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Where Is The Truth?
Where Is The Truth?

Where Is The Truth?


Miracles And Wonders – Part Six

I am the voice of the Divine Trinity, the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ, and that is the truth. In six thousand years of patriarchy with its all-male religions this truth has never changed because it is one of those that are unchangeable and will forever remain the same. As they were yesterday, so they are today and in all Eternity will be, regardless what anyone may say to contradict this. That particularly applies to the organisations that established themselves around these religions. The only thing that down the ages has altered and that many times is the way the Angels and I have been presenting the Divine truth through the many different belief systems that we gave to your world. The wise higher purpose behind creating them was to steadily increase your race’s understanding of the spiritual background of its earthly existence.

All lower selves on the earthly plane are constantly occupied with learning how to deal with this part of humankind’s individual and collective unceasing and relentless march forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. And every one of you eventually reaches the developmental point when doubts begin to creep into your mind whether the sacred teachings of your world really are literally true, the way they say they are. You then begin to ask yourself: ‘If they are not true, what is the truth?’ Potentially, I am every human being’s inner teacher and guidance, the wise one or living God within. That is the only truly reliable and trustworthy guru in the whole of Creation, who is waiting to stir from its slumber all of you. The more you work with Me and follow My advice, learning to trust what comes to you intuitively, the more of the Divine wisdom and truth I am going to reveal to you.

Nothing in the whole of Creation happens without the Great Father’s will and wishes, the Great Mother’s wisdom and love as well as the knowledge of the wise ones in the spiritual background of your earthly existence. In charge of every aspect of the development of you and your world, they are the eye that never sleeps and nothing is beyond their reach. If you believe you can sneak something into your world without anybody on our level noticing it, you could not be more mistaken. You are magnetic beings and every one of your thoughts, words and actions has a certain vibration that imprints itself on the etheric level and is registered in the Akashic Records.

During your education in the earthly school of life, it takes many lifetimes before you realise which truths are unchangeable. For example, every human being is a co-creator with God, who is constantly in the process of creating something; everything in the whole of Creation is ruled by Divine Universal laws; whatever you send into your world affects the rest of life everywhere and causes either a positive or negative reaction; this creates what’s known to humankind as Karma. You are responsible for every bit of it and at some stage of your journey up the spiritual mountain of earthly life things unerringly find their way back to you – good and bad ones alike. The realisation of this empowers you to create only that which is good, right and beautiful in your life. This ensures that in due course nothing but more of the same can return to you.

The ideas for the new tales and legends that appeared during certain stages of humankind’s development were provided by none other than the Angels and Me. It was done for the specific purpose of bringing a new belief system to your world for which sufficient numbers of you were ready. To update the Bible’s St. John 8:31-32 for the Aquarian age: Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him: ‘If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples. You will know the truth and that will set you free. The sacred teachings of your world have always contained some Divine wisdom and truth. But they can only be found when you search for them in the right places and that is the esoteric higher meaning that is hidden behind the surface words of their parables and tales. You then understand that the story of my life is but a legend, that I never existed as a historical figure who once walked in your midst, and that this is the unchangeable truth about me and my work.’

When you are faced with the task of dissolving your inner blockages and freeing your earthly self of all its fears, especially those of God, of life and death, of the future and the unknown, nothing but the truth and the whole truth is good enough. It alone can free you from the religious slavery of the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that were spread by the old belief systems of your world. As the executors of My great plan of life, the Angels and Masters around My throne are responsible for the development of you and your world on all its levels. They are My voice that speaks to you from your innermost heart, My dwelling place.

The guidance you receive intuitively from there is the most powerful protection imaginable that enables you to enjoy the freedom of the Aquarian Age that consists of believing what you intuitively know as true and what is not. You are then marching to the tune of your inner drum and no longer have any need for being led by the nose and following any kind of herd. Guided and protected by the Angels and Me you are finding your own truth and happy to share it with those around you. That’s how in the new age everybody will gradually be developing into simultaneously leading and following.

As soon as you have spiritually matured sufficiently, that’s how with the passing of time we are going to reveal to you ever more of the true higher esoteric meanings of metaphors and allegories of all belief systems your world has ever known. You will then be able to perceive that each one of them has taken humankind that bit closer to the revelations and enlightenment of the Aquarian Age, the age of truth. It has always been part of My great plan of life that My sacred wisdom and truth should then start to flow directly from the minds of the Angels and Masters around My throne, the Christ Circle, into the receiver/transmitter stations of the earthly minds that have been tuned into our frequencies. This shows their readiness for functioning as our channels through whom My wisdom and truth flow with increasing abundance into your world.

The road that leads to this phase of humankind’s development is a tough and demanding one. In the course of many lifetimes your spirit/soul is the prisoner of its earthly counterpart, the small and easily frightened lower self. It suffers correspondingly and its pain manifests itself as illnesses in the human physical body. For as long as you are unaware of what is happening to you, you will experience days of despair when it seems impossible to break the bond between your spirit/soul and its outer vehicle for the present lifetime. No matter how hard you try to work on freeing yourself, you cannot do this on your own. Until your earthly self has finally surrendered itself totally and unconditionally to its heavenly counterpart, your very own God or Christ nature, so that through this it can grow stronger day by day, you cannot be released. But eventually something magical takes place on the inner level and without any external changes, oh wonder of all wonders you are free!

Things that had previously been obscure to you become clear in your mind and your problems and difficulties appear to resolve themselves. This can only come about when the sacred marriage between Heaven and Earth, your higher and lower nature, is taking place. The light of Me, your God or Christ Self, then gradually absorbs the fears and anxieties which its earthly counterpart in the course of many lifetimes stored in the memories of its soul. In every new one they are programmed into the cells and atoms of its physical body.

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15 Jan, 2020
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7 mins
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