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White Eagle On Surrender And Miracles
White Eagle On Surrender And Miracles

White Eagle On Surrender And Miracles


White Eagle On Surrender And Miracles

And now I would like to share with you a collection of essences of several teachings of the White Eagle group of guides which Anna Hayward used in her excellent article ‘With Surrender Comes Release’ in Stella Polaris February/March 2014. My attention was drawn to it in September 2016 when I was in the middle of updating a part of my jottings.

‘Because your life, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, is governed by spiritual laws, you have no need to worry about anything or feeling fearful and anxious. The Great Father/Mother knows your true needs and if certain experiences are still necessary in your life, you may find it helpful to know that they are sent by the love and wisdom of the Highest. So, hold up your head, walk tall and quietly say to yourself: ‘This is helping me to grow in wisdom and understanding. I am one with God. Therefore I shall always be safe and nothing can destroy me.’

‘At all times, make an effort to think constructively. Know that in truth the future holds only good and not evil and that even the last of the things that presently threaten your world so darkly will pass by. They too will soon be a thing of the past and forgotten. Thinking this way protects you against attracting negative people and things into your orbit. If another sorrow has to be endured by you, remind yourself that a sorrow can be like a rainy day when the light of the Sun eventually breaks through and a rainbow appears in all its glory. So it is with human life. Trust the love and goodness of the Great Father/Mother to send you nothing but good, that your loved ones are in His/Her care and that their love for them is infinitely greater than your own.’

‘When you accept with patience and sweet surrender the tests and trials that are inevitable on your predestined pathway through life, a light and life-force flows into you that has the ability to make all things new. You will then find that the circumstances in your life are gradually smoothing themselves out and things are beginning to work more harmoniously for you. This strengthens your conviction that beyond all human efforts there is a power and a love that at all times is at work behind the scenes of earthly life, endeavouring to bring peace and happiness to God’s children of the Earth.

‘Miracles are things earthly minds cannot comprehend, although in truth they are merely the natural outworking of the Divine laws on the physical aspects of life. These laws control and manipulate matter, but they can only do this when the weaker human self steps to one side, surrenders its will to the will of the Highest and allows them to happen. This means overcoming your natural instinct for self-preservation, which is part of the lower self’s nature, not of the higher.

‘The higher aspects of your being, your Christ nature, needs to take charge and convince its small and frightened lower earthly counterpart that all is well. Every one of its fears and apprehensions has to be overcome. And when we say surrender your whole being to the Highest, this does not mean you should enter into a state of apathy. True surrender has its foundation in a strong soul certainty that all life consists of miracles, that life itself is a miracle, and that miracles and wonders are possible and can happen when the conditions are right.

‘In the Egyptian mysteries, there were ceremonies through which all aspirants on the spiritual pathway had to pass. In the temples were subterranean passages through which they had to walk. This is a demonstration of the road all human beings have to travel in the process of letting go of their fears and learning to trust. It describes every human soul’s journey soul through the sadness and darkness of physical life. A great many of us are presently walking this probationary path. Take heart, we are all finding it hard when there are so many dark corners and unexpected turns and we don’t have a clue of where we are going.

‘Higher ranking guides are in charge of us, your friends and helpers in the spirit world, and even they sometimes confuse us in what they are telling us. For all of us, there remains but one thing to do and we ask you to apply this to every aspect of your present existence: ‘Keep on keeping on with a song in your heart and rest safely in the knowledge that your whole being is at all times and forever will be secure in God’s keeping. This is true wherever you may yet have to walk in the valley of the shadows and darkness of earthly life.’

‘You may sometimes think to yourself: ‘If only I could see the spirit people, I am sure they would help me.’ Take comfort from knowing that you are not meant to see or hear us. All you can do is walk – though only apparently alone. The test of old has always been the same as it is today, for as it was in the beginning it is now and forever shall be! Therefore, whenever you are in need of our assistance, remind yourself that because you cannot see us in your present evolutionary state, this does not mean we are not there. We are always with you, doing our best to help and guide you through the many ups and downs, tests and trials of earthly life every human spirit and soul has to cope with.

‘We are not allowed to do the work for you, because if we did you would not grow in strength, wisdom and understanding. But when you ask for it, we can provide you with the courage you need to keep going in all your endeavours. Every test and trial that comes your way is an initiation of some kind that reveals to us the strength of your trust and confidence in God’s love, nothing else. As you walk the spiritual pathway, confused enough about the many twists and turns of the road, others might be projecting their own ulterior motives onto you and misjudging you.

‘You are probably also sad about the mistakes you made and troubled by the problems and sorrows of your daily personal life. These things in themselves are unlikely to be your first initiation altogether. And as you walk along the pathway of initiations and pass through one portal after another, you will encounter as many tests as it takes to make your faith in God’s love unshakeable. Every initiation brings you a further expansion of consciousness and a greater understanding of the nature of God and your own. The whole purpose of earthly life is that all human beings eventually surrender themselves to the love of the Great Father/Mother of all life, the supreme Spirit, who is the giver of all life.

‘It would be unrealistic as well as untrue to say that God only creates good. Everything that exists anywhere in the whole of Creation was brought into being by the Great Architect and Designer, who is also responsible for the laws of life. The main one is the law of love from which the law of evolution branches out. Nothing is beyond or out of the reach of the Creator’s will and power. As above, so below and like any creative artists in your world has to do, the Divine creations at first appear in their crudest and most elementary form. From there they slowly become more beautiful and sophisticated in their constant moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

‘In the case of humankind, in the course of many lifetime each participant slowly evolves from the basest expressions of their lower earthly nature through to the unfoldment of their Christ nature. This process eventually moves them onto ever higher and eventually the highest levels of life. The more evolved you become yourself, the more easily you can tell by looking at the behaviour of the people who share your world with you, in which evolutionary phase of human development on the evolutionary spiral of life they are presently involved.

‘Each one of us, and that includes us in the world of light, has to reach a state of absolute trust that God is good and life is good and that whatever comes our way will always be for our highest good and greatest joy and provide us with an ever increasing understanding of the Great Father/Mother’s love. When that idea is so firmly planted in your consciousness that nothing can shake it any more and nothing can obstruct your vision of the true purpose and meaning of life, only then are you allowed to enter the land of light with shining eyes.

‘Because on the inner level all life is one, everything affects everything else in some way. In earthly life you are all influenced to a degree by forces that at first seem to be beyond your control. They are the desires of your own lower earthly nature and with the passing of time each one of you must learn to take charge of and master them. When they have been shed, they form the mud at the bottom of the pond that feeds the lotus flower of your higher nature. You then no longer look at earthly life as a term of imprisonment, because you know that whether you are dwelling on the Earth or on the higher levels of life, having shed the things you no longer need, you are free. All human souls in earthly life eventually have to learn how to gain access to and use their very own innermost powers to achieve this kind of true freedom.’

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31 Aug, 2019
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