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When The Curtain Comes Down (2)
When The Curtain Comes Down (2)

When The Curtain Comes Down (2)


The Aquarian Writings : Epilogue (9)

And now the end is near
And so I face the final curtain.
My friend, I’ll say it clear,
I’ll state my case of which I’m certain.
I’ve lived a life that’s full,
I’ve travelled each and every highway,
And more, much more than this
I did it my way.

Regrets, I’ve had a few,
But then again too few to mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through, without exemption.
I planned
Each charted course,
Each careful step,
Along the byway.
And more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Paul Anka

Six thousand years of patriarchy with its false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices created a powerful barrier that protected humankind against finding out too soon that there really is nothing to be afraid of and much to look forward to, whenever the end of one of our earthly lifetimes has come round. Alas, since then it has become something natural for human beings to be afraid of what lies ahead, not only at the end of their present lifetime but also of what the future may hold in store, in general terms.

The deeper our world penetrates into the Aquarian age, the age of truth that is waiting to flow from the highest levels of life directly into the hearts and minds of those who tune into their energies and ask for their assistance. This is why ever more of us are finding out that in truth there never is any need to be afraid of anything and that’s because spirit guides and helpers have always accompanied us wherever our pathway on the earthly plane may lead. This will forever continue and although our spirit friends are invisible to earthly eyes, they most certainly are there. Yet, if one of us wants their help, it has to be asked for. Otherwise they are not allowed to advise us intuitively of the best way of proceeding whenever problematic situations are encountered.

It’s good to know that nothing in earthly life is ever an accident or a coincidence. Everything has always been most carefully planned by the wise ones in charge of our development, individually as well as collectively. There always has been a wise higher reason behind everything that’s ever happened in our world. Included are the approx. six thousand years of patriarchy that filled our human soul memories with layer upon layer of fear about what happens to us at the end of each lifetime and beyond. As sufficient has already been said about this theme, it’s not necessary to go into more details.

At all times the Highest Forces of life have been and forever will be occupied with teaching humankind some lessons that are vital for young Gods in the making. That’s what every one of us is, whether we are as yet aware of it or not. And it’s why at any given time, young and spiritually inexperienced earthly selves, independent of what age their physical bodies had reached, have been and still are occupied with getting to know the lower and lowest drives and urges of their human nature. Unfortunately, this cannot be done any other way than young and spiritually inexperienced earthlings spreading as much suffering as possible to their older and more experienced siblings in the great family of humankind.

One group being occupied with piling karmic debts into their spiritual ledgers, creates opportunities for another group to redeem the debts they created when they were spiritual youngsters. And that’s why I thank you, Great Father/Mother of all life, for the immense wisdom that your perfect justice clearly shows. On the surface of things, thanking for something of this nature might come across as perverse. Yet, I assure you that it is nothing of the kind because I, the same as everybody else is after all a young God in the making who needs to be familiarised with both side of the coin of everything that’s likely to ever happen to us young Gods. It thank you for how far your perfect justice has brought not only me but our whole world thus far.

Considering our world’s present state, I am delighted that I must be on the threshold of returning to my true eternal home, the spirit realm. Hopefully my departure from this plane will come about soon. Having reached the eighty-fifth year of my present lifetime, I have had more than enough of earthly life and am delighted about leaving something of value behind. I hope that’s what my ‘Random Jottings Of A Stargazer’ are. They will continue to be available, free of charge as ever, for as long as they may be required.

Since having found out that earthly life is a school and a place of learning, Since spiritual knowledge, which as I know now started to come to me intuitively from the highest levels of life, many years ago, I have been of the firm conviction that it is too precious to be sold to the highest bidders. To my mind, it belongs to everybody and not merely those who can afford to pay large amounts for books that have been published. If you are familiar with my writings, you will be able to appreciate that spiritually I must be immensely rich. Giving my treasures away makes a great deal of sense when you consider that, each time we depart from earthly plane, not a single penny of any wealth that’s been accumulated on the material plane can be taken with us.

The only thing that truly belongs to us, and that in all Eternity, which no-one will ever even try to take from us, is the learning we have acquired up to any given point of our earthly education. That’s the only way one of us can grow ever more Heaven-tall, i.e. spiritually aware that there are no places like Heaven and hell, no saviour and redeemer like Jesus, and so and so forth. Because of this, I would like to say like Edith Piaf, who once was known as the singing sparrow of Paris: ‘Non, je ne regrette rien. Ni le bien, qu'on m'a fait. Ni le mal, tout ça m’est bien égal.’

Like Edith, I do not regret anything that ever happened to me. I am just thankful for all of it because I now know that it came about for the wise higher purpose of teaching me something. At the same time, the suffering that came my way, being unavoidable served the wise higher purpose of helping me to redeem some of my outstanding karmic debts. Would anyone want to complain about that?

Also, I really cannot see any point in weeping when loved ones depart from the earthly plane, when in truth they are alive and well in the spirit realm and enjoying ever more of its greater freedom. And isn’t it the highest time that everybody wakes up to the fact that, in truth, nobody has ever been our enemy? This is because on the inner spiritual plane all life is one and there is no separation between anything. Isn’t it good to know that everybody is our sibling in the great family of humankind and that nothing on the earthly plane truly belongs to us? This most certainly applies to whole countries.

Everything on the earthly plane is borrowed and merely a gift that has been loaned to us by the Highest Forces of life, for a predestined certain length of time. Even our physical body does not belong to us and has to be returned each time the end of one lifetime has been reached, in as good condition as possible.

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6 Mar, 2022
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