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True Prayer
True Prayer

True Prayer


The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘The Achievements Of Prayer’ Stella Polaris April/May 2017: ‘Did you know that there is such a thing as true prayer? If you are now asking yourself whether someone’s prayers are ineffective until they have learnt to access the power of this kind of prayer, rest assured that every sincere request is a true and effective one. The best way of praying in our view is with the simplicity of a child’s heart. Before God that’s what you truly are, after all. Children on the whole still have the ability to trust completely. Their prayers come from their hearts and go straight to God, whatever this means to them and that depends on into which civilisation they were born in their present lifetime. However, the understanding of the concept of God has for some time been in the process of changing, as increasing numbers of you are becoming aware that there is only one God.

‘Generally speaking, for praying truly it is not necessary for human beings to wait until they have become initiates or even be particularly highly evolved. Simplicity, genuine humility and sincerity are the three most important factors in this context. Always bear in mind that prayer is a very powerful instrument, so consider very carefully what and how you wish to pray for anything specific. The best way of praying is by asking for something very simple, for example that the inflow of God’s love and light should constantly increase into everything taking part in earthly life. The finest way of praying is not for yourself but so that others may be blessed and healed with the help of your loving thoughts and words.

‘So, dear friends, together let us pray for the Divine spark of God to awake in ever more human hearts and for the blessing and healing of all humankind, the whole of your world and all other worlds and beings. Naturally, when all life is healing you cannot help doing the same. At the end of your prayer resign everything to God with the words: ‘May these things be done not my way, Great White Spirit, but Thine. Into Thy loving keeping I place all those I love and that is everybody. May Thy will be done on the Earth as much as anywhere else in the whole of Creation.’

And this is the essence of another teaching that reached me through the White Eagle Lodge’s Monday thought 3rd April 2017, when I had just completed the above item: ‘When you sit devotedly in meditation and contemplation and open your heart to the inflow of the Divine love, it is possible to become so raised in consciousness that you may be able to see the Angels. Hand in hand with God and the Angels each one of you will eventually reach this state of ecstasy and glory. It is a spiritual gift and this developing and bringing forth the Divine Fire through the love in your heart is every human being’s goal. Developing the sixth sense or psychic power is as nothing compared with it. When your soul can see the Angelic hosts, you are dwelling in the abode of Christ, your true home.

‘We are not decrying psychic gifts, but in the natural course of evolution they eventually come for every human being. These gifts have their place, but they are very ordinary and by no means the be all and end all of anything. No-one should be content with developing them and then remain on that level. It is necessary for each one of you to reach beyond it to ever higher and eventually the highest levels of life.’

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28 Oct, 2019
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