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Turn To Me (2) – Part One
Turn To Me (2) – Part One

Turn To Me (2) – Part One


Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Fifty-Nine

None So Blind . . .

Updated July 2020

Turn to me, O turn and be saved,
Says the Lord, for I am God.
There is no other, none beside me,
I call your name.

I am He who comforts you,
Who are you to be afraid?
Your flesh that fades
Is made like the grass of the field,
Soon to wither.

Listen to me, my people;
Give ear to me, my nation;
A law will go forth from me,
And my justice for a light to the people.

Lift up your eyes to the Heavens,
And look at the Earth down below.
Those Heavens will vanish like smoke,
And the Earth will wear out like a garment.

John Foley

The tale of Jesus was an essential part of one of the religions in which the concept of good and evil was presented in the form of God and the devil. The story of the God-man’s life is but one the legends we gave to your world during humankind’s spiritual child- and adulthood. Jesus represented that which is good, kind and loving in you and your world and the devil that which is dark, nasty and evil. With tales of this nature we tried to bring you a better understanding of the forces of good and evil. For a long time they are at loggerheads in your world as well as within every one of you. When you have reached spiritual adulthood, you realise that there is no point in turning to Jesus because he is not a historical figure, merely as a thoughtform. That’s why he could never save and redeem anyone.

The story of the Master’s life is but one of the many legends through which we, throughout the ages, from time to time have tried to familiarise humankind with the concept of good and evil. Being sparks of the Divine, both are a natural part of every human being’s nature. There is only who can truly save and redeem you and your world and that’s every one of you for themselves and that’s why we are asking you to turn to us, the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, instead of Jesus. We are supported by vast numbers of groups of spirit guides and helpers on the lower levels of our realm. For a long time we have been yearning to show ever more of you intuitively how to go about bringing forth, each from deep within their own being, their higher God or Christ nature.

We are the executors of God’s great evolutionary plan and responsible for all levels of humankind’s development. Unbeknown to you, we have always guided every one of you on their long journey forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Now that you are ready to be aware of our presence and work, that’s why we are asking you not to turn to Jesus but to us. As soon as the receiver/transmitter station of your earthly mind has been successfully tuned into our frequencies, we can start using you as one of the channels through which the Christ energies’ blessing and healing power are flowing with ever increasing strength to wherever there is a need for them. In this process, your own whole being of mind and body, spirit and soul heals and every part of it gradually returns to normal healthy functioning. And this is how God’s great plan of life decrees that, in due course, every human being evolves into another saviour and redeemer of themselves, the whole of humankind and your world.

To practise the God or Christ part of your nature all you have to do is live a good life and send nothing but kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to whoever comes your way, and especially to your world’s troublemakers and scaremongers. Every thought of this nature one of you sends their way adds to the strength of the Christ light’s stream of consciousness. Your thoughts direct the flow of light to them and that enables their Divine spark to absorb ever more of it. Deprived of light, because of its earthly counterpart’s over-materialistic attitudes and way of living, such sparks cannot help having been kept prisoner in that state. That’s why they hungrily absorb even the tiniest rays of light that reach them.

And that continues until the person’s God or Christ nature begins to stir from its slumbering state. Its qualities begin to wake up and that is accompanied by our world’s love of honesty and truth. This is what’s presently happening to every individual spark and all together they are the spark of humankind and your world. The more of you take part in sending kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to any kind of pirate on the high seas of earthly life, the more easily their own Christ nature as well as the Christ nature of the whole of humankind wakes up. The Jesus legend’s baby in the manger is a symbolism for this process that in due course takes place in the heart of every human being, the whole of humankind and your world. The heart is the symbol for the most humble place on the Earth.

Every one of you is endowed with the power of easing the pain of this birth by sending their loving thoughts. Please also direct them to anyone who is presently taking part in earthly life and do not forget those who are resting and recovering from the stresses of that existence in our realm. The sparks of those on both sides of the veil of consciousness that separates our two worlds, all together are the spark of humankind and its world. Added to that are also the sparks of those who once took part in earthly life and whose vibrations had evolved sufficiently for moving on to start exploring the higher levels of life. That’s what many of the old and experienced spirit/souls in your midst will soon be doing.

And every one of you is constantly making their own unique contribution to Mother Earth’s evolutionary progress. All of those who have moved on are now part of the many groups of your guides and helpers in our realm. Together they are known to you under the collective name of the White Eagle group of spirit guides. They receive their instructions from us about how much of God’s sacred wisdom and truth humankind is ready to receive at any given time. We decide where it should be presented and in what form, for example the Buddha legend starting in your world’s Eastern part and spreading out from there.

The Abrahamic religions Judaism and Christianity with its Jesus legend, was followed by Islam. These three had their beginnings in the Middle East. As ever, the blind were leading the blind by priesthoods that blessed their soldier’s weapons in the name of a God they did not yet understand. Doesn’t it make you feel sad that religions that are meant to connect us all with God and each other, to this day manages to make us into enemies instead of friends? As this is still happening in some parts of your world, don’t you want to do all you can to help these people to wake up from the illusions of such an existence? If so, you know where to start directing your kind, loving and forgiving thoughts. For they know not what they are doing . . .

The more materialistically orientated your world became, the more deprived of light the individual and collective spark of humankind was. This is by no means what God’s great plan for the development of humankind and its world decrees. Something drastic had to happen to bring all of you to your senses. It needed to be big enough to shake humankind up, that would stop it from getting lost in the illusion that acquiring material possessions and wealth is the reason for taking part in earthly life. The pandemic has fulfilled the purpose of forcing ever more of you to peer beyond the ends of their noses and the limited horizons of their earthly existence. This would enable you to become aware of your higher realties and the evolutionary hopes and dreams for you and your world.

For ever more of you the pandemic has served the purpose of bringing things to a head. Through the suffering and hardships many of you had and still have to endure, some of humankind’s most ancient and severe karmic debts have been redeemed. The time for moving on has come because the birth of your world’s Christ child is happening just where you are. It happens when people help each other wherever they can, because they are then bringing forth their very own Christ nature and developing its highest, best and noblest qualities.

* * *

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31 Aug, 2020
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