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Tree Of Life Blossoms
Tree Of Life Blossoms

Tree Of Life Blossoms


• Nobody is worthy of our tears and those who are would never dream of making us weep.

• Don’t cry because something is over! Smile and give thanks that it has been.

• Just because someone does not love us the way we would like them to, does not mean they do not love us with all they have got.

• True friends are those who touch our hearts and souls each time they reach out for us and of whom we know that they would never do anything to hurt or harm us.

• The most painful way of missing someone is sitting by their side and knowing that things just cannot be between them and us.

• It’s not a good idea to frown, even when we are sad. Just think, there could be someone waiting to fall in love with our smile.

• Don’t waste time on those who are unwilling to spend theirs with you.

• To the world you may be just one more person, but to someone you could be the world.

• The Universal wisdom may want us to meet a few wrong people before getting in touch with the someone who is just right for us, so that when we finally encounter them we recognise them and are deeply grateful for it.

• There will always be people who let us down and willingly stick a knife into our back. Looking within for what the mistakes of the past were trying to teach us, we get in touch with our inner guidance and gradually learn to follow its advice in all encounters. That’s how we eventually get to implicitly trust the wise one within to show us who in earthly life is trustworthy and who is not and therefore best avoided.

• Considering that the law of life is evolution, instead of trying to get others to understand us, our development benefits more from making an effort to get to know ourselves and our inner motivations and then find ways of evolving into a better person.

• In all our endeavours, let’s not try too hard. The best things frequently come our way when we least expect them. Above all, never forget that whatever happens in our lives does so for a good and wise reason, which is that we should learn something from it and so grow in wisdom and understanding.

• Young and inexperienced souls frequently feel they always have to be doing something. But in truth the conservation of energy is of the greatest importance in our daily lives. Whenever things go wrong, we are tempted to rush hither and thither trying to put things right, maybe feeling that it does not really matter what we do, as long as we are doing something. Wise ones, however, know that the best way of reacting to difficult situations is by calmly and steadily making contact with the living God within, their inner connection with the eternal and everlasting source of life and strength. Any time of day or night it is ready to advise us about the best way of going about anything.

• Meditation can be practised every day by contemplating the beauty and wonder of God’s Creation and the wisdom and love that brought it into being and maintains it. In moments like that our own heart and soul are vibrating in harmony with the love and wisdom, peace and kindness for all life of the Great Father/Mother.

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29 Jun, 2020
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2 mins
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