your videos with an open mind and even agreed with you on a few points, but after seeing how you are talking about others and imaging them - those you don't agree with - I'm losing respect for you. It's not because you are trans, it's not because it's the lgbt+ ideology, it's because of your large presence for lack of critical thinking and poor reasoning, especially when rebutting someone whom you don't agree with.

Trans Lives Matter!!:
Because they are!

@Trans Lives Matter!! are n’t

Welcome to the echo chamber left.

Trans Lives Matter!!:
@Zylo Welcome to the phobic chamber righty!!

@Trans Lives Matter!! that comment just proves my point. So thank you for making it simple.

Trans Lives Matter!!:
@AaronTheRocker It didn’t prove anything.

Trans Lives Matter!!:
@drophat Well when you are blatant, it is easy to call you one. Disagree all you want, but don't call a trans woman a man.

@Trans Lives Matter!! I made the claim that those who don't agree with the trans-ideology are labeled as transphobic, even when they aren't and you made the comment, "Welcome to the phobic chamber righty!!" You literally used the word "phobic" referring to being transphobic.

Tell me, what did I say that's transphobic? Give me one piece of evidence- concrete evidence, something that I wrote- that is transphobic.

[one day passed]

@Trans Lives Matter!! Do you have the mental capacity to refute any of OP's points? Just admit you base logic on emotion.

Trans Lives Matter!!:
@Zylo And who fucking cares if I do. I know where I stand!

[four days passed]

@Trans Lives Matter!! lmao double down then

Trans Lives Matter!!
@Zylo double down on these nutzz

Yeah, the last four comments were stupid. I know.

And sadly this isn’t the first time I had replies like that on a comment I posted related to trans-ideology. It happened awhile ago on another Samatha Lux video titled, “Trans Woman Debunks Ben Shapiro Debunking Transgender Ideology” (as if debunking a debunker really clears things up).

  • Again, as I did above, I’ll post the original text throughout for full context, but there is one thing. The person who replied to my comment deleted their post. You’ll see why.

  • Here’s the link so you know I’m not spewing bullshit

I’m gonna have to agree with Ben.

[Critique Everything's comment was deleted, but I got the original text from selecting their profile picture under the comment section on phone layout]
Critique Everything:
So you agree with a hack who spreads lies and disinformation. I mean what do I expect from “Aaron the Rocker” who idolizes pedophile rock musicians that aren’t relevant anymore

@Critique Everything LMAOOO this

[four months passed]

@Critique Everything Prove that he spreads, what you call, “lies and disinformation.” Also, not sure what my user name has to do with this, or anything, but I never had idolized any musician who is a pedophile. I recommend that you take note of how you talk towards others, especially those you don’t agree with. Not saying you can’t say that stuff, but recognizing and understanding what you’re saying is an important skill to have.

I forgive your cruel demeanor and unjust ways.
Much Love. Keep on Rockin’!

[two months passed]

Redtail Arts:
Cool. As long as you’re watching Samantha’s video, therefore monetizing her, no one should care.

Critique Everything:
@AaronTheRocker The fact that he never actually cites sources and just makes dubious claims of the brim out of nowhere and spreads conservative talking points that are bogus hell. I used to be a right winger and watched Ben Shapiro. Until I stoped [stopped] being 15 and grew a pair of balls.

[one month passed]

@Redtail Arts I like your style.

@Critique Everything “Dubious claims” and “...talking points…bogus as hell.” Says the one who makes false statements/accusations towards others of praising pedophiles. Also, he uses basic rules of biology and at moments real life cases.
Believe it or not, I can say the same thing. I used to be a left winger and watched CNN and The View. Until I stopped being 15 and grew a pair of balls.

Look at that, difference of reasons/beliefs. So why come after someone and make heinous claims and out-of-touch comments against others? It’s just difference of ideas, not supposed to be a kangaroo court.

This is what happened to me. And I’m not the only one who deals with this garbage, but a lot of other people out there.

This is why I am furthering myself away from trans-ideology. Because I don’t want to be a part of something that is filled with double standards (along with “follow the science” when it’s proven wrong, but that's another story). I have to respect their opinions, but they don’t have to for mine? No. Not how it works.
This is the same trans-ideology/LGBT-community that advocates through words “tolerance” and “acceptance of difference”, but tear and potentially ruin peoples’ lives because they, anti-trans/LGBT-ideology supporters, don’t abide by the trans-ideology set of values.

As I said earlier, at the beginning, “I’ll give the same respect as I do for everyone else if it is earned and/or given.” and I even published a writing with that concept called, I Don’t Care. So far no respect has been earned or given (with the exception of Redtail Arts). This is why I’m 99.9% against trans-ideology. Not because I’m transphobic, not because it’s part of the LGBT community, it’s because of the double standards and mass amount of volatile attitudes held within the community. I’ll still respect those who earn and show respect no matter what, but I won’t for the trans-ideology/LGBT-ideology.

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