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Wandering Between Two Worlds
Wandering Between Two Worlds

Wandering Between Two Worlds


Yearning For Our True Home

I come from highlands down to shore,
The valleys steam, the oceans roar.
I wander silent, joyless here:
My sigh keeps asking! ‘Where? Oh, where?’
Their Sun appears to me so cold,
Their blossoms limp, their life so old;
And what they speak of, empty fare:
I am a stranger everywhere.

Where are you, land, beloved home?
Imagined, sought, but never known!
The land, the land, whence hope does flow,
The land where all my roses grow,

Where friends shall never meet in vain,
Where all my dead shall rise again,
The land that speaks my language true:
Oh land, where are you?

I wander silent, joyless here,
My sigh keeps asking: ‘Where? Oh where?’
The spirits answer my distress:
‘Where you are not, there’s happiness.’

The song speaks of the wanderer between two worlds,
Which every one of us is.
It’s about the earthly self’s longing and yearning
For its true eternal home that cannot be found on that plane,
Which only exists in the inner world of the spirit realm.
The essence of our being is spirit/soul and they,
Like God, are eternal and immortal.
Death is unknown to them.

In the noisy busyness of the outer material world
Our earthly selves frequently feel like strangers
And are profoundly unhappy and disturbed.
That’s hardly surprising because
Every human being once emerged as mere idea
From the heartmind of the Great Father.
He gave birth to us with the help of
The Great Mother’s love and wisdom.
Together, in the sweetest harmony, they place a tiny spark
Of the light and warmth of their only born
Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ,
In the heart of each new human being that’s about to
Appear for the first time on the earthly plane of life,
To start taking part in the many lessons of that school.

For a while we rest in the spirit realm,
To rest and recuperate from the stresses of earthly life.
We spend many lifetimes on that plane
Each time we return to it, we bring with us
Every bit of learning from previous lifetimes
That’s now stored in the memories of our soul
In the subconscious part of our new earthly self.
From there whatever we’ve already learnt has the power of
Influencing us in either positive or negative ways.

Every earthly lifetime is merely a temporary stopover.
Each one enables us to steadily advance on
Our personal evolutionary spiral.
This is how, one small step after another,
Because of taking part in the many lessons
That the earthly school of life offers,
Our development on many different levels progresses.

On every occasion we stay until that’s lifetime’s
Purpose has been fulfilled.
The lessons we promised the wise ones in charge of us
To take part in have been imbibed and
A sufficient amount of our karmic debts redeemed.
Only then do we return to our true eternal home,
The world of spirit or light, where
We rest and recuperate from life on the earthly plane.

The knowledge of our true eternal home is
Programmed into each spark before being
Launched on what’s going to be an
Exceedingly long and protracted evolutionary journey.
And that’s why, on the deepest innermost level of their being,
Every one of us during our times on the earthly plane
Has not forgotten that there is a home somewhere,
Where we all live together in peace and harmony,
Where trouble and strife, warmongering and empire-building
Are unknown.
Instead of exploiting and taking advantage of each other,
Everybody helps and supports those around them.

This is how it comes about that deep within every one of us
There’s always a strong yearning and longing for such a place.
But although we would dearly love to go and live there,
It does not seem to exist anywhere. We cannot find it.
It takes a long time until we realise that this is because
Such a place doesn’t exist on our world’s outer material plane.
The song was written to remind us of the everlasting
Realities of our nature and its spiritual home,
Where every one of us truly belongs.

We emerge from it at the beginning of
Another earthly lifetime and return to,
Enriched by some more learning and growing,
As soon as it has run its course.

Georg Phillip Schmidt
Translated by Walter A. Aue
Set to music by Schubert
Updated for our time by Aquarius

Recommended Viewing:
• ‘The Wanderer’

Sung by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

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6 Sep, 2021
Read Time
3 mins
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