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Unpleasant People
Unpleasant People

Unpleasant People


The Higher Purpose Of Suffering – Part Four

Unpleasant People

This is an ode to every unpleasant person of our world,
In particular those who, in the course of many years,
Were drawn into my orbit by my own energies.
Thank you, Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
For each one of them, especially my mother.
She taught me most of all how I do not want to be.
Having arrived in the departure lounge of my present lifetime,
It’s easy to see that none of the disagreeable folks I had to endure
Were my enemies, but sent by You to act as my teachers
And that, therefore, in can count them
Among my most valuable friends.

I forgive these people and myself for having created
The unpleasant encounters and situations of this lifetime
In previous ones while I was still unaware of
The presence of God’s Universal laws.
I wish these folks the very best when the Karma they
Have been and in many cases still are
Busily creating in this lifetime,
Returns to them and they find themselves
At the receiving end of the unpleasantnesses
They once so generously handed out
To everybody who came within their reach.

Father/Mother, please forgive all the unpleasant people
Of our world and bless them,
For they know not what they are doing
To themselves and the whole human race.
I look forward to meeting the ones I encountered,
In due course in the world of light,
So I can get to know their real selves.
In the case of the mother of my present lifetime,
We shall come towards each other not as parent and offspring,
But in the spirit of friendship and love,
As beloved children of God,
Who both have grown into spiritual maturity and
In whose life there is no longer room for anything else.
I imagine that the unpleasant people on this level of life will
Reveal themselves in the world of light
As the most agreeable folks imaginable.

For as long as they are still taking part in earthly life,
May our spirit friends and helpers provide them
With the courage and strength to overcome
The lower aspects of their nature,
The same as I have had to do,
With their help. To each one of them
My grateful thanks.

* * *

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5 May, 2019
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