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What We Didn't Have
What We Didn't Have

What We Didn't Have

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We didn't have a hideout

Just your house

Or mine


We never had "adventures"

Just fun


We weren't those fairytale kinds of friends, that shaped each other's worlds

But you still meant the world to me


Back then we still smiled

Your dimples

My grin


We set our expectations

Not low, but not too high


I thought I understood the ins and outs of you and i

It was never quite that simple..

..still don't know why


I'm floundering alone here

I'm falling

Through space


Inside I'm still the same

Just more confused


I thought the world was fairer

I thought the years would slow for just a moment

One small pocket

For us


Your words gave mine permission

To exist

To live


Your actions always guided mine

Along some surer path


The hideout that we didn't have

Might have changed our course

Adventures we skipped out on might have shown us how to force

Our hearts

To fly


But broken scraps of "what ifs"

Aren't wishes

Or wings


Regret can't overwhelm me

I'm too numb


The things I didn't say just might have saved you




But holding on to "might" and "maybe"

Isn't strong


To fill the hole your suicide has dug inside my soul

Author Notes: Ps I know it doesn't rhyme

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17 Feb, 2021
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