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White Eagle Christmas Message
White Eagle Christmas Message

White Eagle Christmas Message


White Eagle Christmas Message

Part One

Today I would like to share with you the Christmas message for the year 2016 of the White Eagle group of spirit guides. It was sparked off by the Lodge Mothers seasonal greetings. The essence of her words provided the starting point, but the wise ones soon took over and what follows is the result. ‘Our message at Christmastide every year is that all of Christianity’s festivals, including Christmas, are but one of the many ways the Angels around the throne of God, the Christ Circle, have been using throughout the ages to bring humankind closer to the events that are at the same time taking place in their realm.

‘The Angelic hierarchy is the executor of God’s Great Plan of life. It is in charge of humankind’s spiritual development and welfare on all levels of its existence. The Angels and Masters on the highest level of life are the authority that knows how much Divine wisdom and truth different parts of humankind is ready to grasp and take in at any given time. Whenever it has reached the point that another part of God’s sacred wisdom and truth can be revealed, they are the ones who decide in what form it should be presented and in which part of your world it should be released. It is up the Angels when one of the old religions should fade away and a new take its place that can take our race another stride forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

‘During the Christmas period there is a particularly powerful outpouring of the Christ spirit’s energies into each individual heart and that of the whole of humankind. This brings a strengthening of the Christ qualities of love and wisdom, kindness and truthfulness, as well as spiritual strength to your world. And when the Christ light flows into human hearts, they increasingly feel the need to bring comfort and joy to those around them, in some form or another. The flow of Christ light is a visitation and a spiritual baptism for the whole of humankind and that is the motivation for all Christmas gifts, greetings and feelings of gratitude.

‘Being aware of these things enables you to make an extra special effort to tune into the Christ energies’ hush and holiness. Refuse to dwell on the dark side of anything and do not look at tragedies like wars and other human-made disasters as well as natural ones, by what they appear to be on the surface of earthly life. Everything that has ever happened in your world unfailingly serves the wise higher purpose of teaching you something on an individual and collective level. Although every war is a crime against humankind and all suffering it brings about has to be redeemed at some stage, never forget that in their present existence all human beings can only ever see one side of the picture of the whole of life.

‘This changes as soon as you become aware that the background of your earthly existence the wise and loving power of the Great Father/Mother is constantly working exceedingly hard to bring nothing but good into your world and all others. The Angels and Masters on the highest level of life and we, your spirit friends and helpers, are doing our best to encourage each one of you to endeavour to do likewise, at all times. The more the forces of your love and ours mingle, the more rapidly the power grows to change the remaining darkness of your world into light, until every last shred of ignorance has been transformed into wisdom and understanding.

‘Knowing these things, do not allow yourself to be dragged down by the darkness and ignorance you are witnessing all around you. Each time you see evidence of it, remind yourself that this too is but a passing phase in your race’s development that will disappear in the fullness of time. We hope that the knowledge we are bringing fills the hearts of our readers with renewed hope and faith, as well as tolerance and love for every aspect of your world. This will not be too difficult for anyone because these qualities are part of your own higher Christ nature, which is now stirring in ever more human hearts.

* * *

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20 Dec, 2018
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