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What I Would Do for You
What I Would Do for You

What I Would Do for You


What I Would Do for You

I would stop time for you

tick-tock no more

walking on the frozen water, enjoying immortal life,

dancing on the immobile clouds, spinning on cotton

twirl between the lifelike statues that once moved.

I would make the magic work for you

fake wand no more

just a wave of hand will make the teapots dance

make griffins bow to you. Make them take us in the air

soaring in the rain, hovering above the river,

your laugh echoes across the valley.

I would die for you

dead no more

save you from the horrible fate you suffered,

switch places to make you live, to be alive again.

why did you have to die on me? I wish I knew.

Horrible disease? Nonsense

perhaps I saw you the other day

A mop of black hair, swinging in the crowd

did you leave the hospital without telling me?

I thought you were dead

Maybe not?

Author Notes: Dang, more and more depressing. This is dedicated for one of my very close family members. Thanks for reading.

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19 Mar, 2019
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<1 min
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