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What Can We Do About The Coronavirus Outbreak?
What Can We Do About The Coronavirus Outbreak?

What Can We Do About The Coronavirus Outbreak?

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Counteracting The Coronavirus Mass Hysteria – Part Two

On Friday 20th March 2020 at 3.50 Greenwich Meantime the Sun entered into the Fire sign Aries and for a brief moment day and night were of equal length. In our world’s Northern hemisphere this is known as the Spring Equinox, while in the Southern part it manifests itself as the vernal equinox. The best news of all is that Pisces, the most fluid of the Water signs has been left behind. It is co-ruled by the planets Neptune and Jupiter and its most outstanding negative characteristics are: carelessness and a fondness for building castles in the air; tendencies to deceive self and others; living with head in the clouds; hypersensitive and irritated by discords; sentimental and subversive; unstable and wandering; woolly minded and gullible. Thanks be to God and the Angels that these energies are definitely no longer with us.

From the 20th March onwards with each passing day everything in our world will be influenced more strongly by the fiery Arian energies. On Tuesday, 24th March 2020 there will be a New Moon. Every month that is another point of new beginnings and an ideal time for launching new projects. From the day of this particular New Moon the whole of our world will be completely under the influence of Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries, the Roman God of war. Every week’s Tuesday is also ruled by Mars.

Aries is the sign of the uprushing fountain of life, of new beginnings, rebirth and regeneration. Highly evolved souls with their Sun in this sign may find themselves in the role of pioneers and wayfinders. The Sun is the provider of the lifeforce for every human being. It endows Arians with the strength and courage to butt their heads into any obstacle that gets into their way. They usually are unafraid of rushing in where Angels fear to tread, to their detriment frequently in a downright foolhardy manner. Happily they cross swords with anyone. Ideas and inspiration for new concepts are the gifts the Universal Forces may present to our world through Sun Arians. They are well known as the original ideas people. The more highly evolved they become, the less they feel inclined to use such gifts for selfish purposes like the accumulation of vast fortunes. They then prefer to dedicate them to the welfare of the whole of humankind and our world.

The most negative aspect of the Sun’s most recent traverse through Pisces has been that, under the influence of this sign’s energies, the present outbreak of mass hysteria gradually reached fever pitch and that even in countries where people are not usually known for their gullibility. I believe that it is an affliction that will soon pass, as all earthly things must. To my mind, it’s a miniature version of the Piscean Age which also fortunately now lies behind us. Steered by God and the Angels, for its duration of approx. 2,200 years this age took us through ever escalating lying and cheating, corruption and dishonesty, false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions. They served the wise higher purpose of preparing our world for the coming of the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth and honesty, loyalty and integrity.

However, in the ordinary course of events the sign after Pisces is Aries. And I believe that now that the Arian energies are with us, something is going to happen that will bring our world to its senses. God and the Angels, through us will be helping people to realise that they have been the victims of a particularly virulent outbreak of mass hysteria. There’s nothing new about them. Please read more about this social phenomenon by following the links below:

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I have a good feeling that the end of the present outbreak of mass hysteria will soon have reached its end. It may come about when, inspired by the Highest Forces of life, a more highly evolved spirit/soul who is familiar with the background of how our world was manipulated into this situation. Under the influence of the Arian energies this person suddenly realises that he or she has had just about enough of the irresponsible behaviour of those at the top of their organisation. They decide to act because they are sick and tired of the greed and heartlessness of the few, who believe they have the power to create hardships and miseries for millions around our world. At this time of the year the Mars energies provide such a person with the courage to blow the whistle on the responsible ones.

Even though the pharmaceutical industry and the mass media are first in the firing line, I believe that the fear of death and the false belief, created by the religions of our world, that our earthly existence is a one-off thing and we are snuffed out like a candle when we leave our physical body, is the most essential element of the force that has been driving this project along from the very beginning. Isn’t it the highest time that the last and slowest developers in our midst finally grasp that in truth there is no death? When on considers that physical death is but a moving into different dimensions of life, it’s not such a big deal really.

Because thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation, the individual and collective thinking patterns of our world are urgently in need of attention and changing. Unbeknown to ourselves for a long time, our thoughts have always created the realities of our earthly existence. Therefore, they also have the power to un- or de-create that which is not to our liking, for example the present outbreak of mass hysteria. And the more firmly we believe that our world will soon return to its normal healthy functioning and visualise it happening in our imagination, we are helping to bring it about. If we all work on this together and ask God and the Angels to show us intuitively how we can contribute to this effort, they will surely do so. Another outbreak of mass hysteria is definitely not what they want for us and our world.

The Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Each one in its own way is dedicated to the development of humankind’s intellectual abilities. During lifetimes in Gemini our earthly minds focus on the self, our siblings and the world around us. By the time we reach Libra through our experiences we are learning about the notion of ‘we’ and the concerns of the people around us. When we have become sufficiently evolved, during lifetimes in Aquarius we acquire the skill of tuning the frequencies of the transmitter/receiver station of our earthly mind into those of the Universal mind of the Highest. From approx. 1900 AD until around 4,100 AD our world will come increasingly under the influence of the Aquarian energies. That’s why in my view the present outbreak of mass hysteria is a pandemic of humankind’s mind. And because on the inner level all is one and there is no separation between anything, all of us have been contaminating each other not with the Coronavirus but with the fear of death. This is the true reason why this outbreak could spread the way it has done.

I believe the Coronavirus outbreak could only be blown up to the size of a pandemic because its true cause is not really a virus. This is merely the hook on which the latest manifestation of mass hysteria is hanging. And as ever, awareness is the key for unlocking its door and that is true for all other problems that to this day are troubling us and our world. Only through a better understanding of their spiritual background can we hope to find the answers we need for overcoming them. To my mind, vaccinations – even if they were effective – are not what’s required here.

The time has come for seriously getting to work on removing the fear of death from the individual and collective consciousness of our world. An enterprise of such magnitude can only come about through working hand in hand with God and the Angels, each one of us individually and all of us together as a group. The time has come for spreading the knowledge that the essence of every human being is spirit/soul, that we are as much part of God as S/He is with us and that, like our Creator, we are eternal and immortal beings who will never die. In truth there is no death, merely a moving into different dimensions of life when we depart from our physical body.

Because the age of truth is with us, finding it first for ourselves and then spreading it as much as possible is in keeping with God’s great plan of life and represents the will and wishes of God and the Angelic hierarchy. Without asking their help cannot come to any one of us. Their advice and assistance has to be requested and that enables them to show us intuitively ways of resolving any kind of problem that is troubling us and our world. To remove all fears and especially the fear of death from the consciousness of humankind, they need to reveal the truth behind the many false beliefs that are still with us. Because God and the Angels generously provided us with a multitude of ideas that, with the passing of time, have made it ever easier to communicate with each other, broadcasting the insights and visions they are giving through us to our world is no longer difficult. However, only if your inner guidance reacts to any kind of spiritual knowledge that is coming your way with a clear: ‘Yes, this is true!’ is it worthy of becoming part of your own truth and of passing on to those around you.

Our behaviour during crises times like the present one reveals the true level of our spiritual development. To paraphrase St. Matthew 7:15-20: ‘Beware of false prophets who present themselves in sheep’s clothing when in truth they are ravenous wolves. That’s how everybody needs to learn how to recognise others by their fruits. Is it possible to gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? In the same way, good trees bear good fruit while bad trees can only bear bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. That’s what separates the wheat from the chaff. The trees that do not bear good fruit during their present lifetime will not be allowed to reincarnate onto the earthly plane when your planet’s transformation is complete. The energies of young and inexperienced spirit/souls will only be suitable for continuing their learning about the material world on a younger and less highly evolved planet. And that’s how by their fruits anyone’s true value can be recognised, not only by you but also your invisible friends and helpers in the spiritual background of life.’

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24 Mar, 2020
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