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Rolling and receding and crashing...fighting and grabbing and dragging...pushing and pulling and attacking…

The waves yelled, their voice lost in the bubbles and sea foam.

The waves drag and drown...the waves are vicious beasts.

But every monster has a soft side, for waves push lost ones back to shore.

Waves bring sea shells for us to pick us,

And waves glint off the moonlight like a mirror.

Waves huddle close, a salty and soft embrace.

When the sky smiles, the roar of the waves soften.

And they sway back and forth, as if saying hello.

When the sky is gray and grumpy,

The waves give back no mercy.

They fly into the air and roar,

Their bellow can be heard miles away.

They screech and flail and shout,

And the wrath of the waves shall be heard.

As lightning strikes and rain pelts,

The water is no friend but a foe.

Wait for Poseidon to calm down,

And comfort him again.

Wait for the sky to clear,

And Zeus to smile.

Wait for the waves to crash repeatedly again,

And it is safe.

Wait for the storm to pass,

And do not mistake it for yours truly.

Author Notes: Well, this sucked. It was just a writing exercise, so yeah...
anyway, thanks for reading XD

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19 Jun, 2019
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1 min
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