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Vaccinations Against Bird And Swine Flu?
Vaccinations Against Bird And Swine Flu?

Vaccinations Against Bird And Swine Flu?


To Jab Or Not To Jab – Part Twenty-Two

In reply to my reflections on the outbreak of the Bird Flu several years ago, one of my American friends wrote: ‘Here it is again, the constant cause and effect. Whatever humankind does will always reflect itself in the animals, sea life, soil and even the atmosphere. And as we know by now, everything we do on this planet does not only affect them but also the whole of Creation. There are always good people fighting bureaucracy to dispose of our waste in better ways and it’s up to us to send them our love and pray that God and the Angels will give them the strength to do their best.

‘I share your view that this bird flu thing, going by what we are finding out about it, is nothing but a ploy to sell the stockpiles of the ineffective serums he pharmaceutical companies have developed and massively invested in. Everything that has been written by doctors and others who know about such things tell us that the serums could even give us the flu and that not necessarily of the bird flu, i.e. infecting us. It’s interesting that the patent for the serums is held by our own ‘Rumsfield’! Hmmm. . .’

Donald Henry Rumsfeld is a former politician of the USA. My American friend’s comments open up yet another perspective of the bird flu outbreak. The points made do by no means invalidate the contents of the message from Mother Earth, through the animal kingdom and the urgency of its cry for help for our bird population in particular. The bird flu to me undoubtedly is all of that! Intuitively, I sense that their cry by now has risen to a high pitched scream.

I believe that, unless we finally get our act together and our whole world co-operates in an almighty effort of bringing relief to all parts of the animal kingdom, some kind of a natural disaster in the form of a disease that threatens to wipe out humankind’s earthly existence may indeed come our way. As nothing happens outside the will of God and the Angels and is beyond their reach, if we fail to pay sufficient attention to finding better ways of treating our animal siblings, one of these days we could be taught a lesson of such severity that it will never be forgotten. Should that ever become necessary no serum will be developed for protecting us. Where does anyone think the ideas for this type of work, as well as any other human endeavours, have their origin other than in God and the Angels in their role of executors of God’s plan for the evolutionary development of our race?

‘Thy power throughout the Universe displayed!’ Issues like these to me are just as awesome displays of the power of God and the Angels as standing before and admiring the magnificence of the created world in a glorious sunrise and sunset, the majesty of a mountain range, a mighty river, a roaring waterfall or the splendour of natural spectacles like thunderstorms. Considering who alone has the power to create any of these things, in spite of or maybe because of the things that have ever happened in our world, there is even more reason for thinking and feeling: ‘How great Thou art!

This part of my jottings is of an intuitive nature, just the same as all others. And there is no doubt in my mind that my friend’s response was also prompted by God and the Angels. After all, their way of working and speaking to our world has always been through human beings who acted as their channel. The fact that La Roche claim to have developed an effective serum against bird flu that is nothing of the kind, in itself is sufficient proof to me that this matter – like everything else – rests safely in the hands of the Highest Forces of life, and that Mother Earth and all her kingdoms, including every one of us are equally loved, treasured and therefore protected by them.

I believe that any cry for help from the animal kingdom represents a very real and serious warning. Ignoring any of their signals would be extremely short-sighted and nothing short of sticking our heads into the sand ostrich fashion. Hoping that the issues will all go away on their own, ever means living in a fool’s paradise. To me, the notes about the dud serum are adding to the sound of the alarm bells that keep on ringing with increasing clarity in the consciousness of humankind. Nothing can take away from the significance of the pleas received on behalf of the animal kingdom.

Serums against the common flu have been available for many years by now. I suspected for a long time that they are ineffective and that for some of us they could even be harmful. That is why I do not take part in the usual vaccinations recommended by the medical profession at the beginning of every winter, even though it would cost me nothing. However, to find out for myself what it was all about, I had a go one year. It did not feel at all right to have something of this nature forced into my body. I never repeated the experience because my inner guidance at the time gave me the message: ‘This is not for you!’ It was comforting to read my friend’s notes that confirmed my thoughts about them.

It will be interesting to watch whether the pharmaceutical industry’s latest attempt of getting rid of the serum mountains for which nobody around our world has any use is going to fizzle out, the same as on the previous three occasions. It’s up to people like you and me, as aspiring healers and bringers of light, to broadcast the knowledge that is coming our way as much as possible. And that’s indeed how many small people, in many small places, doing many small things in their daily lives, hand in hand with God and the Angels, have the power of changing our planet into a kinder and more loving, less commercially orientated and money grabbing, peaceful place for everything that shares it with us.

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29 Feb, 2020
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