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Wake up Mommy

Wake up Mommy

By DellParker098 - 10 Reviews

My tummy hurts really bad. I tried to tell Mommy but she was sleeping on the mattress in the living room, she took some pills when she went to bed a couple nights ago. Mommy says they are to make her feel better.

Mommy is always sad. I asked her once, about why she is always sad. Mommy just ruffled my hair though and told me not to worry about Mommy business, but I think she is sad because Daddy hurts Mommy.

Daddy comes home every so often and when he does, he always smells funny. Like that strange man that Daddy told me was my Uncle Brandon. Daddy really hurt Mommy that one time I accidentally spilt Daddy’s bag of white stuff on the floor.

Daddy was really angry and scary. He called me the nasty words Mommy tells me not to say and raised his hand. I thought he was going to hurt me like he hurts Mommy, but Mommy stepped in front of me.

I remember crying as Daddy hit Mommy, Mommy was crying too. I thought he would leave her alone after that, but Daddy called Uncle Brandon into the room and told me to get out so ‘he could show this bitch who the man of the house was’.

I stayed near the room they were in and heard Mommy screaming, and Daddy laughing while Uncle Brandon was grunting like he was lifting some thing heavy. They stayed in there for a long time before Daddy stepped out with Uncle Brandon.

My stomach gave another rumble, as I walked to the fridge and opened it. Sighing in disappointment, I closed the fridge. It was empty anyway, Mommy usually went out late at night to get groceries, but she usually doesn’t come back until really early in the morning. Walking to Mommy I tried shaking her awake again. She is really cold. I grabbed my blankie and stuffed kitty and went back in the living room. I put the blankie around Mommy and lay beside her with my kitty. I hope Mommy wakes up soon, my tummy really really hurts now

Author Notes: Abuse is not to be taken lightly, if you or someone you know is being abused, please tell authorities or a trusted adult

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18 Jun, 2018
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