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UK Law Changes For Covid-19 Mass Vaccination
UK Law Changes For Covid-19 Mass Vaccination

UK Law Changes For Covid-19 Mass Vaccination


Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Seventy

The UK government is planning to change UK medicines law to prepare the way for fast-tracked Covid vaccines. There’s not enough time to get them licensed before they are used, and they want to train an army of vaccinators who are not health care professionals to administer unlicensed vaccines. Vaccine makers and vaccinators will be immune from any prosecution if injuries occur. We likely won’t know enough about their safety as there’s not enough time to evaluate it properly. We’re concerned the government plan will forego basic human rights like the right to informed consent.

The Dept of Health & Social Care has launched a public consultation on the planned changes to the law which closes on the 18th September. Now is the time to have your say so that we can maintain our rights and freedoms, ensure that vaccine companies are forced to be transparent with their data, to protect the health of UK citizens. We’ve uploaded our draft response to the consultation on our website (short and long versions) to help you formulate your own responses.

We need as many people as possible to respond and tell the government that we don’t consent to the changes that expose us to greater risks or infringe our freedoms. We also need MPs to know this is one they shouldn’t just rubber stamp when it comes forward in Parliament in October. Please share with your friends family and wider network this message along with our four minute video that explains the urgency of the situation. The more of us respond, the more forceful our message will be! Thank you.

Link to draft response which includes link to consultation -


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15 Sep, 2020
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