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What Can We Do?
What Can We Do?

What Can We Do?


To Jab Or Not To Jab – Part Twenty-One

If you are able and willing to do something constructive about the present state of our world and its environmental issues in particular, how about sharing this part of my jottings with as many as possible, in preference to merely complaining about the problems that are facing us? When it comes to creating a better and more peaceful world for everything that shares Mother Earth with us, it’s impossible to do this on our own. Whatever has happened here and will do so in the future, God and the Angels needed us as much as we require their help. That will forever continue and as young Gods in the making and co-creators with them, we are constantly in the process of creating something, when in truth they are bringing it into being through us.

Whatever it is that we earthlings desire with all our heart, that’s what they give us. And if it’s peace we wish for our world, everybody has to do their share of creating it. Alas, it takes a long time before we realise that the Divine justice is perfect to such a degree that it is hard to imagine in our present existence. Unlike the earthly system God’s Universal one is based on laws that decree that everything any one of us send into our world in thoughts, words and deeds in the fullness of time has to return to us and that with ever increasing strength.

An essential part of God’s dual nature and our own is the existence of two streams of consciousness, a positive and constructive one as well as a negative and destructive one. Every human thought, word and deed flows into and feeds either one or the other. And nothing in the whole of Creation happens per chance or is an accident, but does so for the wise higher purpose of teaching humankind the nature and value of concepts and things. As this applies to suffering as much as anything else, the persecutors of one lifetime in due course are going to find themselves in the role of the persecuted.

The knowledge of such things enables us to consciously begin to steer our own destiny and that of our whole world into the direction that is right for our individual and collective evolutionary pathway. This is how the good gradually absorbs ever more of that which still is bad and ugly in our world into itself and transforms it into something that is good, right and beautiful.

Without exception, old and experienced spirit/souls in the course of at least one of their past earthly lifetimes, maybe several, are guilty of thoughtlessly inflicting suffering and pain upon the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms of our planet. Do not despair because like every cloud this one has a silver lining! Every bit of it has been a necessary and valuable contribution because individually and collectively these developments have taken us constantly forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. And whatever still has to come about in our world, bear in mind that nothing in the whole of Creation ever happens without the help and will of God and the Angels or is beyond their reach.

Let’s not forget that the wise higher purpose of every mistake that is made along our individual and collective evolutionary pathway is that we should learn from it and do better. The time has come to remind ourselves that the lower earthly selves of the human race have evolved through the animal kingdom. We belong to it and in truth the animals are our siblings. Therefore, they have the right to be loved, cared for and protected against the behaviour of the young and inexperienced earthlings in our midst. How much more will it take to attract humankind’s attention to the animal’s plight? Is it really necessary that large parts of both the human and animal population are wiped out by a genuine epidemic of mammoth proportions that leads to a mass exodus from the physical world into the spirit realm? An outbreak that is very different from the artificially hyped up ones mentioned in this part of my jottings. Or is there something that you and I can contribute to avoiding that kind of disaster?

The time for positive and constructive actions is now for those who do not want that the Universal Forces, through the animal kingdom, in the end has no option but sending our world a major catastrophe of this nature as a final warning that the animals have suffered long and hard enough at the hands of humankind. Unless we come to our senses and find spiritually acceptable ways of feeding our world, a major environmental disaster is bound to come about to teach us an extremely necessary and therefore valuable lesson. Aspiring healers and bringers of light can make a valuable contribution by spreading the word that this scenario is avoidable through ever more of us behaving in responsible ways towards every one of our planet’s kingdoms.

We are not in this life to act as scare-mongers or panic-makers. Far too many are doing that already and our task is showing that in the long run this approach is not meant to work. We are here to quietly speak our truth and to share the knowledge that is coming our way, so that God and the Angels can work through us and raise the consciousness of our whole race. Those who are still unaware of God’s true nature and their own, as well as their responsibility for the wellbeing of our planet and everything that shares it with us, also have the right to find out what is at stake and the spiritual realities behind humankind’s earthly existence.

As soon as we surrender the drives and urges of our lower earthly nature to our highest God or Christ Self and through this show our willingness to work with God and the Angels by following their intuitively received instructions, they are going to bring those who are good and ready for what we have to give. May the inspiration of the Highest realms flow through ever more of us and may the right words always come, so that with their help and direction healing and peace can ever more establish themselves in us and our world. May every heart and soul be touched and opened to the plight of Mother Earth and all her kingdoms, especially to that of the whole animal kingdom and the birds.

May God and the Angels show us how to lift the whole planet and all its creatures into the radiance of the Christ Star, the Sun beyond the Sun and light of all lights, the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life. May It work through us and support us in our efforts at blessing and healing our world. And may Its blessings always be with each and every one of Its beloved children of the Earth.

Every one of us has the birthright to discover that all that to this day appears to be ugly, nasty and unacceptable in our world also has a right to be here. It is merely a crude and unevolved manifestation that is waiting to be transformed into something pleasant and harmonious, beautiful and peaceful. In particular this applies to human characteristics. In their own sweet time, this is sure to happen to every human being, in God’s time and not ours.

Can you imagine our Creator’s pleasure about the improvements that humankind’s more positive and constructive thinking and behaviour patterns that at all times have been taking place in our ever changing world? And can you picture the joy on the Highest levels of life, that our whole world at last with ever increasing strength is responding to and working with the vibrations of love and truth that for some time by now have been flowing from there into us and our world?

Because ever more human hearts are opening like flowers, the most powerful healing miracle of all times is happening in our world. The owners of these hearts are reaching out to the Sun beyond the Sun and connecting with the Source’s eternal flame of wisdom and truth that has the power of absorbing all negativity, pain and suffering of our world into Itself. In Its temple of healing these energies are uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing ones for the whole of Creation. They are flowing to wherever they are needed and in particular when they are requested by someone.

And that’s how every human being will eventually be doing their share of acting as channels through which the love and God and the Angels can flow ever more powerfully into everything that is in our world and for the blessing and healing of all life.

* * *

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28 Feb, 2020
Read Time
7 mins
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