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Under The Skin
Under The Skin

Under The Skin

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My eyes open to the sun blaring it's unruly rays into my eyes. I blink and rub my eyes to try and stop the burning sensation under my eyelids. I slip my legs out from under the warm covers and the cold air instantly sends chills up my spine. I shiver and stand up, my feet pushing down into the plush carpet covering the floor.

I itch my arm as it feels like something is crawling up my arm, but look only to see nothing there. I shrug and walk on out of my room and down the hardwood stairs. As I walk into the kitchen the icy tiles that line the floor send a chill from my feet, up my body. I walk to the maroon colored fridge to find something to eat.

I decide that I will just eat cereal again and grab the milk from the second shelf. As I put the cereal box containing my delicious fruity pebbles and the milk I itch my arm again because it feels as if something was crawling there, again. I don't take my time to look when this happed because I knew it was just my imagination. Probably a hair from my head full of long black hair or something rubbing against my arm.

After eating my bowl full of fruity pebbles I go back up into my crimson themed room and sit down at my black study desk. Papers are strewn across the desk including my notes from my college classes and homework from Biology and Algebra. I let out a long sigh as I continue to do my unfinished homework from last night.

As I mumble the problems on my Algebra sheet I feel the sensation that something is crawling on my arm again. I scrunch my brows in confusion becuase that is about the 3rd time today that has happened, but I just ignore it and itch the sensation away.

I finish my Algebra and move onto the Biology sheet. My pencil moves across the paper, writing up a scientific explanation to the question. My pencil lead suddenly breaks off and I let out an irritated sigh as I grab the sharpener to sharpen my pencil.

As I put my pencil to the paper the sensation of crawling goes on again. I let out an aggravated grunt as I lift up my arm to see what the problem was. My eyes widened as I looked at the scene before me. My constant scratching had caused gashes to form, the blook calmly streaming out of them. I let out a horrified scream as I watched the horror of everything else happening.

The horror of the worms crawling up and down my arm under the skin.

Author Notes: Here's another story for you! I will be writing the next one soon!

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About This Story
29 Nov, 2017
Read Time
2 mins
4.0 (1 review)

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