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When You Leave My Brother and I Home Alone 3
When You Leave My Brother and I Home Alone 3

When You Leave My Brother and I Home Alone 3

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"Da dum, da dum..." I murmured under my breath. I scrolled down, looking at the various Google images when I searched up "eye drawing". I was quite obsessed with it, and my skill for drawing eyes has been perfected.
Yet they seemed so unrealistic and simple compared to the ones on the internet. I groaned. I was frustrated that no matter how I drew, I couldn't perfect the lashes. They looked ugly if they were too thin or thick, and-
"Yihehehehehehehehehe!" my brother gushed, madly clicking something on his computer. Seriously concerned, I turned around.
There he was. My brother. He was playing Minecraft, being the big nerd he was. Using some flint and steel, he was lighting up a whole village on fire.
"Yihehehehehehehehehe!" was his repeated battle cry as he lit a small forge up in flames, killing the poor villager inside.
"Uh...what are you doing?" I asked as I tried not to reach for the phone and call the exorcist.
"Hmm? Oh, this?" My brother gestured at his screen. "Uh...having fun, you know. Minecraft stuff."
"Yes. Does killing people and lighting stuff on fire for no reason consider as 'Minecraft stuff'?"
His only reply was "Yihehehehehehehehe!"
I watched him for a few moments as he burned down the crops and slaughtered some villagers as well as zombies.
I blinked twice then muttered. "Here, ladies and gents, we have a psycho in his natural habitat."
I took a deep breath and tried not to gag him. Stop that stupid cackly please, bro. "How the hell are we related?"
"Please tell me I'm adopted because if we are sharing the same blood, I swear to-"
"YIHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHE!" my brother giggles as he burns down another house. He then took it to the next level, which meant dumping a bucket of lava down the side of the house, which resulted in more fires and weird banshee yells from him.
I turned back around to my own monitor, sighing. I worked a bit on my big writing project called Black Silk. As I typed a few words, I was interrupted once again.
"WHO THE FUCK STOLE MY POTATOES?!" my brother screeched.
I winced at the loud scream, then did an Oscar-winning facepalm. "Shut up," I mumbled as I typed a bit more.
"BRYSTON YOU SON OF A BITCH-"My brother roared.
"Hey, bro, chill, it wasn't me," Bryston said weakly from the Discord call.
I snickered.
"JERRY!" my brother bellowed. "I WILL MURDER YOU, YOU PIECE OF-"
"Take a chill pill, man," Jerry said. I could feel him flinch.
I inhaled sharply from my clenched teeth. Boy oh boy, was this going to end well.
With one quick slash from a diamond sword, my brother killed Jerry.
"NOOOOOOOOO!" wailed Jerry. "I lost all my inventory! I had emerald!"
"DON'T. STEAL. MY. POTATOES." I brother seethed. Then on a much lighter tone, he said "Peace out. I gotta go." He unplugged his computer and quit Minecraft.
He strolled out casually, whistling as if he wasn't losing his mind only seconds before.
Dang, puberty and mood swings.

Author Notes: I think the saddest part is that this actually happened.

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12 Jun, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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