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What Is There?
What Is There?

What Is There?

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"Momma?" The little girl asked.

The mother sighed tiredly and turned toward her daughter, putting on a smile. "Yes?"

The girl climbed onto her mother's lap, sitting so she could face her. "Where do we go when we die?"

The mother looked into her daughter's deep green eyes, putting her arms around the child's back. "What do you think?"

Little, the girl was, but she already had an answer. "I think that we keep all of our knowledge from the past and are born into another life where we are already trained to know how to do simple things - so we can do bigger stuff,"

The mother smiled lovingly at her daughter, who had taught her more than she could ever think was possible.

Five Years Later

The mother sat on the staired platform, her head in her hands. "What did I do wrong?"

She yelled it at the ceiling of the dark room, her hoarse voice cracking in her throat. Her eyes were swollen and red, face stained with tears and stress. Her clothing had been wrinkled and seemed to be ready to fall off her frail body.

She looked up at the box. It seemed to smile smugly at her. "What is there? What is there possibly going to be for me now?

"What is my purpose?"

Author Notes: I got into the sad mood.... it's been happening a lot recently. Please review.

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4 Jan, 2017
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