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White Eagle On The Christ Moon
White Eagle On The Christ Moon

White Eagle On The Christ Moon


The following is the essence of some of the White Eagle group of guides’ words of wisdom about the significance of the Christ Moon. The first one is from Stella Polaris June/July 2008 ‘The Spiritual Sun’, an inner teachings by White Eagle: ‘Many confuse Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the Master, with the bearer of the Christ Light. Let us get it clear. The Light is the firstborn of the Great Father/Mother of all life. Christ is the highest initiate from the Sun. S/He is the bearer of the light and the firstborn of the Great Father/Mother of all life.

‘It is impossible to portray this being in anything that resembles a human form, as the Christ is as far removed from that as a speck of sand on the seashore from the mountain it once came from. This glorious radiant Being is beyond all human comprehension. Its aura permeates more than the Earth and Its vibrations reach to the innermost core of and is part of not only every human spirit and soul, in earthly life and elsewhere, but of anything that exists throughout the whole of Creation.’

The second message is from Stella Polaris June/July 2008 ‘The Mystical Marriage’: ‘In spring and summer, when it occurs, the Divine Mother is most active. At the time of the Christ Moon this applies to the Northern Hemisphere of your world. With your own eyes you can see the soul of Mother Earth rising with new life in the many manifestations of her beauty that in spring shows itself in the budding and opening of leaves and flowers that add to the sweet fragrance of the Earth. Your planet is one of the many physical manifestations of the Great Mother of all life. As beautiful as this is, the physical part of the Earth is by far less important than her spiritual background. The same applies to each one of you.’

‘Through Mother Earth the Divine Mother opens Her heart and offers Herself and Her love to the Great Father on the highest levels of life, known to humankind as the Heavens. He draws Her up and lifts Her into His power and glory. This is how the mystical marriage between the spirit and soul of your world with the Highest is consummated. In similar form a final initiation is waiting for all earthlings and some of you are likely to be much closer to it than you realise. To some of you it is already happening. What we are telling you here is the truth and we prefer to speak to you of the higher and highest realities, and of Eternity instead of destruction and death. The latter are temporary and belong to earthly life. What we are bringing here is real and of far greater concern to you than whatever may be happening to you tomorrow. All earthly affairs are bound to pass away. Yet, that which takes place in your deepest innermost soul will be with you forever.’

The third message is from White Eagle ‘Jesus, Teacher and Healer’: ‘The Christ Festival is part of Whitsuntide. The Full Moon in Gemini is a time of special power, when in ancient times people would gather to celebrate and receive the blessing of this great outpouring of the Christ Spirit onto the Earth. In their ceremonies they contacted the planetary Angels They built a vast receptacle, an ‘etheric cup’ – shall we call it a Grail cup? – and contacted the Angels in charge of Mother Earth and asked them to pour the cosmic rays of the Christ-life through the light of the Sun in the sky above them. This rite was known as the baptism of the Christ festival.’

The fourth message is from the White Eagle Lodge’s News Flash June 2015: ‘At the time of the full Moon in Gemini a great festival, known as the Christ Festival, is taking place in the Heavens. An exceptionally powerful spiritual outpouring from the Christ Spirit’s heart flows into all human hearts and souls. It is a ceremony that takes place on the plane known to us as white ether. That is the level of consciousness where all souls can hold communion with the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life, the Cosmic Christ. The Christ festival takes place in the plane of reunion and true kinship with all life.

‘Those who are working there are looking to their earthly siblings in the great family of life to act as channels, through whom they can pour the light and love of the Christ Spirit into all human hearts and souls, on the Earth plane and in the world of light. None is ever forgotten or left out, of that you can be sure.’

Last but not least, the essence of the White Eagle Monday Thought 20.6.2016: ‘At the time of the Christ Moon the Christ ceremony, one of the greatest Cosmic initiations, takes place. This is the mystical marriage between Heaven and Earth when all souls in earthly life are swept up into the vast concourse of souls who have risen above that level and are now giving of their light to the Earth. For most of you this ceremony occurs in the hours of dreamtime and unconsciousness, but those who are ready can participate in full consciousness in this Christ Festival.

‘We, your spirit guides, are observing the mystical marriage between the soul of humankind and the Christ Spirit. We perceive it as the picture of a lotus flower that is held by invisible hands on the highest level, the Christ circle. The lotus flower is a symbol of the heart chakra of each individual soul and of the whole human race. This flower is held high in the mystical golden radiance that emerges from the throne of God. In response the flower unfolds its petals into the shape of a bowl. Above it shines the Light of all lights, the Star of all stars, the Cosmic Christ, who is the beginning and end of everything. What we are seeing is eternal life, your life, which we are bringing to you.’

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7 Jun, 2020
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