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A Visit From Wisdom Or The Guardian Angel
A Visit From Wisdom Or The Guardian Angel

A Visit From Wisdom Or The Guardian Angel


A Visit From Wisdom Or The Guardian Angel

One day, when I was in deep despair and could no longer
See the way forward on my pathway through life,
I prayed for the wisdom and love of
The Great Mother of all life to come to my help.
In dreamtime in the stillness of that night
One of Her Angels came and stood by my side.
It gazed upon me like a tender mother,
Wiped away my tears and said:
‘I have heard the cry of your soul
And have come to comfort you.
Open your heart to me, so it can be filled with God’s light
Of wisdom, truth and knowledge,
Which flows through me into you.
Whatever is troubling you, tell me about it
And the wisdom of Divine Mother
Will speak to you and tell you what you need to know.’

Encouraged by this, I replied:
‘Who am I, beloved Angel and messenger of God?
How did I come to this frightening place, the Earth?
What are the mighty hopes, the many books
And strange patterns I encounter?
What are the thoughts that pass
Through my mind like doves in flight?
And the words that seem to be composed by
My desires and sung by my delights?

‘What are the conclusions, grievous and joyous alike,
That embrace my spirit and fill my heart?
Whose are the eyes that are looking at me,
Can see into the depths of my inner most being
And watch me when I am trying to flee from my sorrows?
Whose is the voice that I hear mourning throughout my days,
Chanting of my human smallness and unimportance?
Who or what is it that plays with my desires
And mocks my longings, is forgetful of yesterday’s deeds
And rejoices in the paltry things of the moment,
And at the same time is fearful of tomorrow’s coming?

‘What is this world that gets me to despise myself
And leads me to I do not know where?
What is this planet that opens its mouth wide to swallow
Animal and human bodies alike and nurtures
Evil things as well as good ones on its breast?
Who is this creature that is satisfied with the love of fortune,
When it knows full well that beyond it lies
Nothing but a union with the grave?
Who is this being that seeks life’s kiss whilst death smites it,
That brings us human beings minutes of pleasure
That sometimes can be followed by years
Of regret and repentance?
Who gives itself to slumber at times and is guided by dreams?
And what happens to those who flow down the rivers of folly
To the sea of darkness?
O Angel, please help me to understand.’

The Angel replied:
‘You are on the Earth plane to learn how to look at life
Through the eyes of God, your Highest Self.
First and foremost you are a spirit and soul.
In truth, you are a young God in the making,
A spark of the Divine, the Light of all lights,
The Sun of all Suns, The Universal Christ.
The purpose of your existence is evolution.
Without grasping this you will never be able
To understand Earth life.
And through the thinking of your earthly mind alone
You will never be able to penetrate the secrets of the hereafter.
Trying to do so is the height of folly.

‘Go to the wild places and watch the bees visiting the flowers
And the eagles revelling in their glorious flight.
Visit your neighbour’s house and observe a child
Enjoying the leaping of the fire in the hearth,
While its mother is busy with her household tasks.
Be like a bee who is happy with who and what it is,
And do not waste your time admiring the soaring of eagles.
Be like the child that delights in the firelight,
Untroubled by its mother’s affairs.

‘Become like a bee who gathers the nectar from all flowers
Within its reach and converts it into honey.
As you move from one experience to another,
The nectar you collect is the learning Earth life provide for you.
Even or rather especially from the most bitter ones
Your innermost being extracts the honey
Of wisdom and an ever growing understanding
Of the purpose and meaning of your life.
Become a wise one, who patiently and diligently
Applies itself to its earthly lessons with the persistence
Of bees attending to their task.
In the fullness of time this will lift your vision
Above the concerns of the Earth plane.

On the mighty wings of God’s wisdom and truth,
The Great White Spirit, whose symbol is the white eagle,
You will be able to rise above earthly life and
With the passing of time perceive
An ever greater picture of the purpose and meaning of all life.
Fear not for those who shirk their earthly lessons
And try to run away from them.
In due course they will be granted the gift of another lifetime,
So they can repeat the lessons they once shied away from.

‘For a very long time, the bee’s harvest has been
The sweet delight of humankind.
If need be, honey can be stored for thousands of years,
Without going off or in any way deteriorating.
The bee’s gift also has some wonderful healing qualities.
And the wisdom and your constantly improving understanding
Of life is your yield.
It has the same healing powers as the bee’s produce.
The honey you gather is yours to keep forever
And after first having healed yourself with it,
When you share it with those around you,
It can do the same for them.
The most wonderful thing is that
When one of you is healing,
Your whole race and Mother Earth is doing the same.

‘Everything that is in your life is there
For you to enjoy and for teaching you something.
All books and patterns and also
The beautiful as well as ugly thoughts
That come to you unbidden.
They are the results of the things you created
By your own thinking and behaviour patterns of past lifetimes.
In this one make sure that the only words you speak weave a bond
Between you and all your siblings in the great family of humankind.
Your grievous and joyous experiences are the result
Of the seeds you scattered in the field of your spirit
In previous lifetimes and earlier in this one.
Knowing this, make sure from now on only to sow
The things you want to reap in the future.

‘The young soul inside you, who plays upon the world of your desires,
Opens the door of your heart for the light of love to enter
At a later date and the Earth with its ever open mouth
For all of you in the end
Frees your spirit and soul from the slavery of
The desires of your lower earthly self.
The inner world is alive in your heart.
It contains everything you think of as your world.
The ignorant, small and insignificant creature
You believe yourself to be,
Once freely and willingly emerged from the heartmind of God.
It ventured forth to experience the joys and laughter of earthly life,
But also its pain, suffering and sadness.
With the passing of time all of these things together
Are helping you evolve into an ever more understanding
And enlightened, compassionate and loving being.
Alas, the way from the darkness and ignorance of the Earth
Back into the illumination of God’s wisdom and truth
Can only be found by wading through all these things.’

Gently the Angel laid its hand on my burning brow and said:
‘Go forward now and take possession of all parts of your being
And do not tarry on your journey into the oneness with your Creator.
This is the road that eventually takes all God’s children of the Earth
Into healing, perfection and wholeness, which is holiness.
This means being in command of every aspect of your nature,
Upper and lover, earthly and Divine alike.
So, do not fear any thorns and boulders on your path,
For I am with you and will light your way,
Now and forever.

‘The role I have been given by God
Is to support and sustain you at all times,
Not only when you have a special need, like now.
I am not allowed to carry you,
As that would interfere with the development
Of your own strength.
But rest safely in the knowledge that whenever you call for me,
I shall come to hold your hand and show you the way,
The way I am doing now.’

Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931
Lebanese/American poet
Edited by Aquarius

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14 Aug, 2019
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