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Midnight with the light of the moon behind the clouds shining below in a dark alley way a man is suspended in air with back against the wall with another man's hands on his neck this man wore a dark hooded jacket with worn-out, pale and dehydrated face,

The man said with his eyes wide open with a wide grin:
"I can't take it anymore it hurts... this thing... inside me... because of that... Bastard well it's not my problem anymore." Are the words he spoke with a psychotic tone in his voice.

The man suspended against the wall said, "wha... *gurgle* do...*wheeze* you... *cough*...." ;his vision fades away and the last thing he heard was his own dying heart beat fast and weak.

A mans eyes open and he puts on his glasses and looks at his phone and said: "Shit I'm late"

He jumps of his bed and his foot got snagged in his blanket he trips and hits his knee.

While rolling on the floor with immense pain and longing for death he says: "Ouch Ouch Ouch"

He gets back up still hurting and reaches for his uniform he wears it as he did a thousand times while still fitting in his pants he bolts down stairs steps on his loose pants and tumbles down stairs.

He said: "*high pitched grunt*(while holding his thigh this time)" then he lets out a big OUCH!!!!"

He gets back up and speed runs to the kitchen and grabs his breakfast which is fast made cold bread-cheese-yesterday's ham-sandwich.

He is now running toward the front door and leaps out then locks it then he runs toward his bike and grabs the handles then peddles like a god.

"So my names Takahashi Satou I'm a third year student in Kyoto Shiritsu Shijo JHS class 3-1 I'm usually called by my last name so apparently I'm the nerd of the class I was never good at anything physical but I always get top marks at school I'm always early but this time I went overboard with the computer hehehe... I hope I can get to school before the bell rings I don't want to be marked as tardy my perfect record will go to waste T_T so thats why.... i have to go all out.... Oraaaaa (I'm not an otaku but I do like copying manga characters it makes me get pumped even though I get exhausted the next moment. Now I have successfully parked my bike and now I must eat the sanbwiff in my mouth while simultaneously fix my uniform
And run upstairs so now... (i scream this in my head when I need to do things fast *breaths in deep* and shout "DÄ“monrasshu")"

He gets in to class with a very exasperated look but he actually looks more like a revived mummy wanting to be mummified again he slides his chair backward and he sits then puta his head down (actually bashes his head on the desk) and starts thanking God.

Satoru whispered: "Thank God I made it in time but now I feel so tired I want to die..."

Then a girl walks up to his seat it's the class representative she raises her hand and then forms her hand into a chop then she brings it down on Satoru's head while shouting .


Satoru gets hit with a well placed blow hitting his head harder against the desk.

Satoru with a pitiful tone: "what was that for it hurts like hell"

Replied with a smug face: "no particular reason except you were almost late"

Satoru answers replies: "why do you care my head hurts like hell now"

"That's my friend her name is Namamura Aoi she's my childhood friend we moved in when I was young then my mother was making food for our new neighbors when Mrs. Namamura stopped by to welcome us with a plate of her home made sushi then they started chatting then me and Aoi Started playing and chatting that's what I remember though but I'm no so sure"

Satoru with a pleading tone in his head: "(Ihope this day goes well It's friday after all T_T)"

"End of Introduction"

Author Notes: Its a story I made for a friend since it was his Idea so do tell me if you liked the story and please leave a review so that I can check and improve my stories so like, subscribe and don't forget to tap that notifications for.... Im just kidding so umm just tell me what you thought of it if it was good or needs abit of work.

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10 Dec, 2018
Read Time
3 mins
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