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A Vision To Hold At This Time
A Vision To Hold At This Time

A Vision To Hold At This Time


The following is the essence of two White Eagle teachings. The first one appeared in ‘Stella Polaris’ August/September 2005: ‘We, your guides in the spirit world, are seeing a glorious future for humankind, when injustices have been righted and all those present have learned to conduct their lives in keeping with God’s laws and the way of wisdom. We perceive a natural and beautiful coming together of all nations who are united in one great family. The time is coming when your race has understood its responsibilities towards everything that shares its world and especially the animal kingdom. An expansion of consciousness lies ahead when every human being will be capable of looking beyond the ends of their noses and even the astral planes to the celestial world where the Universal Christ with His/Her Angels and all other companies of the Highest are dwelling.

‘Those who to this day insist on holding other nations and their people in subjection will gradually be withdrawn from earthly life and there will be an end to powerseeking, dominion and empire building, persecution and warmongering. Everybody will be occupying their rightful place in the country that once was created for them by their own group spirit and soul. Although each country has its own, in the evolutionary process all of them will gradually merge into one great nation and that is your whole world. There is going to be a growing sense of partnership between the countries in which everybody respects the culture of their neighbours whilst continuing to enjoy its own.

‘This new world is ready and waiting for you beyond the veil that to this day separates your world from ours. Do not doubt and do not fear. Instead live consciously in the company of God’s Angels and Masters, and all other spirit friends and helpers. Do not be misled by the reasoning of your earthly minds and blindfolded by its reactions. They were given to you for good purpose and wise reason and have their place because they provide you with the necessary balance between the earthly plane and the highest realities of life. On the wings of the spiritual knowledge we are bringing you rise above and look beyond the realities of present existence to that which is truly important, namely that which lies behind it with its eternally true values. God bless each one of you with His/Her vision and truth.’

From Stella Polaris Feb/March 2008 ‘Transmutation’: ‘When humankind fully recognises its birthright, there will no longer be any wars and no-one will be subject to disease and poverty. Even death will be overcome when the Christ Spirit, the living God within, has achieved mastery over the cells and atoms of your physical body. In the days to come the powers of the spirit will be so highly developed that you will be able to read at a glance the thoughts of your companions. Yet, no-one will be entrusted with this gift who does not yet know how to treat it with the reverence it deserves.

‘We are explaining these things to help you understand that there is a great need for spiritual growth in every one of you, so that the finer gifts of the spirit can eventually become yours. The more you work selflessly and from a loving heart, the more your vision and perceptiveness of the spirit increases. In the fullness of time the power to heal and all other talents the Master Jesus is said to have possessed in the legend of his life, will also be yours. The highest forces will then be using you as their channel and the legend’s prophecy will come true that even greater miracles than the ones he performed will eventually be worked and that through each one of you.

‘The final and complete overthrow of death is waiting for humankind. Each one of you will discover for themselves that there is no death and that there never will be any. We hear you ask: ‘Do you mean no death of the physical body? But that would be against nature!’ What we mean is not death the way you know it today. When your small earthly self has surrendered itself completely to the Christ Spirit within and you have become a Christed one in your own right, a transmutation of the cells and atoms of your physical body takes place. This will move your whole being onwards and upwards to higher vibrations where decay like that of the Earth plane does not exist.’

Updated March 2016. Considering that some of the earliest White Eagle teachings appeared as far back as 1937, it stands to reason that by now considerable progress in our individual and collective spiritual development has been made. Therefore, it is likely that we are a good bit closer to the above vision becoming a reality in earthly life.

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16 Mar, 2020
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