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What Is the Age of Aquarius?
What Is the Age of Aquarius?

What Is the Age of Aquarius?


What Is The Age Of Aquarius?

The Great Year And The Ages Of Humankind

In the slowly moving progressions of the planets in particular, it is clearly visible that the purpose of all life is evolution and that everything in the whole of Creation expands and moves forwards and upwards, at a steady and orderly pace. To my mind, they are one of the most striking examples of this. Let me explain the technicalities involved, as briefly as possible. It takes the Earth nearly 26,000 years to complete one of the cycles, which moves it through the twelve signs of the zodiac. One of these cycles is known as a Great Year. Each sign the Earth passes through represents one Great Month, which lasts for rather more than 2,000 years. The unique character of each one of these months strongly influences all creatures and happenings on our planet.

The Great Months are also indicators of the Ages of Humankind. No-one can tell exactly when one of them ends and a new one begins. All we know is that we are now entering the Age of Aquarius. And when you observe our world more closely, you can see for yourself how the energies of this sign are influencing everything in our world ever more strongly. The remnants of the effects of the preceding age of Pisces are still with us. Although they are hard to shake off, they have to be dealt with by us, individually and collectively.

From our present evolutionary level it is recognisable that the great wisdom and love of our Creator brought us into being and then into this world. It has constantly accompanied us and guided us through all our experiences, so that we should learn from them. This learning process will always continue, but now our development has reached the point when we are ready for lessons of a more elevated nature. During previous lifetimes Divine direction came to us from the subconscious level, but this is now increasingly happening on the conscious level.

Trying to make my peace, I find it helpful to view everything against the backdrop of the full sweep of the history of our evolution, at least those parts we have access to. Some of my reflections and insights into this are included in the other parts of my writings that are available by now. With the help and the will of God, more will follow in due course.

The wisdom of hindsight reveals that two main lessons had always to be tackled by our race: a) the use and abuse of power and b) how to love wisely. Wars are but one of the evils that our world has to experience in the process of learning the lessons of power. There are a great many other ways of misusing it, and each one of them is teaching us and our world how to differentiate between good and evil. Yet, more important still is the glorious lesson that none of us, on this level of life, has any true power – it belongs to God alone. The best any human soul can do is aligning itself to God’s power and love, until they begin to work their healing miracles through us – as demonstrated by the Jesus legend.

* * *

The Age Of Aquarius

The Age Of Rebellion And Revolution
bringing Enlightenment And Spiritual Freedom

From approx. 1900 AD – 4,100 AD

So much has been said about the Age of Aquarius throughout my writing, but there is still a great deal more. Before we go any further let’s take a look at the different types of energies that are influencing us during any given age. At present we are still struggling with the change of energies between two signs that are so profoundly different in their approach to life and yet on the spiritual level of life are responding to each other very well.

Pisces as a mutable Water sign is receptive and feminine. First and foremost it is about the development of the world of our feelings and emotions, the soft and sensitive, dreamy and otherworldly realm of the soul. The energies of the fixed Air sign Aquarius are in sharp contrast with it. They are purely of the mind. People who function purely on the mind level, without the beneficial influence of their soul they are bereft of feelings. As a result they can be exceedingly cold and detached, to the point of downright cruelty.

The three Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, serve the training of humankind’s mental faculties of understanding. High among them rank all kinds of communication, so we have to learn how to express ourselves in writing and this skill enables us to read other people’s messages. Evidence is appearing everywhere that during the Aquarian Age the progress of humankind’s intellectual capabilities is moving ever more into the foreground of our attention. We have found out that thinking is the greatest power in the whole of Creation and with this discovery the time has come for learning to control our thought processes and practising things like mindfulness and positive thinking.

Among many other things Aquarius is the sign of technology and communications, friendship and siblinghood with all life. Equipped with the gift of hindsight, with which we are blessed in the year 2016, the time when I was putting the finishing touches to this new part of my jottings, it could clearly be seen that the Age of Pisces really had ended about 1900 AD. This means that the Age of Aquarius has been with us for some time now and it can be clearly seen everywhere in our world that the influence of its energies are growing increasingly powerful.

Steered by the forces at work behind the scenes of earthly life and their ideas, humankind’s ingenuity always has been and forever will be without bounds. Nowhere was there more evidence of it than in all fields of technology, especially communications. From its earliest beginnings in the late 1800s it has been speeding up at an ever increasing pace. Looking back from where we are now, one cannot call it anything but breathtaking. As communications would become ever more important during this age, the Morse code and the telephone were invented. This was swiftly followed by the technology for the development of radio, television and the Internet, making ever farther reaching communications around our world possible.

The Aquarian Age also brought us the development of travelling by air and since humankind’s first attempts at flying with the help of machinery has been making phenomenal strides forward. The patriarchal influence saw to it that at first the technology involved was employed for producing increasingly sophisticated war machinery so that we could destroy each other more effortlessly and speedily. But it did not take long until the technical scales of our world commenced to tip towards friendlier uses like building worldwide friendship rings with the help of the Internet and things like Facebook, Twitter and so forth.

Aquarius represents God’s voice and it is the birthright of every human spirit and soul, in this world and our other world, towards the end of their earthly education to return into the conscious awareness of humankind’s true nature and who and what God really is. The new age brings us a renewal of the knowledge that each one of us has an inner teacher, the living God within or intuition, who is waiting to share Its wisdom and knowledge with us. All we have to do is knock at our inner door and ask for our Highest Self’s help.

The present evolutionary phase is going to see the end of all inequalities between the genders and races of our world. The more the knowledge gets around that all of us are God’s children of the Earth, each one with exactly the same rights and responsibilities, the more easily we shall shake off the oppressive forces that to this day exist in our world as a result of the patriarchy’s erroneous belief that one gender or person is superior to the other.

The Aquarian Age demands self-mastery and self-discipline from each one of us and if we are willing to practise it and behave in a masterly fashion, as demonstrated by the Jesus legend, the doors to this age’s enlightenment and spiritual freedom are swinging open. God’s great plan of life provides that the Age of Aquarius brings us the truth about every aspect of life. That means the end of all false beliefs and perceptions, prejudices and superstitions born from humankind’s ignorance of God’s true nature and its own. My observations of and insights into the various ages leave no doubt in my mind that this plan has always been unfolding the way it should.

Now that the religions of the past have fulfilled their purpose in the teaching process of our world, each one of them will gradually disappear. Decreasing numbers of churchgoers are confirming this. The Age of Pisces has been an age of lies, deceptions and blind faith. It’s good to know that this part of our development lies behind us and that the age of truth has dawned upon our world. For many it has already brought the rediscovery that love is God’s true nature and our own, that love is the law of life and that the reason for our being in earthly life is that we should learn to love wisely, the way God loves all His/Her Creations.

This love is one of power, justice and wisdom, handled wisely with kindness and goodness, gentleness and compassion, affection and warmth for all lifeforms. And our human hearts are at least potentially a holy Grail cup for receiving God’s love and giving it to those around us. Human relationships are so important for us because each one offers constant opportunities for learning to love wisely and thus bringing forth the highest aspects of our nature.

As we know by now, love is the supreme law of life from which all others evolved. The intention of the highest forces of life has been to get to know through humankind the polar opposite of love and that which is good. ‘I love My Creation and all creatures in it. I will send them out to explore and learn about themselves and Me. To ensure that each one of them is eventually drawn back into My loving embrace, I am passing the law of cause and effect that decrees that everything in the whole Creation has to return to its source. Acts of aggression, oppression and injustice are transgressions against law of love that created negative Karma, which eventually has to be redeemed for the simple reason that everything in the whole of Creation has to balance. That’s why at some time, either during this lifetime or a future one, every bit of our offences has to be made good, by none other than us.

Aquarius is the sign in which humankind’s highest hopes, dreams and aspirations can find fulfilment. Programmed into and imprinted in the deepest recesses of every soul’s consciousness is the desire and dream of escaping from the hardships, tests and trials of earthly life into the state known as Paradise, the oneness with God and all life. That’s also where the wish for meeting the ideal love and lover is located. Our God or Christ Self is this perfect being who understands us and knows and responds to our heart’s most deepest yearnings. This is the one for whom we have searched in vain throughout all earthly lifetimes. Like everything that has ever been in our life, this too fulfils a wise higher purpose. You can read more about this by following the links at the end of this chapter.

It is difficult to assess when one of the ages is definitely over and is making room for the next one. Some believe that the Aquarian Age started around the year 1900. When I take my nose off the canvas and look at our world from a higher perspective, I see a great deal of evidence everywhere that the great balancing act of the creative forces of Heaven and Earth, masculine and feminine, darkness and light, positive and negative and so forth, over the ages has constantly been gathering momentum. During the Aquarian Age the Divine marriage between the highest levels of life and our planet will be consummated. And that is the completion of its spiritualisation which has been going on every since humankind entered its realms.

I sense that the final curtain on the last act of the tragicomedy of Earth life has gently been descending for some time. Whether the play will finish with some great cataclysm or in peaceful ways depends on God’s plan for humankind. Considering that on the inner level all life is one and each one of us influences everything else, I believe that a peaceful solution is quite on the cards. As with the help and will of God and the Angels all things are possible and nothing happens without them, the energies of the awakening ones could eventually grow so powerful that they penetrate the consciousness of the rest of us deeply enough to rouse their Christ nature from its slumbers. Regardless of how it all comes about, I am convinced that the spiritual aspects of us and our world shall always be taken care of and be safe.

* * *

Awake From Your Slumber

Awake from your slumber,
Arise from your sleep,
A new day is dawning,
For all those who weep.

The people in darkness
Have seen a great light.
The Light of our longing
Has conquered the night.

Let us build the city of God,
May our tears be turned into dancing,
For the Lord of our Light and our Love,
Our true Lord/Lady and Master/Mistress,
The Universal Christ,
Is turning the darkness of Earth’s people’s ignorance
Into the brightness of true enlightenment,
Which radiates into our hearts
Directly from the heartmind
Of the Great Father/Mother of all life.

Dan Schutte & Robert J. Batastini
Adapted by Aquarius
For our time

The Age of Aquarius is with us now. The symbol of this sign is the water bearer who holds a pot in his arms from which he seems to be pouring water. Because of this it is hardly surprising that to this day there is quite a bit of confusion about the nature of this sign. In spite of its symbol and contrary to popular beliefs, Aquarius is by no means one of the Water signs. It is an Air sign and the water that flows from the man’s vessel is not of the liquid kind. It is an allegory for the cleansing and purifying effect of fresh spiritual knowledge and wisdom that is constantly being poured from the highest levels of life into the earthly consciousness of humankind, to enable us and our world to move forward on the evolutionary spiral of life.

As pointed out in the previous chapter, God’s great plan of life is evolution and the purpose of every aspect of life is that it should constantly expand in size and consciousness. The ever expanding Universe bears witness to this. The way I understand Earth life is that we are in it together, so we can help each other in many ways and especially when it comes to finding healing for the soul wounds all our lifetimes thus far have inflicted upon us. In this process each one of us slowly but surely evolves from being a pupil into the role of a teacher, and from being a wounded one into a healer, each in their own right and unique way.

It stands to reason that in the course of our long evolutionary journey through space and time the souls of all of us have got hurt and badly wounded, over and over again. The memories of the most traumatic experiences we had to endure in the course of our long and comprehensive earthly education, with the passing of time have buried themselves ever more deeply into the recesses of our subconscious. Here they wait most patiently, sometimes many lifetimes, until the moment has come when the soul’s earthly self begins to feel the need to go in search of healing for the inner wounds that manifest themselves as illnesses and afflictions in our physical bodies.

The task of all budding healers and lightbringers is to work with and release every part of the soul pain, which is the underlying true cause of all physical disorders, with love and kindness, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves as well as for those who shared these experiences with us.

Until healing has taken place, the memories of old soul wounds are capable of causing many problems and disturbances in our daily lives. To overcome and resolve them once and for all, there is nothing for it but setting off on our own private healing journey of a thousand miles, which for each one of us can only begin with one single step.

To my mind, the equipment that is most urgently required on this voyage is to develop the ability to look for a better understanding of life towards the higher realities that lie behind it. This alone can provide us with the spiritual wings that are necessary when one wants to rise above many of the outdated and false beliefs and concepts that to this day abound on our planet. The small earthly self’s struggle is greatly alleviated, as soon as it begins to gaze beyond the confines of its present existence and realises that the human race’s Earth life is but a passing evolutionary phase that by now has almost run its course.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of enlightenment and spiritual freedom. It brings us the long awaited spiritual rebirth of our race and our whole world. Ever more of us are discovering that the answers to all our questions really do lie within, and that they are given by the living God within, the inner teacher and guru. With that it comes clear that the saviour and redeemer, promised of old, is at last in flesh appearing and that this is happening in a highly surprising and much more beautiful way than anyone could ever have envisaged in past ages, even in their wildest dreams. The saviour and redeemer is none other than us. Each one of us has to do their share of saving and redeeming ourselves and our world.

The deeper we move into the new age and the months and years go by, it can be seen with ever increasing clarity that this is no means merely some kind of a fad or an airy-fairy notion that has sprung from the minds of the participants of the hippy movement. The Age of Aquarius is a very real evolutionary period in the spiritual development of humankind and therefore deserves to be taken seriously, as it demands the fullest attention from all of us, not only from those who are already interested in their own spiritual progress and that of our whole world.

In the Aquarian Age spiritual wisdom and truth is flowing ever more strongly into all human hearts directly from the Source. The long promised and awaited World Teacher is now coming to us in the most miraculous and unexpected way, namely by being born in the heart of each and every one of us. At long last it is coming clear that this teacher is none other than the inner guru and wise one, the living God within, everybody’s Highest Self, in whom we are all one. For a very long time this part of our nature has been known as the small still voice of conscience that constantly tries to tell us right from wrong and communicates with us through the world of our feelings and intuition. As the English poet Robert Browning, 1812-1889, once put it: ‘There is an inmost centre in us all, where truth abides in fullness.’

When all have become attuned to and are following the guidance of this, their very own teacher, there will be peace in our world and there will no longer be any need for religions. Having served the purpose they were created for, they will gradually disappear from our world. Most of my writings are concerned with how the monumental changes that are already taking place and will continue to do so for a very long time to come, are affecting us all. Helpful new perspectives on the different aspects of life are gradually revealing themselves to us. If you study the various parts of my life’s work that by now are available on the new and the old Rays of Wisdom, you will soon be able to see this for yourself.

As the collective consciousness of our race opens up, clear evidence is emerging everywhere of an increasing awareness of the ‘facts of life’ about the reality of our true eternal nature. More and more of us are grasping the concept that life is an absolute continuum and that in truth there is no death, only transformations into different life states. With this understanding the limited vision of Earth life as a one-off thing dissolves and we realise that one cycle of life emerges from and is born out of the previous one. All life is guided and protected by God and the Angels and when the time for doing so has come, old life-forms that have outlived their usefulness are removed by them. Inexorably life moves forwards and upwards, and everything taking part in it constantly evolves into ever more perfect and beautiful forms on ever higher levels of existence.

Sun Scorpio Marie, Queen Consort of Romania, 1875-1938 wrote towards the end of her life: ‘The God within us! That’s what really counts … that fundamental something that makes part of the ‘beyond’, which leads us upwards in spite of ourselves … towards a light out of which we came and to which we surely return, if we do not allow our spirits to go down in the mine! A light which shines in our souls, a beacon signalling to us from somewhere beyond this quarrelling, hating, doubting, betrayed and betraying, sad suffering world.’ Later still, bravely tackling her twilight years, she wrote: ‘It is not in vain that, on decline, so much is taken from us. It is so as to prepare us for the end. To sow the seed of longing for another life in our tired souls.’ From ‘Born To Rule’ by Julia Gelardi

Spiritual knowledge and its understanding is a living organism that grows and evolves, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, including us and our world. That’s why over the ages religions and belief systems of all kinds have come and gone, and none of those that to this day are part of our world will remain with us forever. Because of the necessity for evolution and development into ever higher forms of belief, the teachings of the sacred texts of books like the Torah, the Bible or the Koran, to name but three, were never intended to be treated as if they had been set in concrete or chiselled into stone, for all eternity. They were given to humankind, through various teachers over the ages, until in due course each one would be replaced by more advanced beliefs and their teaching methods .

Throughout the ages, new religions did appear at certain predestined times to serve humankind, as our race by then was ready to receive more of the Divine truth. As soon as one of the old belief systems has lost its usefulness it is removed and replaced by something else. A good one has to be capable of taking on the role of a staff on which human souls can lean whilst on the Earth plane. The sole purpose of a religion that is worthy of carrying that name needs to be the wish to act as a ladder that invites and encourages human souls to climb on by seeking to increase their own understanding of God’s sacred wisdom and truth, wherever it may present itself. In my view, any organisation that fails to fulfil this task in the long run is doomed, as the Aquarian Age requires from all of us that we re-establish our inner connection with the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, in whom everybody – without any exceptions – has their origin and before whom we are all equals.

Independent of which spiritual pathways any soul may ever have trodden during all of its earthly sojourns, in the end each one of us is guided into the realisation that no-one can really teach us anything. This is because in the depths of our own being, everybody through their own inner connection with God can gain access to every bit of knowledge that has ever been gathered by anyone. On our return into this blessed state of oneness the Universe presents us with many opportunities for establishing from our own experiences that the answers to all our questions really are known within, and that this is the only place where each one will always be answered correctly and truthfully.

May the knowledge we are now finding help us to become ever more aware of the infinite power, wisdom and love that has brought us and our world into being and will forever continue to support and keep us going. May this understanding enable us to rise above the circumstances that at times threaten to overwhelm Earth life with its sadness and unhappiness. Reminding ourselves as often as necessary of the loving arms and hands of the Divine behind everything and therefore also in us, helps us to remain calm and to avoid being pulled here and there like fallen leaves on the wind.

The more frequently we reach out to our Highest or God Self, the more powerfully it can pull us onwards on our evolutionary pathway and upwards towards Itself and Its light on the higher and highest levels of existence. May our increasing awareness that in truth they are part of us assist us with working our way through all the bitter and joyful experience that may still be waiting for us on the Earth, until every one of our karmic debts has been paid.

* * *
Uranus – Planet Of Rebellion

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun; it was discovered by William Herschel in 1781. This is significant because around that time the pace of revolutions and rebellions was beginning to speed up. Although humankind was not yet aware of the planet’s existence, obviously it has been there all along. Until fairly recently, its influence has been restricted to our inner planes of consciousness. As inner manifestation must always come before outer, when Uranus was discovered, humankind was ready to receive more of the wisdom of the inner plane; it was waiting to come into expression in the outer world. The pace of both revolution and evolution was speeding up.

Uranus spins on its axis from East to West. Thus it moves in the opposite direction to the other planets, except Venus and possibly Pluto. As Uranus is the planet of rebellion, revolution, and ingenuity, spiritually this certainly makes sense. Those who are strongly and positively influenced by its energy can be delightfully different from others. They are the eccentrics of our world, full to the brim with brilliant and original ideas. Those who work on the downside can be rebels without a cause, disruptive and a trial for everyone around. Just like the planet, they need to move in their own deliberate fashion. Which way this shows on the outside, depends on the type of behaviour we choose.

Uranus symbolises the Will of God. Imperceptibly and over many lifetimes, it draws us back onto itself, the Source of all being, including ours. Uranus is the liberator. Its energy reflects the sudden and drastic changes that come into everybody’s life at certain times. They are known by some as acts of God, and looked at as if they were something menacing. In truth, they always come for good purpose, namely to set us free from restricting habits, people and places who are no longer beneficial to our spiritual progress. Its effects can be devastating, and the benefits can only ever be seen in retrospect.

It seems to me of significance that Venus and Pluto also move in the opposite direction to the other planets. Pluto was the mythological God of the underworld, whereas astrologically he stands for our subconscious. Both planets are symbols of the power of the love aspect of God that is guiding us home through the inner world of our feelings, the subconscious, where we all have a direct connection with our Creator. Venus is the symbol of the loving and harmonising aspect of the Divine. By our own free choices, each one of us will eventually consciously surrender to its energies. We shall do so because we recognise that this is indeed what we have been striving for all along. By that time, we shall have purified our energies so much that we can fully merge with the One again.

When one looks at the history of humankind with one’s nose too close to the canvas, it appears as if it had been nothing but one gigantic catalogue of misery, pain and suffering, which we endlessly inflicted upon ourselves and each other. From the higher perspective of life, however, a very different picture emerges and one cannot fail to notice then that – all along – there has been steady progress. And that was the underlying reason why the speed and vehemence of the revolutions that have shaken and swept through our world from time to time, and still do on many different levels of life, have been growing ever more powerful.

At the end of this chapter is a link to a video as a poignant reminder of some of the suffering humankind had to endure in recent times. It bears witness to a minute part of lunacies we have been imposing upon each other for a very long time. The ray of hope I am bringing you is the knowledge that the Uranian energies are helping us to shake off ever more of the oppressions and slaveries of all kinds that are the cause of our suffering. Although coercion and cruelty are still rampant in parts of our world, on the inner as well as the outer levels of life, every last bit of it will eventually have been swept away.

This is a cleansing process that will continue until the people of all nations will again be able to live in peace and harmony with each other, the way they once did before the lessons of the patriarchy and warmongering began, about six thousand years ago. More about this in a new part of ‘The Random Jottings Of A Stargazer’, hopefully soon. What could be more worthwhile giving of our best and doing our share of ushering in the Aquarian Age, to achieve the freedom that for a very long time has been its promise?

However, no human soul can be released from its earthly education until every one of its soul wounds has been healed; every last bit of Karma redeemed and all relationships, especially the most difficult ones, transmuted into bonds of friendship that consist of mutual respect, tolerance, understanding and love; and all false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions have been shed and replaced by our own truth, i.e. what the living God within tells us is true, good and right for us now. As a result of all these demands that are still waiting to be fulfilled by us, individually as well as collectively, one sometimes cannot help a sneaking feeling that earthly life really is a mess. What hope is there for our world when we fail to sort out our own lives, never mind the national and international affairs that are still in need of urgent attention?

In either of the above scenarios there is nothing for it but to turn to God and the Angels to ask them to help us work our way through whatever we cannot solve on our own. When we allow the will of the living God within to take over the direction of our lives, It can and will grant us the gifts of patience and tranquillity, to enable us to wait patiently for things to develop in God’s time – not ours – and come right eventually. And if for karmic reasons some particularly trying circumstances still have to be endured by us, our God Self will give us its courage and strength to view every aspect of the experience as our personal crown of thorns.

The same as in the Jesus legend, every small earthly self wears this crown when it breathes its last on the cross, humankind’s oldest known symbol for life in physicality. This exit method in the end unfailingly leads each one of us into their own resurrection into the world of light and the fully conscious awareness of our true nature and eternal oneness with God.

* * *
Saturn – The Wisdom Of The Great Mother

Saturn is the sole ruler of Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, and the co-ruler, with Uranus, of Aquarius, the eleventh sign. Symbolised by Saturn and personified by the Lords of Karma, at our entry into the Aquarian Age, the age of enlightenment and spiritual freedom, stands our Karma and is waiting to shake hands with us. In Capricorn Saturn acts as the stern and undeviating schoolmaster. To my mind, it would be more appropriate to speak of the schoolmistress, as the planet in truth stands as a symbolism for the equivalent part of the Great Mother’s wisdom.

The presence of Saturn as the sole ruler of Capricorn, a feminine Earth sign, and also of the tenth house, traditionally known as the house of the mother among other things, clearly reveals that Saturn represents a feminine energy, and therefore is – not as commonly believed – a ‘he’ but a ‘she’. The planet’s energies represent what is known as ‘tough love’ in earthly life. This is the kind of caring that allows the beloved children to grow and learn through their own experiences, without interference from their wise and deeply involved parent, who merely stands by to support and come to the rescue whenever one of the offspring comes to grief.

The Angels and Masters together with countless groups of ordinary spirit helpers are our guardians, keepers and nursemaids in the world of light. Under the command of the Great Father/Mother they are constantly watching over our progress, ever ready to assist whenever one of us is in need of it. Their helping hands, invisible to earthly eyes, are always reaching out to us. All we have to do is ask for their help. As soon as one of us has done this, that person begins to learn how to follow their guidance and walk with them.

The Great Mother’s way of teaching us, Her beloved children of the Earth, the gift of self-mastery has always been through allowing each one of us to learn from their own experiences. The road of spiritual mastery starts with taking charge of every part of our being and ends with freely and willingly practising self-mastery and self-discipline. And when after the lessons of Saturn in Capricorn and the tenth house, we arrive in the next sign and house, Aquarius and the eleventh, Saturn has by no means left us. The planets energies and the Angels in charge of them stand guard at the sign’s gateway to ensure that none of us can come anywhere near the Aquarian spiritual freedom until we truly have become masters of every aspect of our nature.

High on the list of things to be shed from our consciousness are the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that still abound in our world. Each one of them is waiting to be replaced by our own truth, i.e. that which the living God within tells us is true, good and right for us, now – even though it may not be for anyone else. As pioneers of a new age we have to be prepared that our truth may not yet match anyone else’s beliefs. Those we come into contact with may not yet understand what we have to give.

Whenever that is the case, it is best to quietly speak our truth and then leave them to wrestle with their conscience and being told by their own inner guidance whether what they are hearing or reading is right for them. If it is not, when their time of awakening has come, they too will understand what we have to give. They will then be able to add their insights and observations to ours. As a result, the speed of humankind’s evolutionary progress will accelerate every more rapidly.

Two of the main causes of depression, at present rampant in our world, are the negative thinking patterns we have brought with us from previous lifetimes, and the holding on to beliefs that have long outlived their usefulness and are therefore waiting to be shed. On top of that, before any one of us will be allowed entry into the new age, we have to prove that the untamed and wild drives and urges of our lower animal nature are under out control and have been mastered by us. Their energies have to be turned by us into a positive and constructive force that supports and sustains us, instead of endangering us.

I would like to illustrate this by a real life story about a young Christian, let’s call him Bill, who was despairing to the point of becoming suicidal because, as he put it: ‘I keep falling in sexual sin.’ This is what my Highest Self told him through me: ‘It sounds to me that you are a particularly highly sexed person. Nothing wrong with that – many of us are. Has it ever occurred to you that your strong sexual drive could be a special gift the Universal Life Force has bestowed upon you and that it is by no means some kind of a curse to make your life difficult? Could your strong sex drive have been given to you so that you may learn to express, explore and also enjoy the creative/sexual/spiritual energies of the Universe in positive ways?

‘In my view, you would be well advised to make a special effort at channelling them into creative outlets that lie within your own field of endeavours and experiences. This will create opportunities for you to use these energies for good purposes which, in the fullness of time, may lead you to creating some truly inspired works of art. Who knows?

‘You are responsible for yourself and the life that has been given to you. You are the captain of the ship of your life and in charge of it. You need to transmute the creative/sexual/spiritual energies at your disposal into something positive and constructive in your life, instead of allowing your present lifetime to be destroyed by them. Because the Universe loves you, the same as it loves all of us, that is not what it has in mind for you, of that I am sure.

‘As a Christian you may be afraid of astrology. However, if you belong to the more enlightened ones who appreciate that, because no force exists outside it, everything that is in our world is there by the will of God, to be used by any one of us either for good and positive purposes or bad and negative ones. If you would like to find a better understanding of the pathway through your present lifetime, in my view you could do nothing better than studying my interpretations of the Sun signs.’

* * *

Uranus And Saturn in Mythology

We shall now take a closer look at the mythological background of Saturn and Uranus, to see whether it can help us gain a better understanding of what the Highest may require from us earthlings at our entry into the Aquarian Age. To the ancient Romans Saturn was the God of agriculture and his Greek counterpart was the God Cronus, also known as old Father Time. Zeus was the son of Cronus, who eventually usurped and dethroned his father. In Roman mythology Zeus was represented by Jupiter. Cronus is said to have fled to Italy, where he ruled during a Golden Age of perfect peace and happiness.

The vision of a new Golden Age may be a dream, but it is one that makes life worth while even if it can never be realised, ndeed, it makes life worthwhile just because of this,’ Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 1821 – 1881, wrote in one of his short stories. I cannot share that opinion because I do believe with all my heart and soul that the appearance of a new Golden Age is very much a reality and already in the process of happening. Obviously, we have by now drawn a good deal closer to it than Dostoyevsky was in his time.

We shall return to Saturn in a moment, but first let us take a closer look at his co-ruler, Uranus, who to this day astrologically represents the will of God. Uranus is seventh most distant planet from the Sun. Its low density and large size place it among the four giant planets that have no solid surfaces; each one is composed primarily of hydrogen, helium, water, and other volatile compounds. According an ancient Greek legend, when Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth, emerged from the primeval Chaos, she first gave birth to Uranus, i.e. the Heavens, and then to the Mountains and the Sea. As well as being her son, Uranus also became Gaia’s husband.

Back to Saturn, the much maligned planet who, in the olden days for a very long time had to endure an exceedingly bad press. However, if you follow the links provided at the end of this chapter, you can discover for yourself that his reputation as the great astrological villain is by no means justified. It is likely that you will then no longer allow anyone to say negative things about Saturn in your presence. The planet stands as the guardian and keeper of the gateway into the Aquarian Age. He is a symbolism for the bridge of learning that controls all parts of our being and which every soul must cross freely and willingly. Earthly and heavenly parts alike have to be mastered by us, and our energies cleansed and purified of the desires of our lower earthly animal nature. Without this it is impossible to return into the perfect alignment with our eternal or God Self. Finding it one day is every soul’s birthright.

The co-rulership of Aquarius by Saturn and Uranus maps out humankind’s way forward into the New Age quite clearly. The order in which the planets are appearing is of particular significance in this context. Saturn, the strict disciplinarian comes first; Uranus, the destroyer of false beliefs is the liberator who follows behind; more about him in a moment. All those who are willing to undergo the cleansing process and show their readiness by behaving in an unselfish and disciplined manner, and that at all times, Uranus releases into the freedom of the Aquarian Age. He is waiting to help us burst all Karmic chains and shackles of past ages and by bringing us God’s Divine truth that flows directly from His/Her loving heart into the individual and collective consciousness of our world, he assists us in shaking off every last remnant of the false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices that to this day abound in us and our world.

The gates of the Aquarian Age can only swing open to those who behave responsibly and in a masterly fashion, who unselfishly seek to serve the good of the whole instead of their own. Master souls are those who with love and self-discipline attain mastery over every aspect of their nature. The higher degree of self-mastery we shall achieve in the fullness of time, the more control we shall gain over the elements and even over physical matter, especially the cells and atoms or our own physical bodies. When we have won a sufficiently high degree of freedom, we shall be able to exist and manifest on more than one plane of life and be in more than one place at a time. The more highly evolved we become, the less we shall be limited by space and time.

Bearing all that in mind, it is not hard to see how Saturn will rule over a new golden age and how we are heading into it. It will come about when all who dwell on the Earth plane have achieved self-awareness and such a degree of self-mastery that no-one over-consumes and everybody merely takes and eats what they need and leaves the rest for the others to enjoy, the way the animals do. Isn’t it astonishing how much they can teach us? As they will no longer be required, all religions will have gone from our world and there will be no more exploitation, oppression and slavery, especially of the religious/spiritual kind.

The world of light is part of our world and on that level Masters, like the one described in the Jesus legend, to this day walk in our midst and work among us. Depending on our evolutionary level, even on the Earth plane they may not be far removed from where we are now. Their presence and love is capable of blessing and healing all those who open their hearts and souls with kindness and compassion for all life, and who conduct their lives in simplicity and bow their knees in humility before the Highest and pray: ‘May Thy will be done, not mine. And may Thy will be our will and Your Sacred words and prayers be ours, so that everything unfolds in accordance with Your will and wishes.’

* * *

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

The New Golden Age Of Plenty

A Message Of Hope

‘Aquarius is the sign of group consciousness and humanitarian pursuits, of technological and scientific progress, as well as of hopes and dreams. In the Age of Aquarius humankind’s highest hopes, aspirations and dreams will find fulfilment for those who have achieved self-mastery. Hand in hand with the Angels and Me you yourselves are going to create the ideal world of your dreams during this age. It will come about through ever more of you becoming aware of your true nature and acting in keeping with the spiritual knowledge you are finding.

‘The time is closer than you may think when everybody unflinchingly will give of their best to the whole and take out only what they need. In this way hunger and thirst or any other kind of want and suffering will gradually become unknown on your planet. You will no longer insist on amassing too many worldly possessions, because by then you will know only too well what an encumbrance they in truth are. They tie you like leaden weights to your present existence and stop you from growing the spiritual wings you require for the fulfilling of your highest potential in grounding your greatest spiritual aspirations and creative/artistic accomplishments on the Earth plane. They will be your contribution towards making your world into an ever more beautiful, peaceful and harmonious one. Can you see what a magnificent new world is waiting for you?

‘Know that no matter what may ever come to pass for you and your world, you will always be safe. At all times there will be a happy ending – if not in this lifetime, then in another or maybe another one still. Everything that happens is part of My great plan for all life, and nothing has ever taken place in your world or any other against My will. All is well and rests securely in My loving hands and so it shall be forever and ever. No harm can ever come to the true and eternal part of any one of you. Therefore, rest safely in My love and nurture your souls, My beloved children of the Earth, by following My guidance from deep within you, for that is where every soul’s very own special key to eternity is hidden.

‘I bless you, your world and all life in it. My blessings are for each and every one of you, during these difficult times of transformation and transition from one age to another. You and your world have always rested securely in My loving hands. Rest assured that this will continue without interruptions and that the lessons in your present school of life are unfolding exactly the way they should and in accordance with My plan.

‘None of you has anything to fear, as the Angels and I will always be with you. We are familiar with your struggles, but no matter what tests and trials may still have to be endured by you, put your trust in us and venture forth courageously, safe in the knowledge that we shall always be there to guide and protect you in all your endeavours. Never forget that we are in charge and that no-one and no force in the whole of Creation ever took the reins from My hands, least of all one of you, My beloved children of the Earth. All is well with you, your world and all worlds – and forever will be.’

* * *
Loving People Without Liking Them

People are unreasonable, illogical and self-centred.
You don’t have to like them, but love them anyway!

They are all part of your own family.
They are part of you and you are part of them.
They may not yet know it, but you being wiser,
Love them anyway!

People may project their own ulterior motives onto you,
And accuse you of having them.
Rest safe in the knowledge that the Universe
Knows their hearts as well as yours.
Do good anyway!

If being successful means that we can only win
False friends and real enemies.
Succeed anyway!

The good we do today may be forgotten tomorrow.
Do it anyway!

What could have taken years of building up,
Can be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway!

People who are in need of our help,
May attack us whilst we are trying to help them.
Help anyway!

Give the world the best that is within you,
And should it be rejected, do not stop giving.
Give anyway!

The Universal Law of Karma ensures that what we send
Into the world, has to return to us.
Give of your best and only the best is sure to return!

Bishop Abel Muzorewa
African Spiritual and Political Leader
Edited by Aquarius

Among many other things, Aquarius is the sign of friendship, kinship and siblinghood with all life, and also of transmutation. If we wish to be released into the freedom of this age, the masterly conduct that is expected from us demands that we convert all our relationships, especially the most difficult ones, into bonds of friendship. However, it is inevitable that from time to time we come across people who, with the best will in the world, are impossible to like. How about them?

A long time ago, I came across the saying: ‘It is possible to love people without liking them.’ I have to admit that this sounded more than somewhat far-fetched to me then, but through astrology life itself has taught me that this can come about quite naturally. All I need to do is reflect on my interpretation of the Sun signs for the people I find difficult to like, never mind loving them. My heart opens with love to them when I reflect on the trials and tribulations they are likely to encounter during their experiencing, counter-acting and – hopefully – eventually overcoming the dark and negative aspects of their Sun signs. This is an essential part of the lessons every one of us has to cope with in each subsequent lifetime.

Furthermore, I find it helpful to know that underneath our skins we are all one. We are brothers and sisters on the same pathway, and sooner or later every one of us has to surmount similar hurdles on their evolutionary pathway, especially those that arise on the inner level of life. For as long as someone remains unaware of who they truly are, what the purpose of their earthly existence is and what is required from them, they simply cannot help acting in certain ways. I have no difficulties accepting this and whenever something hurtful happens to me, it comforts me to know that I must have needed that experience for some reason. If the event had not been trying to teach me something, I would not have been at its receiving end and it’s up to me, to find out what it is trying to tell me.

No-one says that we have got to be Saints and in my view there is never any need to turn the other cheek. Knowledge of the Universal laws is helpful when it comes to enduring what our Karma brings to us and therefore cannot be avoided. It is easier to forgive when someone has caused me pain when I remind myself that quite likely I have been redeeming something I did to others earlier in my present lifetime or earlier ones, maybe even to the same person. This is because whatever we send out into our world, the law of Karma sees to it that it unerringly finds its way back to us. If we wish to be forgiven for our trespasses of the past, however long ago they may have taken place, it is necessary to first forgive ourselves for doing wrong and then also those who sinned against us.

Is it possible to continue loving the people with whom we have differences of opinions, especially if we do not like them? I believe it’s childish to fall out with each other over something like that. When a situation has been duly considered from all angles, there is nothing wrong and everything right with coming to the conclusion that it is better to agree to disagree than to fall out with each other. On occasions like that, wise ones remind themselves that whenever disputes arise, two persons can be confronted with exactly the same things and perceive them in a totally different way.

Depending on one’s point of view, all participants in any argument can be right and wrong, at the same time. That’s the way it has to be for human beings, because of the different lessons we all have to participate in on the Earth plane. With a bit of goodwill any dispute can be settled peacefully, simply by accepting each others views, even though they differ. The level of someone’s spiritual maturity reveals itself in nothing more clearly than in the ability and willingness – or otherwise – to agree to disagree with others in times of conflict.

With every person we encounter in our daily lives, we need to remind ourselves that there is a great deal more to everybody than that which appears of them on the surface of earthly life. We do well never to forget that each one of us is a living spirit and soul and that there is no way of telling who we or anyone else might have been in previous lifetimes and in what functions we encountered each other. It is advisable to develop the habit of looking beyond everyone’s earthly personality into their spirit and soul because reincarnation means that each spirit, who has to develop its own soul in earthly life, is a Divine spark that once was sent forth from God. All of us continue to come into incarnation on the physical plane until we have become fully God-conscious, i.e. aware of God’s true nature and our own. Once this has fully awakened in us, there will be no need for spending further lifetimes in earthly education.

* * *
Pluto In Sagittarius

Apart from observing the trends of how a particular planet influences all life on the Earth plane, I am not interested in using astrology for predicting the future, as to my mind that is nothing short of fortunetelling. However, equipped with the gift of hindsight, it is good to watch how life on the Earth unfolds and to see for ourselves how we and our world are steered and guided by the loving hands of the Highest. In this way it reveals Its presence to us quite clearly and gives us visible evidence of the fact that we and our world have always rested safely in Its loving embrace and forever will be taken care of. What more could anyone want?

Furthermore, astrology is unequalled as a lifehelp and a tool for getting to know ourselves and our predestined pathway, as it is written in the great book of life for our present lifetime. What lies beyond we shall see when we get there. The Divine science also provides us earthlings with a magnificent instrument for interpreting the Cosmic dance of the planets, as they move through space and time, guided by the loving hand of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life.

Astrology allows us to study and take a more conscious part in the ever unfolding of the Great Plan of Life, lovingly designed, brought into being and steered by the will and the power of the Father and the love and wisdom of the Mother, His feminine counterpart. If there is anything in this world more sacred and holy than this, please tell me about it, so I too can take part in it and others with me.

I find it endlessly fascinating to watch how most people react to the energies and lessons of their Sun sign, ‘their stars’. This seems to express itself particularly strongly in those who know nothing about what is commonly known as ‘The Stars’. A striking example of this came my way when Pluto moved into Sagittarius in November 1995. I lived in the Republic of Ireland at that time and as soon as the Sun moved into Scorpio, Pluto’s own sign, a Renew program of the international Catholic Church organisation reached our small local diocese in the West of Ireland. By the way, I am not a Catholic. I am a free spirit and will forever be devoted to serving the wisdom of the Highest with all that I have and am. To paraphrase St. Francis of Assisi’s words: ‘O Great Mother of all life, make me a channel of Your peace, Your wisdom, love and truth.’

Scorpio is the sign of transformation and regeneration like birth, death and subsequent re-birth. When the Sun is in Scorpio, all of nature goes through what looks like death, but only on the outer surface of life. In truth, this time is no more than a preparation for the rebirth that without fail comes every spring. Through Mother Earth we are shown that every death that takes place in her loving embrace, for all lifeforms, is but a transformation into different states of life.

The planet Pluto is associated with major changes or developments that frequently come about through destruction and eventual rebirth. The sign Sagittarius is associated with religion, philosophy, the law, education, publishing, politics, faith, idealism and also long distance travelling. Some of the Pluto in Sagittarius periods of the past were dominated by significant religious/philosophical upheavals, explorations and renewals.

It was during times like these that the legend of Jesus as a public figure first appeared. Much later it led to the events that moved Martin Luther, 1483-1546, the German Catholic monk who became the father of the Protestant Reformation movement, to posting his theses to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg, Germany. This was Luther’s way of speaking up and rebelling against the greed, profiteering and corruption of the Catholic Church in Rome.

Over the ages, Pluto in Sagittarius also brought about many watershed moments in science and technology as well as the political thinking of our world. One of them was the development of the first modern printing machine, the Gutenberg Press. Through this it became possible, for the first time in humankind’s history, to print and distribute pamphlets in vast numbers that spread Luther’s ideas to all corners of the regions that were later to become Germany and beyond to the rest of Europe. Luther’s translation of the Bible into the colloquial German of its day was also published. For the first time ever ordinary mortals could read or hear – not many could read and write in those days – the words that were believed to be of God. In ‘Light And Darkness’ you can read more about this by clicking on the corresponding link at the end of this chapter.

Together with Mars, Pluto is the planetary ruler of Scorpio. Pluto was the God of the Underworld of the ancients and to this day the energies of this planet are responsible for transformations and regenerations, death, birth and rebirth. Sagittarius is the sign of Higher Consciousness and higher education, including the vast realm of religions and philosophical beliefs, as well as faith, trust and hope. For us and our world Pluto’s move into Sagittarius heralded the renewal and rebirth of all matters related to these topics.

Pluto’s energies have a cleansing and purifying effect and with hindsight it is particularly interesting to observe how much this already has achieved in our world. For example, in the course of Pluto’s transit through Sagittarius ground-breaking books appeared like ‘The Jesus Mysteries’, first published in 1999. It was followed in 2001 by ‘Jesus and the Lost Goddess’. You can read more about these books by following the relevant link below.

As Pluto is the slowest moving planet of all, as well as the one that most profoundly affects us on the deepest, innermost levels, much more of the same nature can be expected, depending through which sign the planet moves. From 2008 to 2023 the planet Pluto will be transiting Capricorn, the sign that rules large institutions, like banks, building societies, insurance companies and so forth. The representatives of governments, the police, the legal and medical profession and in particular the religious belief systems of our world are not excluded from the purging and cleansing effect of Pluto’s energies. Ever more forcefully they are drawing everybody’s attention to that which had previously been hidden from public view and knowledge. Like scum on a mill pond, they are rising to the surface of our race’s individual and collective consciousness. And that gets me wondering how long it will take until the last one in our world comprehends that nothing can remain hidden in our world any longer.

* * *

Astrology – The Divine Science

For a long time astrology and astronomy were considered to be one. They were only gradually separated in the course of the Western seventeenth century philosophy known as the age of reason, when astrology was rejected. In the later part of the medieval period, astronomy was still treated as the foundation upon which astrology was operating. But during the eighteenth century the two subjects came to be regarded as completely separate. Since then astronomy, the study of objects and phenomena originating beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, has been looked at as a science that is a widely studied academic discipline. In contrast to this many astrologers are treating the positions of celestial objects as the basis for the prediction of future events. As a form of divination and pseudoscience it has no scientific validity.

My kind of astrology is a very different one. It has nothing to do with horoscopes and fortunetelling but is applied psychology. In my view there is no finer instrument for getting to know ourselves. Hand in hand with this goes a considerable expansion of our understanding of the processes of life in general and the way they have always been affecting us and our world, individually and collectively. If one wishes to find a better grasp of just about anything that influences us and our earthly existence on its deepest innermost level, astrology is the best possible tool imaginable. And that’s how I am using astrology throughout my writings.

Life in the whole of Creation is subject to Universal or God’s laws and astrology demonstrates how all things have their allocated place and time and are serving a specific wise and higher purpose. It shows that everything in our own life and that of our world unfolds with the precision of a giant clockwork. These things leave no doubt in my mind that there really is a great plan of life and that all is well with us and our world, in spite of the fact that it frequently does not look that way. If you follow the link at the end of this chapter, you can see for yourself how it has always been working.

Astrology is sometimes called the Divine science and that indicates that it belongs to the esot

Author Notes: All my writings are of an intuitive spiritual non-religious nature.

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