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Walking in the Master’s Footsteps
Walking in the Master’s Footsteps

Walking in the Master’s Footsteps


Walking In The Master’s Footsteps

Whenever someone has created something unpleasant, negative and maybe downright evil, what kind of a world would ours be if someone else took the responsibility for it and made the resulting Karma go away by waving some kind of a magic wand, just because we say: ‘I believe Jesus exists.’ It wouldn’t even have to be true, but if it were possible, the whole thing would be one giant copout. Yet, spiritually there is no such thing. Everything has to be for real and carried out with the right intentions behind it. Pretending to be or do something we do not feel and are convinced of is no good and doesn’t count. Life moves round and round in circles and whatever we send out creates an impression in the ethers and our spiritual ledger. No good, kind and loving thought or word is ever wasted. They return to us in some way, but so do all nasty and unloving ones.

Everything that comes back to us was created by us and not inflicted by some unkind and unloving higher force or fate. At the end of each lifetime we return into the world of light for rest and recuperation. When this has been attended to sufficiently, as soon as we feel strong enough together with the wise ones in charge of us we ourselves decide how far we may be able to get during our next earthly sojourn with the resolving of outstanding issues and see how far we can get with repaying of karmic debts. Within the framework of our ongoing evolutionary development a suitable pathway along the route of the life lessons that are next in line for us is chosen.

Ignorance of the Cosmic laws never could protect anyone against living with the consequences of every one of their thoughts, words and actions. The flow of our life changes dramatically and the ultimate destiny of requiring no further earthly lifetimes is approached much more rapidly when we have reached spiritual adulthood and are aware of the presence of these laws. Because we then have grown strong enough to accept our responsibilities and duties as a spark of the Divine, the true meaning of the Jesus story makes a lot of sense to us. Now we understand that the only way Christ could ever save and redeem any human being is when that person’s earthly self becomes aware of its own Christ nature, takes possession of and develops it. This we do when we freely and willingly conduct our lives in a manner that is worthy of one of God’s children of the Earth. In this process the higher aspect of our being gradually absorbs its lower counterpart, the small earthly self, into itself. With the passing of time the two parts together evolve into a Christed one in their own right.

Inspired by the Angels around the throne of God, the Christ Circle, the Jesus legend was given to our world two thousand years ago. By depicting the earthly life of a Master soul, the Angels all along have been showing our race the pathway every human soul eventually has to walk. As soon as we awaken into our true nature, learn about the Cosmic laws and the higher purpose of our existence as sparks of the Divine, we are ready to follow the Master’s example and walk in his footsteps. Our knowledge opens the gate to the freedom of spiritual Mastership, which is achieved through the self-mastery of conducting our lives in harmony with God’s laws, so that no further negative Karma is created by us. And that’s how every human soul in the fullness of time has to save and redeem itself.

We are in this life to cultivate our imaginative powers. Let’s use the creative force of ours for imagining things that are good and right, beautiful and positive only and serve the highest good and the greatest joy of all. In your imagination think of a world that is at peace and where all creatures, animals and human beings alike, live together in peace and harmony. Everybody gives of their best and nobody seeks dominion over and exploits anyone. Do not allow yourself be held down by our planet’s present state, but look ahead into the golden age of peace that is surely coming our way. Enter the silence, rise on wings of light into the spirit world and ask our friends and helpers there to show you what you can do to bring it into being.

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21 Jul, 2018
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3 mins
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